The Truths About Hair Rebonding

June 27, 2007 by one2003  
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Hair rebonding, the latest hair trend among women, can lead to hair loss.

It gives you silky, super straight hair, the way the girls in hair commercials look, and the way Jennifer Lopez and Faye Wong look, but it can also leave you bald.

In one of the case study, a 14-year-old girl had big clumps of hair falling off in the shower a year after the process. Her hair started breaking 2 months after being rebounded. Then another case when a woman is suing her hairdresser for bald patches on her head after a similar treatment. Her scalp started stinging during the process itself and hair fell off in clumps shortly after.

Hair rebonding is a process where the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearranged and bonded back again permanently using very strong chemicals. It is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair.

During rebonding, perming lotion is added to soften the hair and break down its bonds. After this is washed off, hair is placed between 2 metal plates of an electric styling device, which uses heat to pull the hair rod-straight. A neutralizer is then applied to reset the bonds and stabilize the hair.

Hair is irreversibly altered after the perming process. Chemically-treated hair shafts are weaker and fracture more easily. This can lead to hair loss.

Hair become fragile and has to be handled with extreme care after treatment. A natural reflex, like tucking your hair behind your ears or tying your hair in the first month after treatment, can be disaster.

The process can also cause damage and burns to the skin and scalp. For example hair can be damaged if the various chemicals are left on the hair for too long, or if ironing is done with an iron at higher than 180ºc.

Conventional methods of straightening hair use hair-straightening lotions, which result in dry, brittle, and split-ends prone hair. Rebonding gives you softer hair but higher risks because it uses more toxic chemicals.

Maintaining the rebonded look means continual touch-ups, at least, every 6 months. This puts you at further risk of hair loss, eventually, and prematurely, leaving your full head of hair nothing but a memory.

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  1. nova Says:


  2. mermaid Says:

    i have rebounded hair. i want to know how to look after it

  3. kunku Says:

    can we rebond hair with extensions?
    will the extensions be affected?
    im thinkin of gettin hair extensions. its been 4 months since i got a perm but my hair sucks so i need to rebond it.
    im worried that its too soon to get rebonded so if i get the extensions now, will it be wrong to rebonded hair with extensions?

  4. lacrymosa Says:

    i rebounded my virgin hair about three years ago and it lasts a year. My hair started wavy and i decided to have it rebound back. I went to other saloon that offers me with a great prize of hair rebounding. I underwent the process with a very hurt and painful as the hairstylist did it harshly. After the process ended, i found a lot of my hair fell on the grown and it seems like i can make another head with that falling-off hair of mine. My scalp was burn and totally broken. My hair became fragile, unruly and looks like a frizz-ball. I was so ashamed of having that kinda hair and i went to the hair specialist to treat my hair back to the normal. Now, after three years i decided to rebound my hair back but have it done with my hair specialist.What do u think? Should i just shoot or knock it down?

  5. lacrymosa Says:

    well ok, i just got my hair rebounded about 2 days ago and im going to wash ma hair tomorrow. Any suggestion for follow up after rebounding? i mean, some affordable solution?

  6. swt Says:

    even ive got my hair rebonded…..abt.6 days bak……nd im havin a lill burnin sensation on the scalp……bt…they r lill curld around the shoulders……….i dont feel lyke gettin thm straightend…coz…it’ll burn my whole head………… u guys…suggest wt kinda care do i need now……..nd wich oil cn i use…………..nd will i get my previous hair bak aftr 1 yr……or will they get damaged permanently…….plzzz…help…

  7. wendy Says:

    None of you get this — you all mention that you got your hair rebonded, ask questions about it — but no one is waiting to get answers. Not a single answer above. Does no one do research before getting something so drastic done to their hair? Oh yeah, that’s what I’m doing… and keeping my wavy hair. Buyer beware.

  8. amy Says:

    Im gona get my hair rebonded, but have been hearing from many people that it damages hair n causes hair loss too. Im really confused, dnt know what to do coz im in great need of hair straightening. I mean, my hair have gone rough, i got split ends too. Moreover they can’t b styled, they r soo dry that im hating them. I was thinking if i rebond them i wud get a better luk. plzzz i need ur suggestion, lemme know whether i shud get them rebonded or not !!

  9. soulworks Says:

    I broke the rebonding tradition just awhile ago: I washed my hair on the same night! Nothing changed, still the same straight hair. Just remember to comb straight down, and that’s it! I think it’s because of the hair treatment after the rebonding. Made me sit there for 5 freaking hours!!

    This is my first rebonding treatment, by the way. I’ve never done anything to my hair before this. Just loads of cash spent on various shampoos and conditioners. And trust me, Schwarzkopf is the best. Period.

  10. me Says:

    Rebonding its just temporary beauty. When you use the heat to break the sulphur bond in the hair, it can cause a bad damage. So thinking before you do it. maybe its not show the symptoms in a short time but its gonna show for a long time. thanks

  11. sara nawab Says:

    i rebounded my hair one week back i want 2 knw hw 2 take care of hair 2 keep silky straight and healthy

  12. iluvSF Says:

    i had my hair rebonded a year ago. Now i’m noticing my hair keeps on falling off everytime I shower. I stop doing hair rebonding and I process never to do it again! too much chemical will cause hair damage. try using NIOXIN cleanser. this shampoo helps my hair become thick.

  13. John Says:


  14. wooo Says:

    i had my hair rebonded almost a year ago, and its still perfect. no hair loss, no burns, just straight hair (which is now starting to curl up again) and im thinking of getting it rebonded again soon. but i guess the only reason im so care free about it is becuase i had a trusted family member (who is also a professional hair stylist) do it for me. find someone you trust to do it.

  15. curly hair Says:

    i had my hair rebonded from lakme 3 weeks ago. I am losing a lot of hair everyday. i was told to use schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner. is there anyone who can tell how to reduce the hair fall. I am afraid I will be bald soon. does nioxin really help ??

  16. Pretty in Pink Says:

    The first time i got my hair rebonded it was perfect. But when i went back for the second time, DAVID’s salon ruined my hair, i lost half of my hair almost gone bald. Never go to DAVID’s salon, they never did anything to help me with my damaged hair, considering the price i paid, paid them 7500 pesos and got damaged hair instead. So watch out for that salon. I used Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner to restore my hair, and it helps., so all of you out there try Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner it really helps.

  17. chiraphorn brown Says:

    Every Hair services is damaging! even shampooing! .That’s why we need the professional hairstylist to help either style or treatment.It is depending that you get the good professional or not! I done a lot of rebonding for my clients and I never had any problem at all.And it is very important that whenever you get hair rebonding service you need to know how to taking care your hair properly then you won’t get any problem.
    Chiraphorn Brown

  18. Kyouhoshi Harada Says:

    I didn’t even know what hair rebonding was until i read this… I still don’t really know…O_O;

    I choose to just manually straighten my hair with an iron and use lotion once I’m done. When it gets too dry and frizzy, I get an oil treatment. :3

    I think it will save your hair in the long run although it may take a lot of work to do. Beauty on the outside isn’t worth being miserable on the inside.

  19. rushil Says:

    i had my hair straightened a year ago, i agree with someone else who said this: Schwarzkopf is the best. my frnds got it done by other brands.. not even CLOSE to the effect i got.. i used to have REALLY frizzy hair.. but even now, way longer than the salon said it would stay, my hair is really straight. i LOVE it.. only problem is… now my hair is STARTING to grow frizzy from the top front.. dunno wat to do!!! lol.. but if you HAVE to get it rebonded, follow the instructions they give you, it really helps. o! and no hair extra fall and hair is SHINY! and really easy to manage.. atleast it was till 1-2 months bak.

  20. selina Says:

    I had my hair rebonded almost a year ago. Yes I had some break off, but not enough to stop me having it done again in a few weeks. My hair was so hard to handle before, long frizzy and just out of control. After I had it rebonded it was silky and smooth. Who is going to notice a couple of broken hairs when the majority of it looks great.

  21. John Says:

    sorry ~ that’s Ciao ~

  22. madey Says:

    moot moot

  23. Kc Says:

    You have to be careful where you get your hair rebonded. Because there are plenty of salons where they would fix you with a nice price deal, but the outcome is often terrible.
    Make sure you see a true professional, because then you can prevent hairloss. They would normally examine your hair structure and from there conclude how much of the chemicals they would apply to your hair.
    I had my hair rebonded some two years ago and I don’t suffer from hair loss or dry unhealthy hair, but I know friends of mine who do.

  24. Raelyn Says:

    I’m thinking about getting my hair rebonded
    but I’ve been hearing that it damages your
    hair. Where do I get my hair rebonded but not
    damaged? Any great places?

  25. neena Says:

    I had done rebinding twice. I already had the problem of hair fall. After rebonding it stopped. My hair are coming back to normal. I had got my last rebound done a year back. I am in a fix.Should i get my rebinding done again or it is better without it?

  26. joan Says:

    hello, rebonding is not always damaging, it depends on the brand of the treatment, i only use branded treatment to my clients, and in 7 years of doing this, i haven’t got a complaint but a lot of praises. and i always include a cellophane treatment after. im in manila,. u may contact me thru 09294438943.

  27. AaronCharlesGabriel Says:

    I hate my rebonded hair. I rebonded my fringe and now it is frizzy and dry. VERY dry. I thought it was supposed to be silky.. thats rubbish. Rebonding sucks. Any idea how to get back my old hair without leaving it to grow? As in re-bond the ions in my hair and then get back my old hair?

  28. Sweetme Says:

    I was thinking to get my hair rebonded this May. I got my hair rebonded last 2 years, but when I was surfing the internet I taught to check if rebonding is safe or will it damage my hair, then I saw this site. I’m so shocked for the possible effects of HAIR REBONDING!!!! AND now I’m not sure if I should get a rebond! But my hair still looks good after being rebonded two years ago. I’m only 16 years old and I was born with a natural long and straight haor but I jsut want to look better and my parents are willing to pay for my rebond expenses. Guess what! The one’s who are rebonding my hair are from China! and Chinese people do have great hairs!By the way I’m a Chinese-Filipino as well.

  29. jashile Says:

    i had my hair rebonded last march 17,2008 at bhoks straightening salon at olongapo city and just after i washed it after two days, i saw my hair very dry so i come back to the salon where i had it and they retouched my hair but after i spend my 8 hours sitting there, my hair still very dry and i feel so very dissapointed so i told them to just cut my hair so the damaged would be cutted. but then after a few days, my hair still look so bad so i go back to the salon and told them to cut my hair up to my shoulder length, anyway my hair was long upto mu waist line before i get it rebonded but now my hair is just on my shoulder lenght. after one month i got my hair “hair reborn treatment” to other salon “reyes haircutters” and it was okay and now i just had a cellophane. but im still worried that my hair got damage again. i promise not to go back to bhoks salon anymore and will not rebond my hair anymore. waaahhhhh!!!! but “reyes haircutters” is great!

  30. Shaan Says:

    Hi i m shaan from nasik…… i want to re-bound my hairs but i m really confused between brands which r best for re-bounding……some saloons say Loreal is the best n some say wella n others abt scrafkopf…….. plz suggest which brand to use??????

  31. cupcake Says:

    the best way if you want to go rebonding is to choose a professional one, coz i have already a lot of experience
    when I was in the philippines I do rebonding a least 1’s a year
    and have a good result, there is a lot of professional one like ricky reyes they know the amount of the chemical they use through the texture of your hair.

    Actully I try one of the salon here in Doha for rebonding treatment as well, but its a bad experience for me coz i am experiencing hair loss and dry hair

  32. an Says:

    I am canadian and had my har rebonded by some great filipino girls last week. So far it is AMAZING!! Feels great and looks perfect. I have very thick, coarse frizzy hair. Now I look great! What a fantastic product!

  33. Naureen Says:

    I have naturally weavy hair. I wanted to get my hair curled. To save few bucks, I went to a stylist who was cheaper. Stylist ruined my hair. My hair looked very damaged. So, 2 months after chemical treatment (for curling) I decided to go for rebonding as my self-esteem was going down and down. I got my hair rebonded in July 2006 from a hair saloon with 5 year history of doing rebonding. The result was perfectly straight and shiny hair – NO FRIZZ AT ALL. Problem started after 2 months when I noticed hair breakage at ends AND few grey hair. I got very worried. My stylist suggested regular trimming of ends to keep my hair healthy and also suggested use of lots of conditioner(as my hair was already damaged before rebonding) Then, I made it a rule to trim my ends after every three months and enjoyed perfect hair for a year and half. No hair breakage no more grey hair. My hair didn’t fall after rebonding. Now, my hair have completely grown and back to the same weavy texture without casuing any damage to my hair. So, moral of the story is that REBONDING is the best technique available at this point of time only that you should keep two points in your minds. Firstly, get it done by a professional who has a history of doing rebonding. Don’t become part of stylist’s learning curve to save few bucks. Beauty treatments are like medical treatments. Select your stylist carefully. After all, you’d be spending $ 250-300. This is how much it costs in my country, Secondly, remember that rebonded hair are vulnerable. Pamper them with oil treatment, conditioners and REALY GOOD shampoo (with special formula for chemically treated hair). Get them trimmed like you do with your natural hair (I am sure you guys already know for healthy hair trimming is very important). So anyone who experienced damage after rebonding is because their stylist didn’t do it properly or because they didn’t maintain their hair they way rebonded hair should be maintained. Rebonding rocks!!

  34. angel Says:

    which shampoo and conditioner should i use on my rebounded hair.

  35. Justine Says:

    I rebonded my hair a year ago at a salon called Ystilo here in the philippines.. it was very very nice and and people were very professional and knew exactly what to do with my type of hair ( thin strands but thick hair, frizzy, curly, wavy, wah!) and there were no side effects or damage…(just the price!) but i think it was worth it…having good or bad hair really makes all the difference when it comes to the way you look and feel about yourself..

    but always remember you always take the risk..with anything that has chemicals in it…as for me… i think i’ll take that risk =]

  36. cho Says:

    that’s why you have to ask a professional about your type of hair and see if it would work. with the right knowledge, none of those things would happen but you also need to have an experience hair stylist with these type of things.

    i’m not racist but i dont let anyone except an asian experience stylist touch my hair becuz of many reasons. one is that i am asian and they understand wwhat they have to do with my type of hair, if i go to a normal sttylist in the US , they treat my hair like their hair type which is little strands and most dont consider it might be different than their hair. two becuz rebounding have been used in asia for quite amount of time before it wwas introduced to the north and they are more experience.

    if you do it with caution , with the right stylist who you trust, with knowledge and with the right type of hair.
    nothing this bad would happen but who knows

    it might be true about how damage it could cause .but i did my studying, did you do your?

    it’s just my point of view, dont go hatin on me


  37. Anon Says:

    Nonsense! My mom rebonded her hair for 5 yrs already and nothing happened! There’s some shampoo which she used which doesn’t make the hair fall out. And there is also hair rebonding shampoo to make the hair strong. Whoever typed this rubbish? Maybe the saloons not doing a good job? How are you so sure? If the chemical really caused damage to the hair, then would they take the chance to modify it? Nonsense! Eat your own wordS!

  38. Serene Says:

    hehe. i rebonded my hair 2 years ago and its still quite straight and i din have hair loss.

  39. ishi Says:

    hey after readin abt rebonding i am scared abt it !!!!!
    just after two weeks i m going to hav rebond my hairs . this is for the first time earlier i had had twice straighten my hair with chemical. i m of 18. help me out. suggest me some tips…. please

  40. uselessa Says:

    just had my hair rebonded and so far everything is great… regarding the article, 14 years old?? most salons that i know of wont allow kids as young as 14 years old to even have their hair rebonded.. at least 16 to 18…

  41. sinying Says:

    I’m in a quandary now.Should i trim my shoulder-length rebonded hair?I had my hair rebonded this january and it’s almost half a year.It’s starting to curl back and i swear it’s unbearable as it looks like a helmet now.I feel so embarassed.I’ve thought of growing back my long hair,but ppl said i’m not suitable as i look like an auntie.Will it curl if i cut my hair?

  42. yen Says:

    im looking forward to rebond my hair this weekend.Frankly,im really surprised to find out that hair rebonding can cause this much of problem, as i thought it’ll be juz some hair dameges which are not apparent, and i think that hair loss is a common problem for us who’s having long hair.Never thought that after rebonding have to do so much of treatment as i feel like juz put some oil and moisturiser will do.Hmm,so confused now.Maybe rebonding juz isn’t suit lazy fellow like me. :( rebond or no???????????

  43. len Says:

    i had my hair rebonded last April. And, i am bot really happy about it. Yeah, it made my hair straight but it is dry and the ends are really bad. My question is… can i perm my hair eventhough i had it rebonded (maybe at least after 6 months).

  44. anushka Says:

    folks i read all ur comments…n u people have given me a shock…ive got my hair rebounded yesterday…i was feelin so good…bt now im more scared..lolz plz suggest me measures to save my hair…i used loreal products…plz tell me which shampoo n conditioner to use???n does tuckin hair behind the ears n tyin them cause them harm after the treatment????plzzzzz help!!

  45. ashra Says:

    i have done rebond for 4 times now, for the last 4 years. 1 per year. so far i still have healthy hair. take note – i did it in 4 different salons – and i’m still okay. The only issues i had were if the one doing the rebond has very heavy hands – they pull on the iron a little too hard. In cases like this, all you have to do is speak out and they’d be gentler.

    Rebond for me is the best that ever happened in hair styling history. before, all i have is frizzy hair and asking for regular straightening just leaves my hair dry and stiff. Just be careful where you go to because I think the reason there are issues is because some salons use the regular straightening cream, mix it with some stuff and fake it as rebond. You would really have a problem that way.

    I suggest using conditioner everyday after the process — and getting hot oil (even those apply-yourself-types) once in a while to maintain it (the hot oil part is not necessary).

    tucking hair or tying them after the treatment doesn’t damage them, but if you do it right after the treatment, your hair will follow the curves created by the action. that’s all. nothing to worry about. this article is exaggerated.

  46. Anita Says:

    To get this site, just when I’m seriously thinking of gettin a rebonding done… Man! I had got my hair straightened almost 10 years back, but that was horrible! I could feel the burning sensation in my sclap, & the lady was like it’s suppose to feel that way…. I washed my haiar as soon as I got home, & had chunks of hair out from the roots that very wash… :@ I had to face a very bad hair during my wedding, & hence chopped of my locks in 3 months…
    Since now a days it’s more common here in Dubai, I’m thinking of gettin it done… But this time the stylist told me not that she can’t strainghten my hair, but I should rebond it… & that I’ll have to spend nearly 6 hours there. This time too I have a family function to attend…. So I’m confused whether to do it now or later, after the function???? I do have a straightening iron, but my hair curls up after a few hrs… any tips on how to prevent that?
    Btw, what’s the difference between straightening & rebonding?

  47. angles salon Says:

    i just had my hair rebonded a year ago,.now i’m thinking if i should undergo this kind of treatment again,,its because last year may 2007 i brought my hair to ANGLES SALON.A salon near our house.,

    they rebonded my hair for 8 HOURS!!!then they told me not to wet my hair for 3 days,,then ofcourse i followed..but after 3 days of sacrificing because my scalp is so itchy..,i really got shocked that it is still have waves. the i brought it back to that salon.,they told me that they will going to repeay the whole procedure again…but still after 3 days,,it just made my hair more curly and really unmanageable..after that i went to their salon again and i demand for my money back..and for those liar who just made my hair more ugly..i hope that you get karma!!!!so please think twice or even a million times before you trust a salon!!!!

  48. ashiya mizuki Says:

    last 2 days i got my hair rebonded.this time they straightened my hair using the hair dryer instead of the iron,AND the result was great!(they still use the same chemical for rebonding) my hair looks so natural, so soft and not so flat. plus the hairstylist said that it damages the hair lesser than the iron!

    trust me!Sebastian (evokativ and potion9)is the best.period.

  49. piinkblu5h Says:

    I guess the only reason why, this person wrote this “topic” is
    because the salon staff in really experience with the “Hair rebounding treatment” or either the product they were using was
    really damaging and cheap. Rebounding is not to damage your hair but to make it straight, and to repair you hair, etc.

    If you don’t want your hair to fall out and become bald, go to
    a Professional or specialist that has experience with this
    product for many years.

    If your hair has been damaged from this product, there is many
    ways to get your hair back to normal, such as “Oil treatment, reborn treatment, etc”

  50. Malaika Says:

    Hi… I got my hair rebounded last week …& it looked excellent.. but only after 3days after the wash i realized that the coloured portion started to FRIZZ badly .. i wen back to the parlor & they suggested that i cut my hair in those frizzzzy areas n had some gloss coat applied on my hair.. but yet it looks frizzy.. i dont know wat to do now it looks thin & lifeless girls please dont ever rebound ur hair..

  51. mia Says:

    i had my hair rebonded last year and was not very happy with the results. my hair is thick, long and curly. it has too much volume so you can just imagine how big it looks if i don’t tie it up. i have had it relaxed for a couple of years and had straight manageable hair. the problem is that my hair grows so fast, so i need to have it straightened again after 6 months. i was okay with relaxing for like three years since i had a good stylist. however, i realized that my hair was starting to get immune to the chemicals used in relaxing. (if ever there is such a thing as hair being immune to it). it just was not as straight anymore. so i tried rebonding. i had high hopes for it because ive heard positive feedback from people. it was extremely straight for three days but it changed when i hit the shower. the waves came back, especially the part where i tie it with a scrunchie. some parts of my hair are still straight, though. someone told me not to tightly tie my hair anymore because it would cause more waves that are difficult to straighten. i wear it down most of the time. i just use clamps or chopsticks to pull it in a bun when it is really hot. i have been taking good care of my hair so i can have it rebonded again. this time i’m going to a professional stylist. i have a good feeling that i’ll get good results this time. i’m planing to have it done this week, so wish me luck you guys…

  52. neha Says:

    hey…i got my hair rebonded a yr bk…4 d whle yr…dey were amazni..nt my hair r geting dere previous shape bk…dy r gettin wavy..i initially gt it done 4m loreal…could u guys pleez suggest whether i shud agn go 4 rebondin???wud it lead to prbz??

    i rely want to get my hair rebonded again….

  53. kristy Says:

    i’ve been rebonding my hair since 2006. the hair fall is there, but nothing too alarming. i do it once every 3 or 4 months cos my hair is really curly and it grows quite fast. so far, im liking my straight hair, although i wish it’s a little more smoother like before.

  54. vien Says:

    Hey,i have a virgin hair but a dry hair and damage hair……
    today i went to a salon ,the price is quite cheap and free treatment…but i just afraid that it will damge and cause my hair to fall..sounds scary….and if didnt went for the 2nd rebonding….will it become more worst than the previous hair (virgin hair)? i am 18 this year

  55. michelle Says:

    well i got my hair rebonded a month ago and reading makes me a little uneasy….
    i took precautions before getting it done though. i asked around: cousins, friends, and stuff. i had this oen cousin who got her hair rebonded in december and REYES haircutters. and she said its doing ok for her, no burining, and no balding. i got my hair done at reyes haircutters in san fernando and it came out good and straight. but its going back, so idk.
    but no hair loss or burining, so i just have to maintain good care. any help for good care?

  56. shong Says:

    im a guy
    after read this article i tink i will keep my natural curls
    boy was i so going to rebond it

  57. natim1 Says:

    I just got my hair straightened with L’Oreal Extenso about 1 month ago. I love it. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I had virign hair when i did it and it was so frizzy and it took me 1hr to straighten my hair with a straightening iron and get it to be as straight as this. (it wasn’t even guaranteed everytime I straightened it, I had to use ATON of product and do tiny sections very slowly). everyone’s hair is different, but if you’re going to listen to a few people out of the thousands that get this done, you might be missing out on the best hair decision you ever made.

  58. nicole Says:

    when i read this topic i got a little scared for my hair..i plan to have a hair rebounding this august,but im still scared what are the effects after the treatment..

  59. Ggirl Says:

    first of all its rebonded (past tense)rebounded is not even the correct verb.

  60. Betty Says:

    usually long hair gets rebonding for better look so what about short hair? what do u think?

  61. Janice Says:

    Hi, I’m about to get my hair rebonded day after tomorrow. But i am also gettin hair extensions 3 days after this. Is this a bad idea??????

  62. JamJam Says:

    im getting my hair rebonded hopefull in a couple of weeks.
    but having read this article, im kindof scared.
    but from friends who experienced hair rebonding&& commetns too,
    i think hair rebonding depends on your hair stylist.
    just make sure that you can TRUST your srylist, && also has to be experienced =]

  63. kaykay Says:

    i can’t even remember how many times i’ve rebonded my hair, i think at least 5 times since 2003. I’m gonna get it done again tmr. I haven’t experienced a single problem mentioned in this article. No hair loss, bald patches, burning (burning?? lol), etc. Actually it kinda depends on the quality of the rebonding and what type of hair you have. Its better if you get it done at a reputable salon, of course you will have to pay more. And if your hair is naturally fine(even though its curly/wavy), the end results will be much better than if u have naturally rough or thick hair.

  64. sheryl Says:

    ok this article kinda freaked me out because i just got my hair rebonded.. :|

  65. pooja Says:

    i do root touch up on my i’m planning 2 ve rebonding.does it effect my hair.

  66. crazy_head Says:

    i’ve always wanted to try hair rebonding eventhough people alredy compliment me on my hair. i have long naturally straight hair, but im freaked out by the flyaways and the frizzes. i’ve had friends who tried rebonding and i seem to like the results. im just afraid that after i get my hair rebonded i might get those horrible side effects. what can u recommend to lessen flyaways and frizzes without traumatizing the hair??? plz help

  67. Sheron Says:

    I dont have wavy hair…they are silky but just to get a tidy look i want to rebond em…after reading all the reviews n all i m afraid that my hair mite get dry and frizzy..wat shall i do..shall i take a chance or leave the idea of rebonding my hair..i m getting married in mext 5-6 months..m afraid to take risks which can even spoil my honeymoon pictures..:( PLEASE HELP

  68. Samsam Says:

    If anyone wants to do rebonding, pls read below. Its real.

    My niece who had wavy thick long hair like mine, had it rebonded and it looked gorgeous. When I visited her in Singapore I decided to do the same and I went to the same salon in Sembawang, below her flat. I was so excited thinking all my blow drying and styling days were over.

    Alas! Horrors! Seeing is believeing. I still have the pics. While rebonding, my hair fell out in clumps in 2-3 patches. If this was terrible, wait. Once the lengthy process was done, I sense something wasn’t right. My hair seemed unusually rigid and hard. As I went home, everyone stared at me as if I looked like a moron. My hair looked dry hard and brittle and burnt a strange orangey color. The ends were frizzy. I couldnt wait for the three days hoping it would change once I washed it off. To my disgust, they became worse, hard like crispy friend noodles or and color of burnt toast. Everyone joked and laughed calling me Ah Meng, the orang utan in Singapore zoo. They had warned me not to do it. I went back to the salon asking why mine didnt turn out like my niece but they turn away not listening saying my hair was not virgin hair, it was processed hair, with years of chemical dyes etcetera…I was so hurt I cried. Not only did I spend S$200 plus. My lovely thick wavy healthy hair was dead. The moment I got back home to Abu Dhabi, my hairdresser was so crossed at me for damaging my hair. The only thing left to do was to chop it all off into a very short boy cut and keep a low profile and wait till my new hair grew back.

    Now I shiver to think rebonding ever works, if it does it is sheer luck or really professional salon. I wish I could rememeber the name of the salon ( I remember the place) so I could warn all of you not to go there.

  69. Sheron Says:

    Oh Samsam…that was so bad!!And thanks a lot to you for sharing this information. All you people please read this article before going for any of the rebonding processes. Also those saloon ppl should have told you that your hair were processed and they should have warned before doing that rebondig process on ur hair..u can sue them for that…and here’s hoping that your nice original hair grow back faster again:-)

  70. Dee Says:

    Hi People,

    I ahd my hair rebonded only 5 ays ago, and am already facing a lot of problems. I trusted my stylist perfectly, but after what happened, I swear never to do anything to my hair anymore.

    I asked her if it was okay for me to have my hair colored after rebonding. She gave me a full assurance that it would be fine, and we did proceed to doing so. A day later, the ends of my hair tunred very frizzy, and when I accidently had it a little wet and was trying to dry it with my towel, my hair broke very very easily. I was so terrified. the 3rd day when I could actually wash my hair and did so, it turned back to being normal – as in not as smooth. It’s very very dry, damaged, frizzy and non-manageble. I am very upset about the state of my hair right now knowing that it’s been only 5 days that I made such a dumb decision. I have never get problems with dandruff, but now, even when i touch my hair a little bit, i have dandruff falling onto my shoulders. It’s so frustrating!!!

    Those of you who are thinking of doing rebonding, pls think again about your decision. There are many other ways to make your hair silky and smooth although it might be a little time consumming. But healthy hair is better than nothing.

  71. anonnymous Says:

    m. whats your evidence, author?

  72. Navi Says:

    hey folks..relax..
    I’ve got my hair rebonded twice..with excellent results.. i did get some hairfall during rainy season. but i had that before rebonding also. so no harm with it. even after 14 months since my last rebonding, my hair still look great. only the new growth that has come is rough and curly.. so im planning to get rebonding done the third time. a gap of an year between two rebonding sessions is essentials. and a few precautions. i use olive oil to massage my scalp for five minutes every sunday. leave on for two hours and wash with shampoo prescribed by my hair dresser. i take hair spa almost every month. thats all. go ahead. get beautiful hair.only make sure you get it done by skilled and reputed hairdresser. good wishes.

  73. ggg Says:

    i’ve got my rebounding done 3 days back…any suggestions for a gud shampoo and conditioner????????????shiseido/goldwell/sebastian/loreal??

  74. Nelly Says:

    Loreal is the best. I have tried products of a few other brands too. But, surely Loreal is the best.

  75. Ameena Says:

    Ok ive had my hair rebonded twice my advice to everyone is dont do it..its not worth it in the long run or the risks you take for the money you pay. I had it done once and the reslt were amazing.
    Second time my new roots are starting to grow frizzy ! ! ! so i cant cut my hair or anything coz the new roots are coming out burnt, has anyone else experienced this ????

  76. Fatima Says:

    i am going to get my hair rebonded!!!!!!!!!

    no matter what half the websites say!! i guess it all depends on where u get it done right??? ad how u take care after it!!

    elvive – the loreal product is great!! use it..and oil ur hair regularly…mix curd and egg and apply to the scalp and then wash with wotever shampoo u use! its great for nourishing the hair..also get deep conditioning frm a saloon!!!

  77. yamini Says:

    hey ….i want ma hair to b straight n silky…right nw i have wavy hair
    plzz suggest me wht shd i do???rebonding or simple straghtning??
    n ya..before 2 weeks i did henna treatement on ma is it ok to go fr rebonding jst aftr tht??
    will it harm ma hair??
    plzz help me out…..aftr 1 month…..i have ma frshers party n in tht i want ma hair to b strght in tht
    plzz give me some suggstns

  78. Rona Says:

    i had several hair rebonds done, 6 to 7 up to a year apart and none of those side effects had happened. my advise is to go to a person who has been trained to do it and the only people i know are the filipinos. hanna from t’s salon in waipahu (if you’re from hawaii) is the person i would recommend.

  79. star Says:

    hi!just had my hair rebonded at reyes haircutters.actually, this is my second time with them.i did not have any prob last time, and i guess because they are using milder products, they call it milk rebonding.

    my advise is just to go to a reputable salon to have your hair rebonding.remember our hair is our crowning glory.

  80. fishh Says:

    omg..this is like so scary..
    i’m planning to straighten my hair next month..
    my parents said its ok but if i use my own money..
    im really thinking hard whether to do it now after reading ur comments..
    wad shud i do??

  81. Sadia Says:

    is rebounding safe in early pragnancy,cz like few aroma tharapies which can give u problem in pragnancy.i’m worried cz i want 2 have rebounded hair

  82. chiqui Says:

    To those who goes to cheap salons with super affordable price that advertise something like 999rebonding any length — beware! I interviewed a stylist who use to create chemicals for rebonding he told me that cheap rebonding actually uses liquid sosa and aircon cleaner chemicals and just uses pineapple juice to balance the smell and the strength of the chemical. These chemicals can damage your hair so if you really want rebonding save up your maoney and just go to reputable salons.

  83. Arjumand Says:

    I wanna get my hair rebonmded,too confused regarding its mantainance ! What to do plz help.

  84. sarah Says:

    is it opk if i go to a reputed salon to get my hair rebonded?? i have very frizzy plus curly and dry hair and want a new look.

  85. ann Says:

    hi, i need help. im 18 years old. im planning to get my hair rebonded, the only problem dat i was thinking is that i have thin hair with thin strands. im afraid it will look ugly after the procedure.. should i do the rebond or just do the natural treatments? help! badly needing your advice! thanks.

  86. May Says:

    I had several hair treatments since I was in College. First, I had it “relaxed”. It was nice, really nice. Adding the fact that I have long hair. But the second and third time (maybe 6mos to 1year intervals) I went to a hair salon (the same salon I went before) and it did not turned out as I’ve expected. It was kind of wire-looking. Then my boyfriend suggested to have my hair be rebonded by her high school teacher. She was a cosmetology teacher and attended seminars regarding beauty care. The treatment turned out nice. No pain or itchiness. Even while on the process of rebonding, I did not feel any irritations, even on my skin. I returned to their house just last Saturday for another rebonding (after 6mos). And the result is still remarkably beautiful! I still have healthy and thick hair.

    Maybe those salons you went to use “harmful” chemicals and also are not really rebonding solutions. Cause if they are, they should not hurt or sting even your skin. My, let’s say, hairdresser, even applies the solution on my hair with her bare hands.

  87. May Says:

    I forgot to mention that my first rebond was the “normal” type then what she gave me last Saturday was a “milk” rebond.. Haha.. nice isn’t it???

  88. lauramae Says:

    i’ve made my hair rebonded once,,,and it was great…it looked so natural and when they stylists wer rebonding me i didnt feel anyhurt at all…the chemicals were kinda minthy but it doesnt hurt….at first they were wearing gloves but afterward they removed shouldnt suppose to hurt your scalp…the salon was kind of expensive but it is so worth it..and the rebonded hair was permanent…now my hair is curly again because my hair grew longer but the rebonded hair stayed straight….the salon is “David’s salon” but it was in the philippines im just not sure if there’s one in other countries

  89. Jen Says:

    I had my hair rebonded at WOW salon in boni, madaluyong..1 month ago..the result is not good..they have damaged my hair,,i went to complain but they would just offer a 200 peso hair spa treatment..that salon sucks..

  90. Anon556 Says:

    wtf .. im so not gonna rebond my hair .

  91. anon123 Says:

    I had my hair rebonded 6 months ago. During the rebonding, I felt that my head was burning and thought that my brain cells were dying. But anyways, I have straight hair now, but every time I comb my hair, at least 15 strands of hair gets stuck on my comb. AT LEAST 15. I think I’m going bald.

  92. coolgal Says:

    hey im 15 year old gal..n im thnkng 2 get ma hairs rebounded..!plzzzz tell me shuld i go for rebonding if yes…den which rebonding product should i use???

  93. Amit Sharma Says:

    I had very thick n curly hair, but I went for straightening with creams. IT made them really bad and rough. I went to HABIBS saloon at sec 17 chd and was advised not to use any chemical again and just to oil hair regularly to make them strong. I am having a head massage with mustard oil daily for last 1 month. NOW, can I go for hair rebonding. My hair are still less than 6 inches in length. Please suggest. I always wanted light, straight, silky and shiny hair.. What should be the expenses for that, and where in chandigarh/panchkula, I can get them rebonded????????

  94. Tina Says:

    I have also experienced a rebonding disaster like many of you. Its been just a week and the ends are really frizzy. Cna anyone advice how long it took your hair to come back to it natural state? Would it ever be the same again?

  95. bella Says:

    Rebonding causes obvious and visible dents at the regrowth. I got my hair rebonded about 6 months ago and was not happy with it coz you can see the dents all along your hair part, which doesn’t look nice at all. Also there was considerable hair loss and it is difficult to style. So I don’t recommend it

  96. nisha Says:

    After reading all da comments guys…. i realli dont kno wot to do because i just want to rebond my hair because my hair is all poofy,frizzy and curly.m just so scared now because alot of people is saying that its real bad n u start losing hairs…i dunt want dat thing to be happend…plzz help me out wot shud i do cause m just sick n tired of straightning my hairs everyday…guyzz help!!!

  97. kaajal Says:

    hey guyz am in a great delima
    help mi out plzzzzz
    well i just got ma hair rebonded with an unexperienced hair dresser and god knows which product she used i fink its lollan-from singapore and da latter had like an ordinary effect with still frizzes on it but if i do anazR rebonding immediately will it damage ma hairs?
    itz been one week now
    help mi out plzzzz
    watcan i do now?

  98. pinkheart Says:

    can we use ion flat iron instead of ceramic flat iron?

  99. Rinku Says:

    Hey frendz, the re-bonding process seems to be scary and weird. Of course, initially the hair looks outstanding and eqaully closer to any other commerical gals! However the pain and the risk involved in breaking the bond is highly pathetic. So my sincere advise to u all is, plzz for heaven sake dont get into the fantasy of rebonding ur hair as it is hard to get back ur natural gift given to u.

  100. Amit Sharma Says:

    Can any 1 tell….. Which place(salon) is the best in chandigarh/panchkula to get hair rebonding? my hair lenght is abt 5 inches. What are the expenses to maintain the rebonded hair…

  101. SABBY Says:

    hey..i got my hair rebonded last year in july but in an attempt to save my money,i got it done from d stupid salon called CLEOPATRA. i took care but as soon as i washed it,my hair became the damn hurt me. I complained to them and they gave me a rebonding touchup which did not work too..They even advised me to get my hair colored just within a week..god knows why i trusted very much ruined my hair But now i have talked to a hairstylist of a reputed salon called LOREAL TRESS LOUNGE and he has assured me good results this time..ofcourse im scared but i have no choice. i dont like my hair this way. its dry,frizzy and rough but as i dont have any problem of hairfall or dandruff,im gonna take the risk..n i have faith on these guys now FOR THOSE WHO ARE PLANNING TO GO FOR IT, DO GET IT DONE..YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF BUT BE PREPARED TO PAY. YOU GOTTA COMPROMISE WITH MONEY. GET IT DONE FROM A GOOD PLACE !

  102. anne74 Says:

    i had the same problem with all of you when i han my hair rebonded falling hair, dandruff, frizzy hair to think i have verythin hair. i had to chop my hair up to my ears huhuhu. i was trying to grow it long and it was about 2 inches below my shoulder.

  103. sona Says:

    in chandigarh…tress lounge in sec8 is good….

  104. rainbowbite Says:

    my hair is THIN and CURLY, and it looks like i haven’t tried to comb my hair for how many years!!!!that’s why i planned to have it rebonded, but im scared for it’s possible BAD effects on my hair!and the worst is, maybe if i get my hair rebonded, would you think it’ll look very ugly?cause it will make my hair more thin.
    can you give me some advice please?
    -thanks and godbless!!

  105. jyoti Says:

    i m planning to go for rebonding so someone plz tell me which one is better loreal or Schwarzkopf…

  106. gal Says:

    i am plannin to perm my hair bt i heard sum ppl tellin rebonded hair cant curl is it ture

  107. michelle Says:

    Hello, there!
    I’m from the Philippines. I’ve got a serious problem here. Last week, I did apply the Hortaleza product to rebond my hair at home. I followed every bit of instruction to make sure that I could never be wrong.

    But, unfortunately after a few hours of the application, I was experiencing too much hair loss. I couldn’t comb my hair. In fact, I couldn’t even rinse it.

    It was obvious that my hair was damaged. It has been a week and my hair is still non-stop falling, getting thinner and thinner. My scalp is itchy too. I couldn’t even wash it because I fear of lossing pieces.

    Now, I am seeking serious medical treatment and advice.

    What shall I do?
    Can anyone help me with my dilemma?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  108. nicole Says:

    all i can say is:

    cheng is the best rebonder of all time..!
    try to check her saloon here at bulacan..

  109. Kitty Says:

    Michelle that’s really scary it will be best if you consult a doctor. What kind of product in Hortaleza did you use exactly? its complicated to rebond your hair yourself without any help of a hairstylist.

    Last year i got my hair rebonded by someone who worked at a known hair salon here in Phils. She did it in our house and it turns out great, until now my hair is still straight (i have wavy hair before). Since then i’ve never been to any hairstylist but her. She does all the hotoil treatment and my haircuts here in our house since then. I let her take care of my hair.

  110. Farhan (Pakistan) Says:

    i am a professional marketing person. there is many rebonding products but namely. i suggest schwarzkopf rebonding is great.

  111. katrina villanueva Says:

    i just had cellophane wax treatment from reyes cutters,im not satified the results and in wondering if they really use l’oreal in my hair,which i choose..its becoz i never seen the container..i think reyes cutters should really show the products with the containe,before applying it..for clients satifaction..mga salon kasi ngayon parang mga manloloko,kahit sikat pa ang name nila.

  112. loy ganda Says:

    I just had my rebonding wd cellophane last week from salon in motion in hair turns straight and flat for three days but after I washed it, my hair turns out dry and wavy..I think the stylist did not do his job as he promised. the cellophane is also fake because after I washed it I did not see any stain of the color in my towel or while washing it. I returned to them but they told me that they will retouch my hair after a week because the chemical is still there. pls advice me do i need to return so they can fix my hair? after reading this statement i became afraid now..pls

  113. nicole Says:

    not everyone will have the same outcome… it all depends on the individual’s hair condition… I got my hair rebounded for the first time when I was 15… I went with 3 other friends and all of us had different outcomes… One of my friend’s hair came out awesome while my other friend’s hair came out worse than before… From then on, I’ve gotten my hair rebounded once a year or once in two years and I still have a full head of hair… I also have friends who have their hair rebounded once or twice a year and they also still have a full head of hair… I got my hair rebounded yesterday at Reds salon in Plaza Singapura and they’ve done an amazing job!! they’re also very nice and professional, especially the dude who did my hair(not only did he do an amazing job on cutting my hair, but he was cute as well)… Hair rebonding is fine, but just make sure you go to a prestigious hair salon this way they can tell you what treatment is more suitable for you and do a good job because they have their reputation to keep… it may be costlier but hey, wouldn’t you rather spend more money and have amazing hair or spend less money and have irreversable damages done to ur hair?? you can earn back your money but you can’t get your original hair back…

  114. mai Says:

    gud day everyone!!!
    i just drop by to this site coz i want to read some articles abt hair bonding…I was so amazed to hear some “bad hair stories” posted. I would like to share mine…
    I got my hair rebonded last july 2008 from the salon i trusted “HEADLINERS” here in Batangas.First,i only want “hair relax w/ cellophane” because it already gives my hair “rebond look” at a cost of 750PHP.And i had it done for almost 4x,from 2004-2007(dec.). Since i got natural straight hair, it also becomes wavy when i put in a pony tail and do some hairstyles. I cut my hair short last summer 2008,and dye it and i got a problem when it reaches my shoulder coz it “flies away”…
    When i go to salon, they dont to relax my hair becaus or its hair dye.. so i decided to rebond for the first time…
    i didnt wash it for the first 3days(as they instructed) and they are selling “KERATIN” conditioner after shampoo…
    I got a very noticing, amazing, hair!!! and im proud to tell that my hair was rebonded. Even my cousins, aunties, and my mom also want it…I use Citre Shine Shampoo ang Conditioner.
    But on the first 4months, i noticed some hair fall during bath. But it stopped afterwards and i shift to Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner.
    Then yesterday, i went to the salon for another hair rebond but they refused to do so. They said that I is still got straight , shiny hair and I dont need another treatment even its been 6mos. ago!

  115. mai Says:

    I just want to comment to some post…
    Yes, I believe that not all salon are telling the truth abt the brand or chemicals that will put in your hair. That’s why, its really important to go to reputable and trusted salon. Make sure to make a background check of any history of the saloon.
    I agree that “Reyes HC” is not a good salon. Especially their branch here…I almost tried 5 services they offered but nothing really happened to my hair(even the very basic hair trim is not a good one). They even destroyed my friend’s hair when she got her hair rebonded.

    We must also know the fact that “every BODY is UNIQUE” in all aspects of being a human.It doesn’t garranty that if its works good on me it will also works for them. In some case like my sister in law. She got her hair rebonded May 2008(in same salon), she has a wave / curly hair.It turns out straight and shiny. She repeated it 3x from May-September 2008… Even we both have good outcomes,it differs in terms of number of treatment.

    Another thing…Never do it yourself!!! Some hair products indicates “for professional use only”, so be it…Dont you think some hair professional did mistakes at salon…so as you!Especially if its not branded or can easily bought to any “cosmetics stores”.I think hot oil treatment is the safest hair treatment to do at home.

    Pregnant woman can not undergo hair rebonding.Even hair coloring and relax. Because of the strong chemicals that can be inhaled and damaged to skin. As much as possible, pregnant woman are not advised to go to salon.

  116. Maine Says:

    Just this afternoon, i was about to go to a salon to have my hair rebonded for 3,500 pesos. but when i looked at my hair, i said im gonna do it tomorrow coz it looks straight and shiny today.(sometimes it gets really dry and wavy). but after reading this article and the badcomments about it, i got scared. at first, i thought that the difference of hair relax and hair rebond is that in hair rebond(since its expensive), you’ll have to do it just once and your hair will be straight forever. but as i read the comments, i realized that you have to repeat it again which would mean more cost. what shall i do? my hair is not curly. its just wavy. but i want a straight hair. what shall i do to have it without damaging it?

  117. Maine Says:

    by the way, im from cebu, philippines. and im still a student. what salon will you recommend that i go to to have a straight hair without having to spend much?

  118. Jay Says:

    I got my hair rebonded about 7 months ago.
    I was dumb enough to undergo the process without doing my research. My aunt and my mom’s best friend rebonded their hair and it looked totally fine. They showed no symptoms of falling hair and what not.
    Like I said before, I had my hair rebonded some months ago, and like my relative, I am seeing no signs of loss of hair. The process did not burn at all, and I found parts of it relaxing.
    After reading this article, I’m scared of what might result from this. I still want to keep my hair intact.
    So the question I was wondering is:
    Are there some people who have done this and come up with reasonable results (with their hair still on their scalps, etc.)?
    And if I do happen to be one of the people to experience this issue, is there any products I could use to restore my normal hair?

    Thank you in advance!

  119. sai Says:

    my hair was rebonded 4days ago my hair becomes worst gosh my hair is beautiful before rather than now.. its looks like a rubber when its wet and looks like kinky when dry.. this is the worst…i wish i never did to my hair now I’m always stress i want to cut my hair very short and wear wig what i can do to make my hair like before especially my hair was colored almost 2months ago before rebonding.. any suggestion? please make any suggestion email me @ to anyone concern thanks

  120. anoly Says:

    i’ve been rebonded my hair 2 years ago and that is my 1st time. What you need when you don’t have any experience about it is you must done it by a professional. Then, i’ve got permanent straight hair until i cut the hair because it became long.My stylish hair said don’t wash your hair before 1 week after you rebonded and please be careful about your hair. Other than that, i used specialize shampoo for rebonded although it quite expensive and it really good.

  121. 37yrs. old mother Says:

    i got my 3rd hair rebonded last year and still nice, pretty shiny straight hair, i treated my hair alone by using coconut milk soaked for an hour and washed thoroughly, shampoo and conditiner…the best thing make it more lovely is the vinegar for final rinsing..when my hair dry off i apply a little virgin coconut oil on my baby little curly hair on my forehead to look more neat (have no bangs)…my hair is long reaches my butt…

    i can say i don’t have any complain about hair rebonding coz it is depend to a person as well how she manage and treat her hair…

  122. abby Says:

    im planning to have my hair rebond but after reading all of this im so really scared!!!! coz i have long but thin hair… its too risky for me at the same time it is more expensive if il go for nothing (i mean if i have kinky and damage hair after being rebonded)waisting of money and time…maybe ill go for cellophane maybe it is safer/lesser damage hair than rebonding…

    you should think many times before you go under this treatment…
    and as they say research some professionals hairstylish…. and as far as i know before rebonding your hair, you must not have any hair color/relax/straightening or other hair treatments for the past 6mo.-1 year because it can cause reactions on your hair (burn,brittle,rough or frizzy hair after rebond) coz of the chemicals combined. dont go for trial and error and dont take risk….

    hope this will help you guys

  123. piggy chops Says:

    i hv a curly hair n i want 2 get it straightened_plzzz suggest?

  124. piggy chops Says:

    suggest me if i go 4 rebounding will it help me n wat care cn be taken at home also normally how does it costs?

  125. johnny Says:

    I had my hair rebonding a year ago because i had really curly and thick hair.

    After rebonding, i was really pleased with the results because my hair was long, straight and silky.

    The only problem was, the hair rebonding chemicals used on my head caused me alot of irrations and i also felt a burning sensation all over my scalp.

    Because i couldn’t handle the ich, i started scratching my hair and this caused me to damage my own scalp without realising. Luckily the damage is not that serious but even now, the hair line on the front of my forehead looks like its been slightly burned and it’s also really dry. On a warm day, my head starts to ich alot too. I also have less hair now unfortunately.

    So my recommedations is, stick to the heat straightening device. Otherwise, make sure that you know your hair stylist very well to make sure that they will treat your hair and scalp with the most absolute caution. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting.

  126. Jess Says:

    Hey, im from singapore and im 14.

    I really want to get my hair rebonded,
    but all the stuff being said above has scared me a bit

    I will be goint with a friend and getting it done by a starter hairdresser for free. He has had it done before with this lady but i have never had mine rebonded before.
    I have really nice hair at them moment,
    its just very wavy, and im ready for something new.

    So? Any suggestions?
    Go for it?

    Or avoid it at all costs?

  127. jhayjhay Says:

    do u guys know were i could buy the best rebonding cream so that i could just do it myself..:)

  128. asyia khurshid Says:

    i like al way of rebonding but need a vadio for hair rebonding

  129. jho Says:

    is hair rebonding good for a four months pregnant woman like me?

  130. redsilk Says:

    just want to give input how to take good care of your rebonded hair….first you need to have a weekly hot oil treatment using virgin coconut oil, next use a hair gloss to protect it shaft,shampoo your hair every other day only…use hair treatment conditioners (Matrix Biolage is the best)……and lastly use only one kind of rebonding cream ask your hairdresser what product he is using so that you would know and use the same product everytime you get your hair rebonded……if its extenso then use only extenso…never mix products because it has a chemical reaction…your hair will become frizzy…use products that are branded even though its a little bit expensive…

  131. jankhana Says:

  132. indiangal Says:

    wow ! after reading all the comments i am even more scared and confused than before ! looks like there is NO guarantee as to what may or may not happen after a hair rebonding ! like many others, i also want to get hair rebonding done for my dry n frizzy hair and i just don’t know where to go n what to do…i live in india and was researching information on what are the ‘best’ products or ‘best’ salons here, even if they may cost a bit more …useful info so far ??…a ) go to a reputed parlour ,b ) schwarzkopf has some votes as does matrix biolage c) u gotta take the risk cos everything ‘depends on ur hair type’
    So all the best to me and my kinda ppl out dere ! dish out the money n take the plunge ? or…keep ur original hair and be happy u have them at least ….geez !!!I STILL DON’T KNOW !1 HELP !!!!

  133. aron38 Says:

    you better keep your natural hair if you don’t want to loose the natural healthiness of it, just buy a professional hair blower and iron if you want your hair straight once a while. I got my hair rebonded last year (Mar.2008) and it was not cheap eh it cost me almost 20000 pesos ($500 Cad.)
    I went to a “”PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRESSER daw” but she just ruined my hair, i was devastated even my husband, my hair starts breaking and falling , i even got a bald patch, (scary) she used the best branded product thats why i spent that much money. “NEVER AGAIN” better use my professional iron(CHI) and blower (DANNYCO) if i want my hair straight
    and its not funny, after this you have to do this, do that, use this, blah blah…… extra couples of dollars to spend
    be happy with your natural hair ladies because once you put chemical on your hair it wont be the same again, am glad that my hair is getting back to normal now, shiny and healthy

  134. indiangal Says:

    i had written here on march 22..n now here i am again….allright here\\\’s the thing….first i did a lottttt of reading online…then i went to 4 different salons all around the city and enquired EVERYTHING about hair smoothening, rebonding , and Strait therapy from schwarzkopf …these r like the BEST salons and they seemed to be recommending either l\\\’oreal or schwarzkopf treatments….apparently rebonding is the most damaging…and is best avoided…anywayz, i requested for some kinda guarantee which they refused, or strand test at least and only 1 salon agreed for it….they did 10 mins application of Wella cream to some strands of my hair ,it had curled at the bottom. the person there says no prob cos those hair were damages ones (gosh ! rolls eyes ) and 2 hrs later those same hair died and fell off….they looked BURNT !! I was shocked !! they wanted me to pay something around Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 10,000 to get my hair ROYALLY BURNT !!! no wayzz am i gonna go for rebonding or any other chemical treatment now !! I happen to love my hair n i wanna keep them ! my hair looks gr8 even now except that they are not straight (they are wavy)…so for that i am gonna buy me a straightening iron which will cost me lesser, and NOT damage my hair, and not put em at risk of any kind either….so dats my decision ppl….now if anybody knows which iron is the best to buy ( available in india pls ) then i\\\’ll go get it asap ! thnxxx…p.s. i am gonna get a hair spa today to celebrate my hair being well and alive n still on my head ! cheers !!

  135. aron38 Says:

    hello indiangal,
    try to look for “CHI FLAT IRON” but am pretty much sure you can find it there cause most of the t professional use this brand, a bit expensive but it’s worthy

  136. indiangal Says:

    thnxx heaps aron..will lookout for it !!

  137. triple A Says:

    hello, got my hair rebonded last november, i was happy about it coz finally i got silky straight hair until now. But this month i noticed i have a lot of split ends and the baby hairs that are growing are wavy and curly. Can someone tell me what to do and what hair products to use? Does hair spa really works? Thanks

  138. lashaundra Says:

    hello everyone,is anybody can teach me what is the method to do rebonding and what is the good chemical to use?please i need to know it so bad…thanks..

  139. lashaundra Says:

    hi its me again lashaundra,not only the rebonding i need to know i want to know the method of cellophane as well thanks..

  140. yvan Says:

    dunno what to do.. my hair is naturally straight and soft.. but i want it to look shinny and nice.. what should i do? is rebounding really damage hair????

  141. Kai Says:

    I just got my hair rebonded yesterday and it really is an amazing result! Before my hair was super curly, dry, and frizzy and now it’s moisterized and silky smooth.
    But I highly suggest that you do not do this process manually but by a professional who has a lot of experience with it (Mine has been doing it for over 7 years). and rememeber, this process is also very if you get an offer thats really hard to believe it will leave you with terrible results. Also, before starting have your salonist look at your hair and see what products are best. I mean, I have mixed (racial) hair so my salonist switched to a set of products especially for my type of hair. It’s a great process but make sure you get it done at the right place! good luck everyone!~

  142. Dweep Says:

    I was thinking of rebonding my hair but after such coments I dn think I should go for it, could u please suggest me If I could go for a better treatment of hair as it is too dry n damaged.

  143. rosemarie Says:

    hi guyz! i was just wondering if i will be going to rebond my hair or not because im afraid if what will be the outcome result if it will be shiney or it might be worsen my hair,,,oh it totally sucks! OMG,,i think i should think a million times ohh please help me!! I had my hair straightened 3x,, during the first time it was so great,,,i love it very much but then the second time around i went through a stupid salon which led my hair into dull,, frizzy and very very dry hair!!! and lastly after a year i went through freshair salon it sounds good but i think not that good enough because whenever i comb my hair it is very very dry can’t comb it coz i had so much thick hair!!

    Until now i planned to have my hair rebonded for i will be having a vacation somewhere in the european countries because i just wanted to look great especially in my hair but then now i am a little bit confused when i read this article about this and i was a little bit hesitant to have it rebonded,, Last month i am very much sure that i will be having my hair rebonded bec i had visited a salon which is cheaper that would only cost 15OO hair rebonded any length so i was so happy to heard that since i had a long hair,,,But then Luckily i had searched this article and found out that it could take you to danger i am really really afraid and i think i still want to have my hair rebonded but i think i will rather go to Ricky Reyes or watever

    So guys please help me

  144. tonitoni Says:

    i have my hair rebonded every year ,,, and this year is my third time …. it did not give me much damage …. i think it all depends on how it has been done … and how you take care of it …. when i had my 2nd rebond … i had it colored after a month and it’s still good …

  145. honey Says:

    i have my hair rebond every 6 months…
    is it bad??? and im only 13years old…..
    plzz… give me an answer…

  146. sweetzzz Says:

    I hav naturally curly hair. i straightened my hair 6 months back..and the results were great. They used schwarzkopf. Now its time for rebonding as my hair has grown about 3 inches and it looks odd, with some hair curly and some silky-straight. my stylist has adviced to rebond only after leaving a minimum of 6 months in between each session and i’m just waiting.
    its better to be patient when you’re gonna use such harsh chemicals on your hair…

  147. sweetzzz Says:

    I hav naturally curly hair. i straightened my hair 6 months back..and the results were great. They used schwarzkopf. Now its time for rebonding as my hair has grown about 3 inches and it looks odd, with some hair curly and some silky-straight. my stylist has adviced to rebond only after leaving a minimum of 6 months in between each session and i’m just waiting.
    its better to be patient when you’re gonna use such harsh chemicals on your hair…

  148. tiny Says:

    i would highly recommend soiree salon for rebonding. they charge 3500 to 5000 for schwarzkopf strait therapy. let them know if you have a tight budget, they’ll suggest alternatives na lower ung rpice but still use a very nice product. i had my hair rebonded there and paid 4250 for medium length hair. then i brought my secretary there and she paid almost half price of what i paid using a difd product. the result was really nice, it looks natural.

  149. SK Says:

    listen gals,

    the problem of falling hair, baldness and scalp sensitivity happen only when they touch the chemicals to the scalps.ALWAYS GET IT DONE FROM BEST WELL KNOWN SALOON AND ASK THEM NOT TO TOUCH THE CHEMICAL TO THE ROOTS.. after rebonding, oil your hair eqularly, apply serum after the wash.. use wood comb and always comb ure lower hair first then towards the scalp..
    remember always for big experiments like these, dont compromise on cost.. always go to the well known palour..:)
    drink lots of water n milk.. take protein tablets for hair (hair vit)..

  150. cathy Says:

    its really true about rebonding?because i didnt experienced it ….after i read all other comments better i will not proceed to rebonding

  151. Peppermint Says:

    I got a hair rebond and I look fabulous on it. At first I was wary but it turned out great.

    The thing is go to a professional. I heard that there are some parlors who offer cheap rebond prices because they mix their chemicals with muriatic acid and liquid sosa.

    Some claims it’s rebond but only hair relax with the questionable ingredients on it that’s why hair turns out frizzy after a few days.

  152. arianne Says:

    My advice to people who are crazy about rebonding hair, well. it is not for everybody, you have to make sure you have tough scalp and hair. because the chemicals tends to either burn your scalp or damage your hair so bad, (you would wish million times that you could undo it). so thats the first thing you have to know.
    Secondly, dont go to salons or hair dressers that doesnt have clue. ask questions, let them know your concern and go fromthere.
    Third. do you really need to alter your natural hair? i know , iknow, i would. because i have long, frizzy, and sort of wavy hair. i want it tamed. unfortunately, split ends and dryness is part of the process of having very straight hair and also falling hairs. just take good care of your hair after the treatment, make sure you always have oil to minimize split ends and use conditioner to help your hair recovered from the chemical assault. hope this help. ciao.

  153. Nahid Says:

    i hv rebonded ma hair 4 2 tyms n trust me ma haair has becum realyyyyy i wnt sum suggestion…instead of rebonding ma hair shud i straight ma hair which remains 4 six months or not….

  154. lia Says:

    this is my 3rd time of having my hair rebonded.luckily up to now i never encountered any problems with regards to my hair.

  155. MiSZ. GEEii Says:


  156. rubina Says:

    plz tell me true hair rebounding is safe or not?

  157. aleleic Says:

    there is a really great risk in rebonding. When you want your hair to be rebonded, you should have at least have a good stylist. I have been rebonding my hair for three years for the past 2 years, I am satisfied with the service and my hair really looks shiny and straight. My rebonded hair lasted for more than one year for the two rebond. For my last rebond I decided to try this new asian salon.(marami kasi nagtry dito) but unluckily I was not satisfied with the rebond.After 3 days I came back to their branch because I feel that it was not properly rebonded.They said that they only rebonded the upper portion of my hair because they told me that the lower portion of my hair was already rebonded before and it is damage.I feel so terrible because they should have told me first that they will not put some medicine on the lower part of my hair so at least they could have given me the option if Im gonna pursue my rebond session with them and also upon knowing that I should have not waste 5k and a lot of my time for hair rebonding. Aside from that my last rebond before that was more than one year ago and I did not do or put anything to my hair.My friends also rebonded their hair and all of us are not satisfied with the service and 75% of us returned because not all our hair is rebonded. We promised to ourselves not to return with that salon again.And we will return nalng dun sa dati na maning hairstylist.

  158. mine.. Says:

    well..hi guyss

    i’m only 13 and i’ve been rebonding my hair every 6 months(this is my 4th time) my hair is really kinky and my hair now is being curly again….well now, i wanted to have my hair it fine if relax my hair coz i dont want to have my hair rebonded again coz i dont want to damage it further…….

    so is it fine to have my hair relaxed?(my hair had been rebonded since january so my hair now is 5 months rebonded) plzzzz i nid some suggestions if i can continue to relax my hair..

  159. maybe.. Says:

    my hair has been rebonded last year.. my hair is still a bit straight.. i’m happy with the results. or maybe because i have very strong hair that’s why it doesn’t fall off or something.. i’m gonna have another treatment about 3 weeks from now. I think you should just rebond when you have really really thick strands of hair like mine..

  160. justme Says:

    Actually, I was born with straigh hair. Then when I turned 4 or 5 years old my grandmother decided to curl my hair. Since I was just only below 6 I didn’t know what I was doing so I agreed to her. Then when I was 8 years old, I started to feel irritated to my hair because it was damaged. It became curly and kinky. I decided to rebond it before first year high school. And I do it every year before the start of new school year. If I do it every year will it cause further damage when I grow old? I need answers. I’m really afraid I’ll lose my hair.

  161. Sugar Says:

    i used to temporarily straighten my hair for many years and my hair ended up with split ends, and i used to be teased as Sisal hair. i later just went for hair ironing which was equally damaging to my hair.
    when i heard about hair rebonding, i went for it without a thought. i have had no problems with it. its been 2.5yrs since i got it done. i dont have split ends, my hair is soft, doesnt fall off and i dont need to worry about rain falling on my hair and making it all frizzy again.
    the only problem i face is retouching it every 6 months.. which is also very expensive..
    i think rebonding is way safer than the harm we do to our hair for styling and straightening it only temporarily.
    i think it was just unfortunate of those who get some adverse effects from it…but as long as u choose the right place to get it done, and a trusted product, like Loreal, u will be fine :)

  162. RAYfromPhilippines Says:

    Im a guy, and i have straightened my hair for atleast thrice already during high school. Then I\’ve had it rebonded, a period after that I\’ve had it rebonded again. Then atleast 5 months before today I\’ve had it relaxed. Guess what my hair looks like now: it\’s still healthy, maybe even better, (healthy, shiny, and supple) despite the fact that we guys are more susceptible to hair loss and damage. It\’s not as bad as you think, you just have to learn about proper maintenance. NOTE: OF COURSE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER STUFF LIKE WHEN YOU HAVE WEAK SCALP OR HAVE BEEN TAKING DRUGS LIKE ISOTRETINOIN OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, IF YOUR STYLIST IS REALLY A PROFESSIONAL AT WHAT HE/SHE IS DOING TO YOUR HAIR.

  163. puja Says:

    hi..had had a curly perm 2 months back…which is all weird now..looks really messy…have a few split ends and dryness…very little breakage…i guess cause this was my first chemical treatment ever…anyway now its a mess and i want it straight back again…can i get it straightened using loreal extenso..or should i wait it out for 6 months using hair irons?
    plsss help ..i really dont know how to fix my hair!!!!

  164. taj Says:

    i got my hair rebonded awhile ago. reading what’s written here made me really scared. my hair is weird coz the outer layer is wavy, the middle is so curly and the innermost is straight… i’m thinking not to have another rebond for the rest of my life. do you think curly perms are better than rebonding??

  165. Nina Says:

    Hey … had my hair rebonded in singapore the end half of last year and its really good except they put the straightener too near your scalp which can cause roots and streaks of damaged white hair sometimes and when i visited the doctor she said its not becoz of stress only bcoz of the damaged they did ….

  166. Anu Says:

    i have done my hair strightning three years ago and i am quite comfertable with it,but thing is you have to take care of it, follow the instruction what hairstylist says..and also you can go with hair spa..

  167. Neri Says:

    Hair bonding isnt for everybody. You stylist should have tested a small portion of your hair to make sure it could stand up to such a harsh chemical. Try deep conditioning your hair once a week and go to african american hair care tip websites. we have been processing our hair from a young age so we know how to take care of it after a chemical process. Next time research before you act, the internet is a huge place for info. hope your hair gets better.

  168. priya Says:

    hey i got my hair reboudingin april…from a LOREAL SALON – india. after washing it for the first time( after 48 hours). my hair started to fall… and its not breaking off… its ACTUALLY falling from the root!
    so any advice on what i could do to stop it? and WHAT happpend? it is some kind of reaction? because i dont feel any pain or burn or anything of that sort…
    im soo scared :(

  169. veeran Says:

    hey.. i m going to rebounding my hair… but i scard of hair drop, any advice.. of any cream or oil i can use to avoied my hair 4rm droping n drying after rebounding??????????????????

  170. nikki Says:

    hey can we use the any shampoo after rebonding?

  171. Hanban Says:

    Just last June 2008 I got my hair rebonded again in Salon de Morbai in Intramuros, Manila here in the Philippines. Needless to say my hair was silky straight- the hair that you see in Rejoice, Pantene and Palmolive commercials. People knew that my hair was treated but they kept on praising how smooth and soft it is. I guess the stylists in that salon knew their stuff. I suggest going there to have your hair rebonded since two of my friends got their hair rebonded at some salon last December 2008. Compared to mine, I’m happy to say that my hair looks far better and as if I had mine as recently as theirs.

    And speaking of any post-treatment, I just used conditioners everyday (since we shower everyday) and my silky straight hair lasted for almost a year (May 2009).

    Right now my natural hair is growing but it somehow followed the softness and silkyness of my rebonded hair. :D

  172. TANYA Says:


  173. ghieghie Says:

    aaaww…i will have my rebond within this week, but i got my hair colored last week of January.. well, i dont know if i will still continue rebonding my hair because i had my hair colored, could anyone please help me? im from the philippines, and can anyone suggest any good and safe salon here that is not so expensive? because i just dont have that enough money..thanks contact me pls? 0927469126 tnx..

  174. kate Says:

    Rebond hair by yourself so can do it.
    DIY, save money in good rebond condition with any product come to market and seem they need to keep all your natural and seem not chemical .. sound perfect.. but you can try by yourself as me. I;m happy after looking for some product and then select it.
    find out DIY product in ebay as this name Rebonding Gel.. Looking for seller as “vnusband”


  175. carla Says:

    i’m addicted to rebonding, have been doing it for almost 7 years now (every year or every 1 1/2 years). have tried piandre salon, hairbytes, bench fix, reyes haircutters. so far have not yet had any bad experience yet BUT i have to admit the ends of rebonded hair do get a little dry so it’s really essential to have a follow-up conditioner and/or repair treatment after every shampoo. it’s also a hassle to not put up your hair for a month or take a shower for a week after the rebonding treatment. plus, it’s expensive too (but reyes haircutters was really cheap at only P2000). still, i can’t live without it because it saves me a lot of time getting ready in the morning PLUS without it i would look like a bruha with my naturally coarse, frizzy, kinky hair.

  176. akira samantha Says:

    is rebiunding really nice?

  177. yes Says:

    I rebounded my hair before 3 months.. I got curls back on back side of my head… what should I do? what should be done to look my hair silky and straight with smoothness?.. Because my hair is so curly.. I used to use protein pag… But give me solution please…

  178. K. Says:

    I had my hair rebonded 2 years ago. It turned out well my hair was like those of commercial girls’. (My hair is really thick and frizzy.) Haha. It lasts longer than relaxing the hair, which I had done twice in the span of two years before I had it rebonded. But now I stopped.

    Advice to those who want to have their hair rebonded:
    Tell your stylist previous stuff done to your hair (i.e. rebond, coloring, cold wave)
    They should make sure that chemical will NOT touch your scalp, to be safe.

    Cons of Rebonding:
    As stated in the article, hair loss yes and your hair might get dry, especially at the ends.

  179. coke Says:


  180. pauleen Says:

    umm… i just got rebonded yesterday. 2nd time. both in philippines. 1st time was years ago. never had results like thoe described. i guess some do, but ths probably is going to scare a lot of people…
    my hair is smooth & shiny.
    i gave in bc straightening my hair often would make it dry & damaged.
    do what yu do people.

    btw i use creamsilk, i didnt know we had to do special aftercare…
    oh well.

  181. pauleen Says:

    oh i had cellophane too…

  182. lynn Says:

    I got my hair rebonded in S’pore at a salon my Aunt had hers done at.
    I’m from Canada and only speak english, but she left me there for at least 3 hours with three chinese women. At one point they were all working on my hair straightening it at once.

    I’m 1/2 indian and 1/2 white.. but my hair is very thick and strong and curly naturally.

    Rebonding it made it PINSTRAIGHT at first, and I had no side effects or anything.
    I just used normal shampoo by the time I was allowed to wash it, and then ran a few drops of this oil the salon gave me thru.

    That was Dec 2007, and it wore off sometime last year.. I’m really thinking about doing it again.. but now I’m a little worried about hairloss..
    My hair grows back really fast but idk.

    All the stylists that have looked at my hair were amazed that it looked so healthy!

  183. emjay Says:

    I got my hair rebonded a couple of times..and my hair ofcourse straightened..but just last week..when i went to reyes haircutters..the rebonding sucked!!!they didn’t even straightened it near the scalp so my feels like grass at the top of my head..and whenever i shampoo it i got bulks of hair fall..and when combing it..there it is again..bulks of hair fall..damn!!hate that salon!!don’t go on any branch of that salon!and when i read some of the comments here..i felt that i shouldn’t have rebonded my hair!!

  184. anum Says:

    im 22 living in pakistan… i wanted to get my hair rebonded .. but abviousli.. im vry scared.. after reading all comments…
    i got thin hair… black shiny n silky.. da onli prob is… its wavy.. not realy… but lil… n i like.. dead straight :(


    i dont know wht is this happen in world because the natural thing is always natural ttttttttthhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttsssssssssssss it. if any body want to be my friend so for them most welcome

  186. Jane Says:

    Hey there,

    I got my hair rebonded 2 yrs ago and i loved it. I have long hair and i had no problems after te process of rebonding so I want to do it again. but I cannot find anybody to do hair rebonding here in Tucson Arizona. So i found a website where I can order the ION HAIR REBONDING products. However, i don’t remember all the process and what I need. I know that the salon i went to before used the ION hair rebonding cream, then they iron my hair and then put neutralizer. but i don’t know what elese i need to complete the process . I wanna order the products so I can rebond my hair on my own and don’t need the salon or anybody else to do it.
    Does anybody have any suggestions of what products i need for the whole rebonding process?

  187. Jane Says:

    Hey there,

    I got my hair rebonded 2 yrs ago and i loved it. I have long hair and i had no problems after te process of rebonding so I want to do it again. but I cannot find anybody to do hair rebonding here in Tucson Arizona. So i found a website where I can order the ION HAIR REBONDING products. However, i don\’t remember all the process and what I need. I know that the salon i went to before used the ION hair rebonding cream, then they iron my hair and then put neutralizer. but i don\’t know what elese i need to complete the process . I wanna order the products so I can rebond my hair on my own and don\’t need the salon or anybody else to do it.
    Does anybody have any suggestions of what products i need for the whole rebonding process?

  188. vjenski Says:

    Hey there,

    I got my hair rebonded 2 yrs ago and i loved it. I have long hair and i had no problems after te process of rebonding so I want to do it again. but I cannot find anybody to do hair rebonding here in Tucson Arizona. So i found a website where I can order the ION HAIR REBONDING products. However, i don\\\’t remember all the process and what I need. I know that the salon i went to before used the ION hair rebonding cream, then they iron my hair and then put neutralizer. but i don\\\’t know what elese i need to complete the process . I wanna order the products so I can rebond my hair on my own and don\\\’t need the salon or anybody else to do it.
    Does anybody have any suggestions of what products i need for the whole rebonding process?

  189. neal Says:

    after reading all the comments on ” HAIR RE BONDING”
    i came up to a simple thought that this whole process depends upon various facts and i suggest people to take these measures

    1) allergic people must test there skin(scalp) before rebonding

    2)people having hair fall and weak hairs must treat there hair before rebonding like to provide all protiens to hairs

    hope this will going to work

  190. ashleyy Says:

    What will happen if you wash your hair before the three days come to an end?

  191. CapsCo Says:

    I have my second rebonding couple of days back after the gap of 2 months. After my first rebonding my hair stayed straight for few days and it started to curl again so my salon told me to rebond it again… after 2nd rebonding my hair became very very thin, flat, lifeless and textureless… anybody plz help me what can i do to make my hairs look better now…

  192. audrey Says:

    my hair had been relaxed 4 months ago..and i want to rebond it bec. its still curly and it ok if i will do rebond my hair???need an answer…

  193. aurdrey Says:

    hey guys..plz answer..plzzzzzzzz.

  194. marium Says:

    Im gona get my hair rebonded, but have been hearing from many people that it damages hair n causes hair loss too. Im really confused, dnt know what to do coz im in great need of hair straightening. I mean, my hair have gone rough, i got split ends too. Moreover they can’t b styled, they r soo dry that im hating them. I was thinking if i rebond them i wud get a better luk. plzzz i need ur suggestion, lemme know whether i shud get them rebonded or not !!

  195. bunny Says:

    this is actually not true. well it probably depends.
    if you have thick but strong hair (like mine) and want to go for rebonding, then its most probably alright.
    Im 15 and i got my hair first rebonded when i was 12 and during the 6 months and more, it was awesome. No hair fall or whatever. Though after a year or so, the top end of my hair became a bit wavy but the bottom end was still straight.
    thats the part i hate the most about rebonding.
    But i guess, you just have to take good care of your hair and use the right products.
    I guess, natural is much much better. But if your hair is unmanageable then go for rebonding..;]

  196. bebzcutie Says:

    actually, the problem of hair loss after hair rebounding is not the product nor the process… it is the hairstylist who deals with the process… it is his/her due responsibility in supervising the whole process of reconstructing the hair texture… remember that every product bears this “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY”… if unwanted result may happen, then the blame will be to the hairstylist… he/she may be otherwise… :-)

  197. razz Says:

    My message to the folk is this ………….. the thing that given in this site regarding hair rebonding only happens when cheap products are used and has done by the unexperienced person….. Rebonding is no ta bad thing…. I have also rebonded my hairs and after rebondings there’s great improvement in my hairs… I feel reduction in my hairfall.. the reason of hair fall is not always the products used on the hairs…its can also due to internal problem and defficiency of Vitamin and minerals in body….. I have used Matrix products and rebonded hair always need a great care and i am still using Matrix Shampoo , conditoner and Serum

    Before going through the process of rebonding check the website related to it and notice all the steps properly and you can also take advice of specialist.


  198. zara Says:

    i want 2 rebound my hair .. can any buddy tell de best saloon ??

  199. tasha Says:

    HOLD ON Ladies!!!! FOLLOW MY TIPS!!!

    my hair is thin and slightly wavy. have mild hairfall as well.
    But despite all tht i did hair rebonding in November 2007 by a professional salon in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    In the first few month my hair looked like plant roots (like permed). So often for a different i had to blow dry once a while if i wanted a smooth straight look.

    Dont bother to oil, shampoo or use anything in your hair for min of 3 days to a week. then try hair conditioner tht is very mild n gentle for your hair. Use the once that contains egg.

    Thing of oiling ad shampooing your hair only after a month. so mean while stick to egg conditioners. this way not only ur hair will stay healthy due to the harsh chemical treatment of rebonding but also improve and look natural.

    this way you rebnded hair will last for more than a year!!!!!

  200. kristy Says:

    I rebonded so many different kinds of rebonding products and i will say that WELLASTRATE is the best! about the falling hair i think it’s because the hair is not properly washed… and not use the proper procedure of rebonding.

  201. shalu Says:

    i am from india……….now in phillipines. here most people have a straigth hair so i thought of reborning……now i am affraid to do it. i have a curlly hair……..i am using panteen sampoo and conditioner…… i dont know what to use for my hair and also i dont know any parlours here. so suggest me good parlours and nice sampoo and conditioners

  202. Fatema Says:

    hi i rebonded my hair in march this year,and the hair stylist told me the look will last for a year !!however now I am experiencing hair fall and am not so happy with the appearance of the hair what it was in the beginning .I am using dove shampoo & conditioner every alternate day and also use livon hair fluid after shower and later on…pls suggest/help what to do to keep my hair looking shinning and straight has also turned little wavy again and am planning to colour it….

  203. scaredwoman! Says:

    I rebonded my hair last October 14. Right then and there I lost clumps of hair and 4-5 big bald patches appeared in my head. I really got scared and cried. I even told the hair stylist to stop the process already. But he urged to continue and he will fix the damage. 4 days after, my scalp got itchy, got dandruff and even lost more hair. I am really scared now to even touch or shampoo my hair. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I dont wanna get bald. HELP ME PLEASE. :(

  204. ayesha ejaz Says:

    hy friends! i am from pakistan. i had rebounded my hairs last year but i have not seen any demages infact my hairs are growing now. but they have become lil bit weak. i want to ask about the cream or lotion which can give my hairs a soft look. thanks ayesha ejaz

  205. ayesha Says:

    this is for FATIMA
    fatima you can use the olive oil before shower. apply it 2 hours before and you will feel a good change in your hairs. the effects you are mentioning are same had with me but i am oiling my hairs regularly. its good try it

  206. k.zainab Says:

    hi my name is zainab im from pakistan. i rebonded my hairs 6 mnths ago nd they r falling from roots a lot plz help me. im uaing morphosis hair range nd options shampoo wid reginol. plz help me out. thanks

  207. yorkshire Says:

    I think rebonding, just like any other treatment works for some and not for others.

    I’ve had my hair rebonded several times now and I am always pleased with the result. I even have baby-fine hair which might be considered weak or easily broken. Yes, there are some breakage during the treatment particularly when the hair is being ironed. But the number of breakage is not that much.

    I’m very happy to have discovered rebonding. Because of rebonding, I bid goodbye to wavy, unruly hair. I literally just wash-n-go. I don’t even have to blowdry it all the time because it really dries up straight.

    It usually takes 9 mos before I need to come back for another treatment. ‘Coz after this time the the “non-rebonded” hair growth becomes very noticeable. Just get the treatment done by a reputable stylist ‘coz I think it is important that the rebonding solution is put in correctly (i.e. not applied to the scalp) and washed off at the right time (i.e. letting stay on too long is bad).

  208. Neeti Khanna Says:

    I have done rebonding i wanna know whther dove is good for that hair?

  209. melody Says:

    is shiseido good? i have been using this for these 2 years. i had just rebond my hair 4 days ago for the 5th time. i am worried abt what is stated up there. i am afraid that i may have serious hair loss in the near future. but if i dont have my hair rebonded, it will be very curly and it is very unsightly. any products that i can use to prevent a possible in getting hair loss?

  210. mrs lakhani Says:

    i want to know about any product for rebonded silky and shiny hair i rebondedmy hair from albert nico salon

  211. pinx Says:

    the chemicals used in hair rebounding are foreign in our body that’s why they are more likely to produce bad results..yes, your hair will be excellently straight, smooth, soft and bouncy, but wait until the chemicals were gone in your hair….

    the best way to have a healthy hair is to use organic products…no harmful chemicals…

    girls, simplicity is beauty..


  212. shahnawaz Says:

    i m shahnawaz. i m hair dressar in jawed habib but i have done work in schwarzkopf. schwarzkopf is best company……….

  213. misbah haroon Says:

    i have also very bad experiance

  214. Rida Says:

    Hi every one. I recently got my hair streight, but im afferad about the procedure that I experienced. 1st i had relaxning solutio applied on my hairs, then after an hour a nutrilization solution on my partialy washed hairs and finaly iron. Plzzzzzzzz any experienced person tell me if these steps were right?????

  215. jai Says:

    if i knew this i wouldn’t have gotten my hair re bonded…. I take pride in my hair, and I was talked into the process by family while on vacation in the philippines. The process took forever!! Longer than usual for me since my hair wouldn’t take to the chemicals. It had to be reapplied several times. Though I liked the results, I don’t think I’ll repeat it. I’ve miss my wavey hair and I’d rather manually straighten my hair than risk further chemical damage.

  216. Joy Says:

    My hair went through rebonding 3 times in 3 years. Practically once a year. Often, I will proceed on with hair coloring a couple of weeks later. I have oily scalp, hence I am refrained from using hair conditioner. Whether damage or not could be based on individual’s hair structure.

  217. Kristine Says:

    After reading the article and comments, I’m scared now. I got my hair rebonded yesterday. I’m 17 and I don’t want any bald patches. :|

  218. Cara Says:

    i got my hair rebonded in December and its now janurary and im wondering if i can flat iron my hair or if it will fall off can you please help! :)

  219. shazz Says:

    i am having hair fall after chemical rebonding what should i do?

  220. Maggie Says:

    If you want to get hair rebonded, it all depends on the health of your hair and your age. When I was in my early mid 20s, I could get hair rebonded without side effects cause my hair was strong and thick. But after 10 years in my mid 30s, my hair is not that strong and thick anymore. After rebonding, my hair breaks and fall off easily. So I guess it all depends on if you have enough hair to spare if you unluckily have side effects.

  221. Renee Says:

    I have really, REALLY, thick frizzy hair, and im thinking of rebonding it. All my friends have super straight, silky, gorgeous hair, and i kinda like their results. Im still a minor but hey, so are my friends. They started to rebond around 10 years old, so im wondering it its safe for me?

  222. jb Says:

    hello girls, hair rebounding is 100% safe to all asian hair… spcially if your hair is VIRGIN.. meaning, no chemicals applied before fast 4 years ago.. no color no highlites, no henna, cellophane on your hair..and rebounding the best for curly, thick, and below the shoulder hair length.. and base on my experience in salon,, you have to tell the truth of your stylist while he/she asking you a questions, regarding to your previous hair.. i don’t believed the product brand name.. its all same chemicals.. it depend on the consultation of your stylist.. and procedure of the product make your hair safe, shiny,and healthy!!!.. thank you..hope it work..for more info.. pls txt me 09178033966 jenny.

  223. ally Says:

    I never interested to do rebonding, for u guys have frizzy hair, dull, or what so ever problems, try SCHWARZKOPH!!!!!!!!!!!! – sorry if wrong spelling – u won’t regret!!

  224. bhawna s Says:

    i have rebound my hairs on 16th jan 2010 bt stil some waves can be seen in my hairs i have done rebounding from now what should i do should i rebound my hairs again is it safe for my hairs to do it again??? because m not satisfied with my rebounding..plz help wat to do.?????

  225. denise Says:

    where can i get a good rebonding touch up?

  226. mamta Says:

    i want to rebound my hair… plz tell me about it

  227. Alexa_01 Says:

    Year 2009 I had a major hairfall problem because of hormonal imbalance, stressed, etc….For hair fall and re-growth, I am using SUREGROW or EEZYGROW hairgrower. I was able to buy it at Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas, Manila at 3rd floor level. After a month I have seen baby hair growing already. And it brought back my hair’s thickness for months now I am still using it. I suggest that you buy it with their complete line. It’s only Php 1200 something with the shampoo. I swear, my hair is back to it’s normal state now. I think you can also buy it through FYI …And HAD MY hair rebonded just a month ago. No serious hair fall since i had my hair treated straight. I still maintained using the Suregrow shampoo and conditioner, I believe my ANTI-HAIR FALL REGIMEN products are mild and can prevent my hair from falling because it is a special hair care for hair fall and hair loss….and i use a ‘THERMOPROTECT spray’ while i dry my hair…it’s for REBONDED hair or if you use iron or blow drier. The result is it’s silkier, smoother, tamed and naturally straight hair, I SWEAR!!! GIRLS WITH REBONDED HAIR, YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THIS IN YOUR PURSES!! This one makes my hair FABULOUSLY SOFT AND STRAIGHT!….Also try treating your hair with deep conditioning treatment like BEAUTY FORMULA’s Honey deep conditioning treatment every 2 days to prevent dryness and frizziness. This regimen works for me, and I’m happy with my hair now.:)

  228. rodz Says:

    Hi…I am from Malaysia. I suggest you go to a professional salon for rebonding. My hair is very very frizzy but thank God that I’ve found a reliable hair stylist. She permed my hair all over except for the fringe where she straightened it with a chemical then ironed (rebonding). Sounds funny right? Why should I perm my hair when it’s already frizzy? The result is a better textured hair. I have nice soft curls instead of frizzy curls. And it is very easy to maintain. I will apply a cream after washing my hair. Let it dry naturally or use the hairdryer with a diffuser. My fringe is kinda straight and the rest are curly.

  229. Girlie Says:

    Hey all!!! REBONDING IS SAFE!!!

    I got it done two times… results:
    1. better looking hair
    2. 50-70% less hair fall

    what should you do?
    1. spend money on an excellent salon.. I strongly recommend schwartzkopf.. just go for it.. its all worth how much u spend
    2. Use good hair products.. use schwartzkopf shampoo and conditioner regularly..

    From my personal experience.. do anything to ur hair.. nothing to ur scalp.. professional stylist and good after-care wont screw ur hair.. Dont blame anyone if u go to a cheap salon or use cheap products.. Good luck..

    u live only once.. enjoy life.. look beautiful :)

  230. ramyasabeesh Says:

    ramya says- can do rebonding but chose proffessional saloons and stylers and branded products maintain hair carefully after rebonding and before rebonding make enquiries about the parlours where u go and do?

  231. Des Says:

    I have rebonded my hair three times now, and its great. As long as you take care of it, i mean, you use conditioner everyday when you take a bath and use shampoo only around twice a week, then its perfectly fine. I use Creamsilk (standout straight) by the way, it helps a lot keeping my hair healthy. Also, If I can help it, I dont bath in a pool specially sea water, but every year I cant help it because of friends outings or company outings held in pools and beaches. But its still great and fine and perfect. I\’ve been rebonding my hair for 3 years now, I rebonded my hair every year, coz my hair is so frizzy and I cant even wear it down when not rebonded, and now its great, everyone loves my hair, even I love my hair ;) So dont be afraid, just go the salons who obviously know what theyre doing when rebonding. Thats all folks ;)

  232. alina Says:

    i want to rebound my hair which is the best rebounding kit and cn i do it my self

  233. swati Says:

    hi all..
    i did my rebonding few months back, and its turning out to be a big disaster. i never loved my curly hair and wanted to straighten them badly. i did it a year back and my curly hair grew back to almost 6 inches, that i couldn’t help but rebond coz of my wedding. Both my straightening and rebonding was using schwartzfopf at the best place in my city. i tell u, the hair was very smooth and shiny, but right after few days, i started having terrible hairloss.
    to be honest, i am scared of taking hairwashes coz the whole bathroom will be filled with hair, it just keeps coming off my scalp. now, i just want all my curly hair to grow back soon and i’ll never ever recommend hair straightening or rebonding to anyone.. !

  234. Jessica Says:

    I have rebonded 3 times already and I’m doing my fourth one next week. I rebonded like once a year. I do have hair fall, but no bald patches. Well, after this 4th one, I’m not thinking of doing rebonding again. :3

  235. Natasha Says:

    Hello I am a teen model and as I was browsing the web and I came across this site. Hair rebonding has its good and bad effects as we can prove based on all your experiences. Right now all I want to say is for any hair treatments get it done by a professional hairstylist! If you want to get great results for any hair treatment then getting it done by a professional is the solution! Usually hair rebonding would cost $1000+, but that will ensure you the best results. There are tons of salons in LA that treats celebs such as myself. Maybe you can’t afford that. Well it’s best to straighten your hair with a flat iron such as the Chi. This way you won’t have those disastrous results from rebonding. If you want to be beautiful it costs money. Money makes the world go round. I have natural beautiful straight hair, but another teen model like myself suffered through the same things some of you did. Now she regrets not getting her treatment done by a pro. Her career was totally ruined because we were known for our beautiful hair. BUT its up to you what you do to your hair. A professional or a cheap salon. You know the results and the difference in the quality. The decision lies in you.

  236. Natasha Says:

    Hello I am a teen model and as I was browsing the web and I came across this site. Hair rebonding has its good and bad effects as we can prove based on all your experiences. Right now all I want to say is for any hair treatments get it done by a professional hairstylist! If you want to get great results for any hair treatment then getting it done by a professional is the solution! Usually hair rebonding would cost $1000 , but that will ensure you the best results. There are tons of salons in LA that treats celebs such as myself. Maybe you can\’t afford that. Well it\’s best to straighten your hair with a flat iron such as the Chi. This way you won\’t have those disastrous results from rebonding. If you want to be beautiful it costs money. Money makes the world go round. I have natural beautiful straight hair, but another teen model like myself suffered through the same things some of you did. Now she regrets not getting her treatment done by a pro. Her career was totally ruined because we were known for our beautiful hair. BUT its up to you what you do to your hair. A professional or a cheap salon. You know the results and the difference in the quality. The decision lies in you.

  237. Natasha Says:

    Hello I am a teen model and as I was browsing the web and I came across this site. Hair rebonding has its good and bad effects as we can prove based on all your experiences. Right now all I want to say is for any hair treatments get it done by a professional hairstylist! If you want to get great results for any hair treatment then getting it done by a professional is the solution! Usually hair rebonding would cost $1000 , but that will ensure you the best results. There are tons of salons in LA that treats celebs such as myself. Maybe you can\\\’t afford that. Well it\\\’s best to straighten your hair with a flat iron such as the Chi. This way you won\\\’t have those disastrous results from rebonding. If you want to be beautiful it costs money. Money makes the world go round. I have natural beautiful straight hair, but another teen model like myself suffered through the same things some of you did. Now she regrets not getting her treatment done by a pro. Her career was totally ruined because we were known for our beautiful hair. BUT its up to you what you do to your hair. A professional or a cheap salon. You know the results and the difference in the quality. The decision lies in you.

  238. whatever Says:

    Such a dumb website and what a dumb article. I did rebonding for 5 years now and what you don’t mention is that over that time, I never had to blow dry or iron my hair. I just wash and go. Plus I also look after my hair and condition it as much as I can where as before I used to pull it to detangle and lose loads of hair just brushing it. Now it takes 3 seconds to brush. I don’t even know why I am still commenting..anyway…girls don’t read this garbage go talk to a professional or check with your doctor if you are that concerned.

  239. anonymous Says:

    When i read everyone’s comment , I can’t believe that rebonding would do such terrible things. I went to rebond my hair last year, 2009. The rebonding was successful, I had lesser hair fall and my hair was straight for 1 year. I didn’t put any conditioner whatsoever on my hair after the rebonding. It was just normal washing of hair with shampoo. I guess it’s the hair saloon you go to. Some of them use good products to rebond your hair. The one i went to used Shiseido. You should check with them about what brand they are using to rebond your hair.

  240. moon Says:

    how to rebonding my hair?

  241. charesse Says:

    i had my hair rebonded for almost 2 years already. i had it retouched every 6 months. up to this day my hair still looks great. i never experienced hair loss or any of those mentioned in the article. i think u just have to have someone u trust and an expert to do the rebonding.

  242. Dannica Says:

    Does soft rebonding lead to hair loss too ?

  243. irish Says:

    how do you count the 3 days before the rebonded hair can be washed? If i rebonded it on tuesday, I can only wash it on thursday is it? pls reply asap.

  244. Jannat Says:

    Dear Sir
    I have a Beauty Parlar In Bangladesh. i want ot know you which medicine is best for Rebonding . Could you say some popular brand medicine name for Rebonding. So i am very gratefull to you.

    RIZI Beauty Parlar

  245. Adwita Says:

    Hi i just got my hair straightened and its the most divine feeling on the planet! The appreciation i get from ppl is amazing! The key is to takke care of your hair and NOT think oh its straight so i dont need to bother.

    Prepare your hair for the treatment. Keep appllying oil and egg masks regularly for at least three months prior to the treatment. NOURISH IT! Make it strong so that it can handle the chemicals easily!

    Post treatment, treat you hair like a 2 month old baby. Oil it REGULARLY. Comb it it in regular intervals. CONDITIONING IS A MUST!! Coz the treatments leave your hair dried up and u need to give it proper nutrition.

    I use Lo’real proffesional range. no doubt they are inhumanely expensive but lemme tell you if u looking for a product who loves your hair more than nthing els ein the world go for the professional range!

    I wish all of u happy rebonding! DO NOT WORRY! Just takke good care of your hair! cheers!

  246. Christal Maye Says:

    Hi. My cousin is already 13 years old and she wants to rebond her hair here in the Philippines. But she is conscious of what will happen after doing the treatment especially when she read this article. I want to help her decide. Is it okay to rebond her hair at the age of 13? Her hair is not very curly, it is a little bit wavy. Her hair is healthy but she wants it to be straight to look better. I also want to know if when she will rebond her hair, does it will be curl at the top after a few months even if her hair is NOT curly? And what is the maintenance to keep her hair straight if ever she will do the rebonding treatment? PLEASE HELP ME ESPECIALLY MY COUSIN TO DECIDE. thank you very much! God bless you all.. :)

  247. Christal Maye Says:

    Hi. My cousin is already 13 years old and she wants to rebond her hair here in the Philippines. But she is conscious of what will happen after doing the treatment especially when she read this article. I want to help her decide. Is it okay to rebond her hair at the age of 13? Her hair is not very curly, it is a little bit wavy. Her hair is healthy but she wants it to be straight to look better. I also want to know if when she will rebond her hair, does it will be curl at the top after a few months even if her hair is NOT curly? And what is the maintenance to keep her hair straight if ever she will do the rebonding treatment? Does it causes baldness? PLEASE HELP ME ESPECIALLY MY COUSIN TO DECIDE. thank you very much! God bless you all.. :)

  248. Women Fashion Says:

    I have a Beauty Parlar In India and in Singapore. I want ot know you which medicine is best for Rebonding .

  249. hair rebonding Says:

    Very true observation about hair styles.

  250. Jo Says:

    believe it or not i have been doing rebonding under L\’OReal Salons from nov 2008, every 4th month once it grows back.. i have thick frizzy hair and now its normal straight not poker straight cos with L\’oreal extenso you get more flexibilty and if done with a good stylist probably not so harmful as the hair loss i face is the same i had when i used to have frizzy hair.. so i must have done more than 4-5 times this rebonding and may be i am at risk in future but till now no prob.. fingers crossed.. my husband loves it =)… did it in India , cochin , now i am in Muscat, Oman and would not experiment with any new salons will wait until i can get back to India..

  251. Sana Says:

    I have gotten my hair rebounded thrice and i would agree that its the products and the person doing it that matters. i think ironing and blow drying your hair everyday is more damaging than getting it straightened on yearly basis. I will be getting it done for the fourth time as well as i want tension free and easily manageable hair.

  252. tonima Says:

    I have naturally curly hair.My hair is too rough and difficult to mange.I want to rebond my hair.But I am afraid of this.Is it good for hair??plz give me a suggestion as soon as possible

  253. Anna Says:

    I’ve rebonded my hair twice about 2-3 years ago. I had A LOT of hair (about 2x the amount of an average person) and it’s really puffy. Afterward my hair looked a lot thinner and very straight and shiny (not soft or moisturizing to the touch though, it just LOOKED soft). For me, it basically stayed straight until I cut it off. HOWEVER, the process does hurt somewhat and hair does fall out- a lot during the process and more afterward. Each time I brush my hair or shower, I noticed that I would lose more hair than the amount I would normally lose before. Overtime, the hair loss does leveled out (although i still shred a lot). I can tell you now, I have about 3/4 to 2/3 the amount of hair I had 3 years ago. I don’t mind this too much since I had a lot of hair to begin with. But there is no way I would do this again. I can’t afford to lose anymore hair. For those who recently rebond your hair, i suggest treating your hair as gently as possible: don’t tuck it behind your ear too much, don’t tie it, be careful when shampooing and brushing (watch out for tangles). For those who haven’t, I suggest you weigh the cost/benefit: living with the hair you have now, or risk losing 1/3 of it.

  254. D Says:

    Hi I have had rebonded hair for 5 years now, since I’ve been rebonding from 13.
    I have decided to stop doing it after my hairstylist told me I should not be doing it anymore since my hair will become more and more damaged.
    But these 5 years of rebonding my hair have been okay, I’ve never felt the pain on my scalp or anything or my hair falling out in clumps. I always loved getting my hair rebonded and I think this is because I went to a good hair salon. If you REALLY want to rebond your hair, please do some research and ask people with good rebonded hair about where they did theirs. Because over the years, I’ve seen varied results of rebonded hair from other people, so it depends which salon you go as they all use different products.
    Though my hair does fall out now, it has never been an immediate reaction to the process, more like because of the length of time that my hair been rebonded for.

    But I wouldn’t recommend anyone rebonding their hair personally, cos the magic only lasts for six months and after that you have a constant pressure to rebond your hair again which is not healthy or after that your hair will be half wavy and half pin straight (when it grows out) which looks very ugly.

    I’m currently growing out my hair and can’t wait to cut my straight ends off. I would say that my journey with rebonded hair is done here. :)

  255. Chieco Says:

    Hey, my hair’s thick, wavy & frizzy..So i’ve been thinking to get my hair rebonded..So im doing some research on it and found this website..Im having a difficult tyme making a choice whther to rebond or nt to rebond..Should i?

  256. mich Says:

    i do agree with the fact our hair does grow thinner after repeated rebonding. I had a thick hair once but now its quite thin. My last rebonding was 8months ago and i cut my hair a few days back. Now it looks like it has lost that rebonding effect. I want to rebond again but not sure anymore. But i do hate the way my hair look now.

  257. sarina Says:

    guys,…say no to bonding or straightening..
    these things dont work…..they only give u a temporary satisfaction..but in the long run, they give u horrible results which wud last permanent,…..have really lost lots of hair… i prefer keeping the natural look in my hair be it wavy or curly…………..always rememeber nothing lasts forever..!!

  258. Milisette Says:

    That sounds terrifying. I think straightening for special occasions is as far as I’m going.

  259. alka Says:

    well,…. with the mixed opinions written above….. I have deceided not to go for Rebonding….!

    Why to play unnecessorily with our natural N God gifted Hair.

    Just try to develop healthy food habbits, have enough sleep and maitain hygiene, and I m sure, will give good results which will last longer without bad side effects.

    alka :)

  260. lovenluck Says:

    thanks for the tips

  261. rjj Says:

    Hello everyone. Im from Pak. I was thinking of getting my hair rebonded next week. This is because i straighten my hair very often, coz of which they have become very rough and look so dead and burnt(even when straightened). But i still have no other choice than straightening them, since my hair are very unmanageable. BUT, i heard there are various side effects of rebonding inc hair loss etc BUT if we get it from some specialist stylist and use branded products, it would hardly have any side effects.


  262. Shailly Says:

    hi, I wanna rebounding my hair but have been hearing from some people that it damages hair n causes hair loss, pls suggest me should i do it or not.

  263. pinklife Says:

    go for hair rebonding, it’s the best treatment ever if you wanna have straight silky hair.. just be warned though, go for a well experienced professional hairstylist if you want the best result. I had my hair rebonded in Reyes Haircutters in the philippines 2 yrs ago and my rebonded hair is still in good condition.

  264. Pallas Says:

    terrible article… if the rebonding was performed by an experienced stylist, they would know to apply the solution an INCH away from the scalp… doing so otherwise would result in a burnt scalp and hair loss. Does nobody do their research anymore? If you’re going to pay $300-1000 for this procedure, I would think you would seek out a stylist that is very experienced in this particular procedure…. Geez…

    PS: Had mine done at a salon in Milpitas, CA, and my cousin had hers done in an excellent salon in the Philippines… so far so good…

  265. pandyswe Says:

    i completely agree with what the article has said about rebonding treatment..i got it done at 19 and have suffered till today..i mean its been almost an year n half now..the worst experience i would have evr had in my entire lifetime.i got it done on my brothers wedding , and soon after a month or 2 there was so much of hairfall that i had started developing bald patches around the centre of my was the horrible time of my life. the hair fall was like a water flowing from the tap without any stop. my scalp had become so sensitive thaa small pull few strands of hair would lend them to come out of my hair.but no its a lilttle better. but my advise to all the women out their in this world would be ” PLEASE LOVE YOUR HAIR AS THEY ARE , BUT PLEASE DONT EVER GET REBONDING DONE”.thank god , my hair was growing back in patches which really looked friends have made a real fun of me in that 1 hair is still growing.but the texture and lustre , shine everythingz gone. today after so long i have poured my worst heart out to all of u who are reading this.please try to spread some awareness about this treatments and stop millions of women out their on goign for such treatments. trust me this treatment digs a whole in your pocket for that day , but after a month it digs a whole of depression for the years ahead due to hairfall..thank you

  266. Emmalaine Ramos Says:

    I’m still 13 years old. And I’m thinking of my hair having to be rebonded.But I’m confused with tons of comments stating that it’s damaging. Now I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.

    Please help me…

  267. Boo Says:

    Im 16, Ive had my hair redbounded twice . I have done it both times at two different salons and have had no side effects. I havent dyed my hair or anything , or damaged my hair alot before the rebonding.
    There is a bit of hairfall, but iva always had that.
    Dont be discouraged if youre planning to rebond your hair, as long as you go to a good salon and an experienced hair stylist, If they pull too hard, or if it burns your skin, just speak out.
    Goodluck (:

  268. lyne Says:

    i have this dilemma of having a hair rebond.. the effects as we can see in those manageable hair into is very inviting…
    however, the knowledge that a very strong chemical applied to my hair and may cause baldness is like poisoning the well…

    but could there be other alternatives that are as fast and attractive effects of a rebond hair?..

    hair talk. . . could be hairy too.. :-)

  269. rebond.go Says:

    I am from italy. i went to the philippines for a vacation there. and i have a curly hair and i heard that there is a solution. so i had my hair rebonded. AND THE SOLUTION?….

    it was FANTASTIC! it lasted about 1 year. it was sooo great and now my friends are asking me how did they did it. it was soo great! im gonna go back there! :) )

  270. stylists, Says:


  271. Kalia Says:

    hey, i straightend my hair a year ago, and its becoming wavy and its actualy getting uglier by the day, i have opted 2 cut my hair short but im an indian, cutting hair to short is not a nice thing for my family and im kinda plump 2 so i wouldnt look good in short hair.

    so can anyone suggest to me what can i do to have my original hair back without doing another rebonding treatment ?

  272. pranjali Says:

    heyyie ery1…jus got ma hair rebonded ystrdy…n thot f chekin sites foh d maintenance post rebonding. ds site has reli scared ma wits out bt bt bt…um nt gonna sit bak and watch d damage o wtevaa.. i’l take propr care of ma hair! i guess tats d key….gettin any treatment done is jus nt d end of al worries…cmplt care aftr d goodwrk is equally imp…..!
    N those of yuh hu ah plannin 2 get rebonding done…dont worry aftr readin al tat written abv for many f ma frnds evn got ds done n their hair luk xtraordinarily b’ful; resn; propr care … healthy diet includin lots f protein( dont go for d supplemnts,tk it natural) , drink lots f water evryday, oiling regularly iz a must, n egg masks also hlp cz it makes our hair stronger 4m d roots..
    go get it done..luk b’ful..feel b’ful…n d world wil b yours ! [:)]

  273. Anne_hairlost Says:

    Please.. stop doing rebonding your hair. You will be suffer because the effect is really bad.. base on my experince
    I’ve been rebonded for 2 year and now my hair start falling out and everyday i have lost my hair. its make me depress. I have virgin hair before really thick, shiny and soft. now its already damage… please take my advice not to do rebonding.. its better that natural hair..

  274. Pals Salon Says:

    Hey Ladies, treating your hair badly is most certainly not adviced.
    Before you do your hair rebonding make sure that you know how the salon handle their mistakes.
    Ask them for pictures of finished poducts.
    If you want to have a smooth silky and straight hair like the girls in the commercials, you can in a SAFE WAY
    For only 1,100 you can now have the straight hair that you want. Pals Salon offers you Rebond with Cellophane for only Php.1,100 (for any reasonable length of hair).
    Call us 628-18-58 ot text us at 09274799130.
    so contact us and lets get started:D

    We are a trusted salon in pasig, expert in hair rebonding, we give our costumers great advice on how to treat thier hair depending on what type of hair they have.

    so contact us and lets get started:D

  275. Kaycee Says:

    just got my hair rebonded yesterday, it’s my 2nd time to have my hair treated but in two different salons. My first time was absolutely perfect but in my 2nd time my scalp got burnt about the size of an eye, i complained during the procedure (that i felt a burning sensation on my head) but the hair dresser kept on telling me it’s normal and their chemical is organic… they gave me touch ups and other follow up treatments just to calm me down
    guys if you really love your hair don’t destroy it by doing this treatment. i’m an expert on doing so. T.T but now i learned my lesson! TC everyone

  276. Ms. Real Says:

    Hi I’m April. Last week, Oct 19 2010, I had my hair rebonded and my hair looks much better than I had when my hair relaxed. Somebody told me that rebonding was better than having your hair relaxed because of the chemicals that it uses to your hair. As for me, I had a very very thick and frizzy hair before plus with some problematic dilemma i had just to treat my dandruff but now, after 11 hours of sitting and waiting ’til my last strands was done, I knew I’m looking great!!! Maybe rebonding was not the right choice to make but for me, rebonding was something that should be done because I’m not like some other girls who had a natural straight hair. This was my first time I had my rebonding and it really makes me feel confident and happy. That’s all…

  277. Soft Rebonding Says:

    I’ve just done “soft rebonding” two days ago and the result was amazing. Before rebonding my hair was long, wavy, a little frizz here and there, messy because I couldn’t be bothered to fix it except using common conditioner and shampoo and …. I see lots of hair falling everyday. After heading to the salon to fix my hair, not only I look like a totally different person, I didn’t notice any hair fall since I rebonded. Looks like soft rebonding isn’t so bad afterall, but i’m saying this now because it has been only 2 days. I was told this is the milder version of “rebonding”, so ur hair will look more natural than a flat zero volume look. The process was pretty similar to the description above… Wash then chemical then wash then dry then clipper then neutralizer then wash then basic treatment then dry then style. Well said it’ll last till the new hair grow, so I’m giving myself till end nov to see result part 2.

  278. abhiumesh Says:

    Hey can loreal extenso neutralizer be used just as conditioner even months after treating the hair for straightening…I have a whole pack left at home and thought I could use it to maintain the hair with the neutralizer…any suggestions??

  279. abhiumesh Says:

    Hey can loreal extenso neutralizer be used just as conditioner even months after treating the hair for straightening…I have a whole pack left at home and thought I could use it to maintain the hair with the neutralizer.
    any suggestions??

  280. Abhiumesh Says:

    Hey can loreal extenso neutralizer be used just as conditioner even months after treating the hair for straightening…I have a whole pack left at home and thought I could use it to maintain the hair with the neutralizer.any suggestions??

  281. marzzzz Says:

    My hair is really really frizzy and I have a high forehead so I always have a fringe. like bangs or a jagged fringe. I have rebonded my hair more than 7 times? And it\’s still fine! No hair loss or anything. My hair isn\’t dry either. the only problem is that every 6 months, the frizz starts to grow out and starts from my fringe all the time. So I have a very frizzy ugly fringe. even when I straighten it with a straightener before I go out, it never stays more than 15 minutes. what am I to do? I don\’t wanna continue rebonding my hair my whole life. :(

  282. marz Says:

    My hair is really really frizzy and I have a high forehead so I always have a fringe. like bangs or a jagged fringe. I have rebonded my hair more than 7 times? And it\’s still fine! No hair loss or anything. My hair isn\’t dry either. the only problem is that every 6 months, the frizz starts to grow out and starts from my fringe all the time. So I have a very frizzy ugly fringe. even when I straighten it with a straightener before I go out, it never stays more than 15 minutes. what am I to do? I don\’t wanna continue rebonding my hair my whole life. :(

  283. neha rawat Says:

    i’m gona do rebounding in my hair.tell me guys that it’s important to use spcial shampoo and conditionar or i can use dove range nand my hair is medium and i feeling so scard.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me give good sugestion

  284. Mohit Says:

    Hair Rebonding is ofcourse risky but getting it professioanlly done is safe and interesting. To get rebonding done consult today

  285. jack peterson Says:

    Good post again.Thank you for sharing, I hope you happy and wish you good luck! this helpful information.
    Potassium Chloride

  286. eunicemorf23 Says:

    i did hair Rebonding last year Sept 8,2009 and it was really great..My hair was so smooth and very manageable.. and then after 6 months i did rebonding again that was april 29,2010 it was great also i have very smooth hair again, actually i just did its not because my hair was frizzy but i just like to make it very nice and very straight again..but my hair was still straight that time i just like to do it..then after am always on the beach..swim there swim here and i am afraid maybe my hair will get rough and frizzy so im using always conditioner..and nothings happen..its still nice.. then this august 2010 i colored my hair blonde…that was very nice also still smooth, still straight but then after a month i feel like having back the natural color of my hair , i went to david’s salon i paid so much money and actually after that i felt that my hair is starting to frizz and it became rough.. but its still straight.. so now im thinking doing hair rebonging again but im afraid because im having hair fall.. but not so much.. but still im afraid,,so maybe i will just trim it first and do some cello and then wait for another 5 months then i will to do hair rebond.. hair rebonding is not always consistent in giving your hair to have a great look.. itcan be also ruin your hair, but i think its just depend to the stylist, the chemical that they are using to your hair or it can be that your hair didnt accept that stuff that his receiving..

  287. sakura Says:

    just get yourself a 2-way hair iron.

  288. shallu Says:

    heyy…m going for a rebonding session day after tommorow… i have got middle lenght hairs..n they are not so bad… but somehow i thought of a rebonding…can anyone explain…what actually is done in hair rebonding…??? will it harm my hairs…???plzz help…

  289. @var Says:

    i think its depends on the stylist and the parlour. I went to a reputed parlour LAKME – SION EAST mumabi for hair rebonding and the outcome was disappointing. When i consulted another parlour they told me that the damage to my haor was done because of over exposure to chemicals.After rebonding my hair has started falling excessively and has become lifeless.It is not even straight. My hair was far better before.

  290. stressed Says:

    Hi, just want to advise anyone who are planning to do rebonding around here in angeles city pampanga area. AVOID the salon, near the Margarita Station. I had my hair rebonded by one by their stylist named “benj”. I still have a beautifull hair since i had it rebonded a year ago. But the new ones that started to grow, is curly so i have I decided to have it rebonded. They charged me much coz I have a long hair. While he is rinsing my hair, I noticed lots of hair falls, and he explains to me, its just normal and ask me to return after 3 days coz he will be the one to wash it. I follow all his intructions. I returned to the salon and he instructed me to wash it a day after. When I washed it a day after, i felt horrible. My hair was so frizzy, lokks like i am wearing a wig and my hair was so kinky. i went back to the salon and to my frustration, the stylist just told me he will do a powerdose to my hair and it will cost me another thousand pesos. So disgusting. He should have apologized to me, and insist to repair it. But instead, ask me to pay more. That salon really sucks,,, SO AVOID that salon.

  291. Heenim Says:

    I had my hair rebonded like a week ago. It’s my second time. My first was 9 months ago. At first, it looked really really good. I showered after 3 days and suddenly noticed kinky chunk of hair both sides near the ears, back part was wavy and my hair was so dry, it didn’t look like I had it rebonded. I was so worried so I returned to the salon TandJ’s, and they did a retouch or something. And I told the hairstylist to to cut my hair short since I already know they wouldn’t be able to do something with the burnt hair. It looked fine again, but after 3 days, it was still dry and a little curly. But its manageable. I realized they might have used a stronger medecine, and I should have availed the Loreal Extenso rebonding. Who knows? I realized that I should prolly give my hair a break. Maybe in 2 ears or so I’ll have my hair rebonded again. For now, my hair’s okay. I’m regulary using conditioner and been putting oil and egg and mayonnaise to my hair. I’ve decided to use natural hair treatment. Cheap and effective. :)

  292. gianne Says:

    same situation i had my hair rebonded about weeks now, my last rebonded was 9 months ago, and my hair that time is very long,
    when the rebond doesnt work anymore, i decided after 9motnhs to get my hair rebonded and let it short for a new hair style, i was very excited for the result, when i washed my hair i was surprise that the rebond doesnt work on my hair… is it because of he hair color? because i told to the styler to also color my hair, so the first he did was to color my hair, then rebond it… is it ok if i go back again to the salon to rebond again my hair?

  293. ella Says:

    i had plan to rebond my hair.. 1 of dis days… but as i read the comments here… it seems im afraid to rebond my hair,,i have a straight hair,but my prob is it my hair s dry…

  294. ania Says:

    i was rebonded 3 times, and i find my hair beautiful soft and silky. One thing i’ve noticed, is that every time i had my rebonding session i lost lots of hair, and my scalp have always dandruff, even if im using different treatment…….my scalp became itchy…… Do u have any suggestion on how to prevent this itchy thing called dandruff

  295. Kaylyn Says:

    hmm, i know rebonding harms your hair but because i have been rebonding since i was 13 and i am 18 now, (P.S i rebond every 6 months due to my frizzy and curly hair nature.) i think it should be alright as long as you cut off the previously rebonded and more damaged hair length… I keep my hair at shoulder length level everytime i rebond and it doesn’t seem to cause me much problems. But i am aware of the damage that the chemical brings and i don’t exactly feel good whenever my hair is being pulled by the metal thongs so i am still looking for a better, healthier alternative. I guess some hair fall is hard to prevent but as long as you use a good straightening shampoo, conditioner, and haircream after shower, you probably wouldn’t start balding.

  296. sabrina Says:

    i rebond my hair,and accidentally i wash it w/ water,but the hair stylist says,after 3 days before wash it ok to my hair?

  297. gwen Says:

    Hi. ITS TRUE! because of hair rebonding, i was suffering for hair loss and bald at the crown area for more than 4 years now. it is such a hell to me. i have to tied my hair to cover my bald area. i tried many hair growth shampoo to grow my hair back but didn’t work. i want to try nioxin or go to the salon for hair growth treatment. but does it work? help mee!! :’((

  298. Anjali Says:

    Go for moisture therapy or smoothning for your hair…these are same as rebonding but much much better than that and no harmful

  299. joycee Says:

    i have done rebounding one year back (loreal) now i want to change the product and do once again.

    Will it spoil my hair ??? pls reply

  300. Beauty Says:

    Hair rebonding makes m complexion dull for 3 months. n i hate that. am fair and have soft skin. my skin texture also changes. my boyfriend notice that and told me that rebonding effect.
    but now, its gone. n i will never do it again

  301. Don Says:

    i want rebond my hair wht can i do plzzz tell me

  302. shion Says:

    Hi, I’ve read this last last year and at that time, I just had my hair rebonded. It was an ugly experience. My hair was straight and shiny, yes. But it was so thin and flat, it made my face look fat. Since then I let my natural hair grow back. My hair before was very curly and kinky btw. Now that I cut the rebonded hair out, my curls came back but it was loose curls. I can’t say I don’t like it coz I do. :D Its very pretty but its a little dry but its actually my first time to like something about myself. One that I didn’t have to pay for. Something that I really do naturally own. :)

    My hair before was very thick and after the rebonding experience for 3 years ( I had my hair rebonded every once a year) my hair thinned. 50 percent thinned. And I’m suffering from hair fall. But its not that bad. I just really have to take care of my hair. Like, not comb it when its wet and shampoo every other day stuff like that.

    To those who are reading this article and are planning to rebond their hair, listen to me, DON’T!

    It will just damage your hair. Its pretty when its new but after your hair starts growing again, trust me it won’t be pretty. Natural hair is always the best option. You can tie it, style it without having to worry if it will leave marks. Just don’t okay? Its your choice tho.

  303. Neha Says:

    I had done rebonding twice. I had got my last rebound done a year back. I am in a fix.Should i get my rebonding done again or it is better without it? i m looking forward to rebond my hair this weekend again. Plz suggest……….

  304. arnaldo aligam Says:

    im a well experience hairstylist for more than 10 years, i`ve been doing hair rebonding since then. i guess all that matters is which salon or a stylist did the rebonding. and what product are they using. my salon is at sta anastacia sto tomas batangas. along first industrial park of the phil.(FPIP). Im using extenso,wellastrate,matrix and ahglow. chemical used on hair will depend on hair types.

  305. Faye Says:

    why would anyone want to re-bond their hair in the first place? If you know the risks then, why torture yourselves. I would never re-bond my hair because it will damage it. Chemicals are bad for hair and you don’t know if you are developing allergies over time; think, your scalp absorbs what is put on it and left for a short time; be it hair dye, perm solution, hair relaxer (has lye in it). They can build up over a short time and you wind up with Anaphylaxis. do you know what you are doing to your liver and other vital organs? they could develop tumors/ cancer. My cousin used hair dye for the past 20 years to cover the premature grey that was coming in ( she was 28). now 48, she stopped coloring; she went into an Anaphylactic shock, was rushed to the hospital, she was kept for 3 days and was released. 3 months later she was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain the size of a pea, 6 weeks later it grew to a size of a soft ball and was a stage2 cancer, 5 weeks after that it became a stage 3 ( chemo and radiation didn’t help much) her words came out all messed up (it was like trying to solve a puzzle) and she would stumble . motor skills were klutzy, 5 weeks later it was a stage 4; after a week. hospice came in and I knew it was end of life and she was constantly drugged up on morphine for the pain. she was mostly shriveled up ( a month before she looked robust), she finnaly took her last gasp and went peacefully. The doctors told me there was nothing they could do, the cancer was like a run away locomotive that couldn’t be stopped and nothing could slow it down. that happened 2 years ago.

  306. applem Says:

    Faye,ur story about ur cousin is sad and shocking,but i think coloring or rebonding is just one of the very lease causes of her tumor.i think it is still better to quit smoking or drinking alcohol or start eating healthy because many deseases depends in our immune systems.
    i have had my hair rebonded for almost 4years now with 12 mos and up interval good thing i have a poor budget cuz it could have been as every 12 months strictly. 12 months interval is jus enough. i go to trusted salon though, cuz there are salons offering cheap labors and i dont trust those. when it comes to rebonding and coloring and ther hair treatment alwayus go to a trusted salon or licensed salon for safety reason. but i think it is not a reason to be afraid of rebonding because of tumor or deasises underlying,mistakenly.

  307. Chiqui Says:

    my hair is naturally straight, i just let it curled for a change but I am not that satisfied with the it ok to rebond my hair after I had it curled for only 2 weeks?..thanks..

  308. kirti Says:

    my hair are too much ruff and having totally low volume .if i prefer rebonding . does it harm my hair or make my hair too low as compare to current stage ??

  309. yaz Says:

    my hair was shiny and beautiful after the hair rebonding treatment but after 3 months.. my hair became thin, twiggy, dry and excessive falling hair. so the first thing i learned is to be satisfied with what God gave us.

  310. Nicky12 Says:

    Well, Firstly, The reason why other women wanna do Rebonding is because many of them didn’t experience having nice, straight and smooth hair. It’s one of the fantasies of woman to experience one. But it is a dissapointment if it turns to a nightmare. Like it’s going to be dry, frizzy and … so on. Is there something? rather than rebonding? :|

  311. callyshandee Says:

    i had my hair rebonded 2 years ago and untill now i so very much regret it. it is not the hair i used to have,thick oily and wavy,now it is always giving me is so dry, split ends and even though i try to use only the hair conditioner it is still steady damaged.i just wanna curse tha bakla that suggested for me to rebond it…hope he gets permanently rebonded and go to hell!

  312. Anne Says:

    Has anyone of you tried rebonding your hair using LOREAL EXTENSO? I’m planning to rebond my hair next week, maybe May 29, before our classes start. We’re still choosing if we’ll go for the 2500 – rebond with cellophane or 3500 – it’s more expensive because they’ll be using Loreal Extenso. I’m not so sure but I heard it’s wonderful. I wanna know if anyone here have tried using that. Thanks! :) If you have answers for me, please tweet me @loveCallanNe. Thank you. :)

  313. ...L... Says:

    Hey…well, i’m only 13 and i rebonded my hair 3 times (my third time was 3 days ago) and i came out with perfect results! I used to have curly/wavy puffy frizzy hair that was SOOOOOO out of control that i couldn’t take it anymore! It’s extremely thick too and it was very hard to manage until i rebonded it. I used the Matrix product and it was last time was a little scary, because the stylist touched my scalp with the iron a few times, and i was afraid of washing my hair today..but now i’ve washed it and it’s fine..I also layered my hair this time and cut it slightly shorter, so…i didn’t really get any bad effects from the process…im also planning on getting deep conditioning soon so that i could get rid of the dandruff, since after tons of research about everything, i concluded that dandruff was the main reason for the slight amount of hair fall i’ve been experiencing.. but i do agree with one thing: and that is that you have to do a lot of research about the process AND the products you want to use, and it’s better if you know someone who has done several times (my mum’s friend introduced the product to me, which she’s been using for about 5 or more years now) You also need a very trusted stylist and you have to take care of each and every step they take in the treatment

  314. Lissy Says:

    Ok so I’ve been getting my hair rebonded for almost ten years. Now it probably sounds crazy but ever since the rebonding technology started, I’ve been doing it (like just once a year). It’s true that it takes a lot of time to do the process but over the years, the length of time it takes has improved. I have not experienced hair loss or damage so far and that’s probably because I go to one of the high-end and best salons in my country. The ones who do it are real professionals. They also check the condition of your hair before proceeding with rebonding your hair. They specifically do Xtenso and Keratin on my hair. They alternate the two because Keratin is less harsh on the hair (so it’s like a break from Xtenso). I guess it will just depend on which salon you get your hair done. You have to be sure that the salon you go to will take care of you and your hair!

  315. Kiran Says:

    Can anybody suggest best brands & parlour for hair rebnding??

    Thanks in advance!!

  316. salongirl Says:

    Rebonding is a good option for people with naturally unruly hair. I got my hair rebonded in Elemente Salon in Banawe in QC and do regular Shisheido keratin treatments to maintain my hair. I really like this keratin treatment and I enjoy going to Elemente Salon because of the professional but funny and friendly staff.

  317. yhalyn Says:

    which is best?? loreal extenso or milk rebonding?? plz help me.. :)

  318. SHine Says:

    ha ha ha

  319. tamanna Says:

    hey i want 2 rebonding my hair…bt i like my hare as it is also…i wanna do it jst 4 style :) .. can i get back my natural hair afrte rebonding or it wil b permanent?? plz ans.. m 2 confuse..!!!

  320. dftdencs Says:

    David Salon in Wilson St. Ortigas is not good in rebonding, my hair is back to become wavy after less than a week. I bought a voucher in Ensogo, i’ve paid P2000 for regular price of they said P 7650 ( package of hair rebond with ceramide treatment, foot spa w/ pedicure). So expected that i will get a 7650 worth of service. But in my disappointment, They did not even ask me to trim or style my hair before rebonding ( I knew after days that I should have not cut my hair after rebonding because it will fly away, but i did), the foot spa is less than 10 mins. and my hills still rough. They deceive people. Next year I will try Tony and Jackey, Expesive but i heard many good commments about them.

  321. meeta Says:

    does sea water or air damage my rebonding ?

  322. Shy_shaira Says:

    i started rebonding my hair when i was only 11 after my elementary graduation . now im 14 i almost rebonded my hair in 5 times .. i am really scared what will happen soon :( ( i dont know what solution i will make to bring back again my NATURAL HAIR. im full of regrets in rebonding of my hair. every time i go to salon i felt very frightened b’coz 1 time when i get my 3rd times rebond my hair turn to worst and bcoz of that i really shame about my hair look. plsss.. help me how to get back my natural hair … i dont want to loss my hair even though i experiencing it . i dont want come the time that i have no any hair in my head . so pls. help me , give some advice … thanks ./

  323. Shy_shaira Says:

    i really really angry why does salon never say the bad effect of hair rebonding .!!

  324. Sea Says:

    I just rebonded my hair today and got a pixie cut. After that, I was googling when this-and a lot other stuff- about rebonding came up… Now I\’m not sure if its such a good idea at all to have done my hair like this… maybe I should have kept my curls. If I take care of them, my curls DO look nice..>.>

  325. JAIME Says:


  326. kamal Says:

    plz tell me about the professionals hair rebounding salons in mohali or chandigarh. i have no knowledge about that. plz help me in finding best hair specialists????

  327. kiran Says:

    umm actually i have really heavy,rough and dry hair so i was thinking to rebond it but now i get to know it cause hair loss so what should i do? i really need to get my hair silky n shiny but i don`t know what right thing should i apply?. please reply and tell me

  328. tisha Says:

    i had made rebonding to my hair last year but the hair stylist didn’t do that due to which my hair lost its shine after a few days and i complained to them for this. he didn’t make a positive response to my complaint and didn’t treat my hair again. he told me not to follow the procedure again. my hair have gone totally curled at the front also there have occured split ends.
    I suggest you that none of you go to new inage beauty academy hoshiarpur. it’s not a good salon.

  329. sonal Says:

    I don’t know what you people do with your rebonded hair.I have done rebonding third time to my hair…and they are as good as they were before. You need to take care about certain things.

    1. Don’t use comb wet hair are wet. Instead use fingers as comb and separate every single strand of your hair when wet.

    2. Don’t use anything on your hair except shampoo and prescribed rebonding conditioner.

    3. Don’t let your hair get messed up , or let them open in stong wind. That will lead to a lot of hair fall.

    4. Use a scarf when riding a bike or something to avoid hair getting messed up.

  330. Meghna Says:

    c’mon people anything which is artifically changing ur natural hair structure can be matter you go for loreal or schwarzkoph straight therapy…i got my straightning done from Lakme 2 yrs back..intial result was very good…but after few months my hair started falling even though i took good care of them after straightning. i used prescribed conditioner and shampoo and took regular hair spas but all in vain..i have dry and curly hair…i think getting my hair straight was my biggest mistake. i would not suggest anyone to go for rebonding or straight therapy. i would suggest to control ur frizz you can opt for regular hair spas..believe this is the best solution to get soft and silky hair.

  331. Florence Taguba Says:

    I need your help I have a new rebonded hair I didn’t wash it for three days because the girl who rebond my hair told me that then I follow it.after a 3days I wash it then my hair looks frizzy and dry.What would I do please help me.

  332. hajra Says:

    well i have got my extenso done about 3 mths bk,my hair looks fine when i wash them and i have to comb my hair wid my fingers when i use comb its started tankling,tell me how to maintain the exteso like can we do oiling and i have to color my hair every mth also ,plz let me know how to maintain my extenso.thank u

  333. I Says:

    I had my hair rebonded way back in July of this year. Being a guy born with a typical wavy hair, I wanted to perfect it eversince I was a kid. When I finally got employed as a part timer in a BPO Company here in Ayala, Makati, I saved part of my July 10th salary to experience rbonding my hair. I went to david salon and they charged me P2990 for the short length of my hair as their minimum charge. It went absolutely great for months and I was termed as Justin Beiber at the office and at school but by the month of Oct, I started noticing the newly grown hair below the rebonded hair and they are unexpectedly curly in my opinion and I ignored it. I went for a haircut yesterday because I grew tired of the long hair and because our school dean asked me to cut it.. I was planning to grew it long then rebond it again for my graduation pictorial but I was deeply shocked!, after the haircut I saw my hair. IT WAS CURLING TO DEATH!, IT WAS LIKE HELL FOR ME. IT WAS SO CURLY. I know for a fact that my hair is not straight but it was not this ugly coz it’s just wavy, but it was really worse, the curls shocked and saddened me to my core. It looks so despicable that I feel ashamed of going out for people might ask me why it turned out like this because the last time they saw me is that my hair was still in great shape. I regretted getting my hair rebonded if I knew it will be ending up like this. For those who haven’t tried it yet, PLS. DON’T DARE TO TRY IT. Learn to love who you are and how you have been designed, crafted and created.

  334. suchi Says:

    plz dont go for rebounding, itz waste .. i suffered a lot i rebounded my hair two weeks back now m almost bald and my hair are more brittle, hard and dry .having natural hair is good .. it will be good if somebodysuggest me how to repair my damaged hair.

  335. Xara Says:

    i suffer from rebounding 3 months back and i am suffering alot as i start losing my hair strands everytime i take a shower or comb my hair … today i weeped alot becaure i have a fear of getting bald …. can someone help me regaurding this ??? Is there any solution for this problem ?

  336. Ezra Says:

    Hello, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been rebonding my hair ever since I was 13 years old. I do it at a 7-12 months interval and I have no problems in hairfall and having frizzy hair. But lately, I’ve been having problems with dandruff. I tried changing shampoos and conditioners but nothing works. :( Any suggestions?

  337. theyan Says:

    i just got my hair rebonded last thin was quite thin before and after the treatment,it becomes has good result on my hair but gradual hairfall while i’m washing my hair scares me…i’m confused if i would have a treatment once agan next year because of hairfall..

  338. Allyson Says:

    I’ve had my hair rebonded since I was in 4th year high school, I have had no problems with frizzy hair or hair fall.. All my hair does is grow out and the only thing I hate about it is that my ‘new’ hair is frizzy at the top. :| Ultimately, you have to get it done regularly to prevent uneven volume of hair.. And also, you have to go to a trusted salon whenever you have it done. I had my hair done at a Salon that offers treatment after rebonding so your hair can stay healthy.

    But I’ve been told that it depends on how your hair could hold up chemicals. I’ve also been told that I have thick hair, and thick hair strands so I’m almost immuned to the side effects rebonding has.

    Like I said, talk to your stylist before anything else.


  339. tulip 2012 Says:

    I have done my Loreal X-tenso hair treatment done 2 months back. And my hair looks gorgeous, silky smooth, and tangle free.
    I can go anywhere out with the perfect look without even tocuhing the comb. I liked this treatment done. But, i don\’t know the after-effects as many of them have given there review it leads to hair fall after a year and this makes me scared.

    Until now its great and gives me great look and feel so i recommend this for people with frizzy hair.

  340. garima Says:

    i got rebonding done 1 n 1/2 yr back from loreal, as such i havent faced any problems, but these days i am facing a heavy hairfall. now i am worried whether this is due to rebonding or due to some other reason,, kindly help me in knowing the exact reason.

  341. Cuty Says:

    I have straight long hair but it’s really thick, like needles. I also suffer from hairfall. I had my hair rebond 5 Months ago in Cebu für 3000 Peso (Haircut, Rebond, Celophane, Color). Took 5 hours and wasn’t supposed to wash it for 3 days afterwards. First time washing and 3 weeks after I had such terrible hairfall it was unbelievable. After the 3 weeks it was back to normal hairfall. But the shine and straightness was gone after the 3rd hairwash. Very disappointing. Now after 5 months my hair is like it was before, but still al little thinner (good). I use Pantene shampoo, conditioner and treatment. When I stoped using the treatment my hair got frizzy as hell, so started to use it again. I would do it again.

  342. Kayla Says:

    I had a rebond last september of 2011 at Victor Ortega’s salon in was really cheap for p1,500 pesos. And yes i didn’t wash my hair for 4 days to atleast give it more time and when i did wash it, it kind of became wavy at the ends maybe because my hair was shoulder length and it would curve on the shoulder. As the days went by my hair wasn’t really straight anymore but I didn’t let that stop me. I changed my shampoo and conditioner to the sunsilk straight (The purple one) and it kinda helped. but they said that you shouldn’t shampoo the hair everyday rather condition it more. Then i found a simple way to keep my hair straight which is after taking a shower it’s better to air dry or blow dry (at a distant) and use a wide tooth comb to untangle the hair. Use a leave on conditioner or vitress to keep the hair looking straight and silky. And just this month of january i changed my shampoo and conditioner to Dove and it really helps to make my hair smooth and straighter. i hope i kinda helped

  343. shipra Says:

    i am actually thinking of getn rebonded hair. but my hair is too thin and wavy. now i dnt know what to do. i dont know what to do because my hair is thin and further more after rebonding it doesnt actually fall.please suggest me something to make my hair grow thicker and longer so i could get that luk. my hair is shory too

  344. anila Says:

    hey every1 well i had rebounding twice well to b honest i had it done for the 1st time its was gr888888888888888 atleast for 1 year i think more then tht nd then i wanted to do again then i went to a salon but she used i dunno the product but its luk cheap and its doesnt work for me well guyz my hairs is not bad atall well i learned how to do rebonding and i learned shwarzkopf well im goin to do my hairs tomarrow well i wanted to tell u guyz my hair coloured so i m goin to do my rebonding tomarrw

  345. rups Says:

    Same here anila ……:(mah hairs lookin so dull ….dnt know wt shld i do …m v tens ……..

  346. Molly Says:

    Hi all,

    I m a Salon owner and can share my experience. When you go to a Salon, do confirm the brands they are going to use. I find schwarzkopf to be the best of all. While getting the rebonding done, Rebonding products should not come in contact with the scalpe. If you feel any irritation on your scalpe then ask your hair dresser to wash off the product. Make sure you get this done at a good salon. Rebonded hair needs lots of post care. Use a shampoo, conditioner and serum of the same brand as that of your rebonding products. For example if your Salon has used Matrix products for rebonding then you need to use Matrix shampoo, conditioner and serum that are specially designed for post rebonding care. Follow your hair dresser’s advise. Take a Hair Spa every alternate month. You can use Spa at home as well. I don’t advise to get rebounding done for a second time as that causes hair damage.
    Take Care!

  347. Molly Says:

    Hi all,

    I m a Salon owner and can share my experience. When you go to a Salon, do confirm the brands they are going to use. I find schwarzkopf to be the best of all. While getting the rebonding done, Rebonding products should not come in contact with the scalpe. If you feel any irritation on your scalpe then ask your hair dresser to wash off the product. Make sure you get this done at a good salon. Rebonded hair needs lots of post care. Use a shampoo, conditioner and serum of the same brand as that of your rebonding products. For example if your Salon has used Matrix products for rebonding then you need to use Matrix shampoo, conditioner and serum that are specially designed for post rebonding care. Follow your hair dresser\’s advise. Take a Hair Spa every alternate month. You can use Spa at home as well. I don\’t advise to get rebounding done for a second time as that causes hair damage.
    Take Care!

  348. amna Says:

    hi . I had my hair straiting done a year a ago and thats bingo….
    before this i have very dry bad curl hair d after i have straight , smooth and silky hair
    what I think is all about product is better in good professinals
    i had no such experince of losing hairs
    i vae used Schwarzkopf and done by a professinal in KARACHI PAKISTAN
    the best person

  349. Jett Says:

    O M G. Too much grammatical errors!!!!! Please, if you don’t know how to say/write it perfectly in English, then don’t!

  350. manju Says:

    I had a tour and wanted to do rebonding for regrow . My usual philippino hair stylist was on vacation . Headed to a comparatively well maintained parlour in Sharjah owned by one pakisthani lady. Had quoted 300 for rebonding and it was reasonable for regrow. But then the owner of parlour suggested a new treatment with natural product like chocolate and if I pay 200 more with no side effects I can get 1 year guaranteed straight hair. overwhelmed sat for it. Took less than 2 hours and was happy. said to come after 2 days and wash from parlour. Went back and washed, they applied more chemicals (this time real chemicals I believe) . washed after 2 hours .good. They blow dried and it looked perfect. Went for tour & came back. Took bath, I felt like fainting, patches are coming out from scalp on top… Tried to cover it with hair from below. But for how long!!! wanted to sue the parlour. No bill was given. went once & the owner was on maternity leave for 3 months! Now small hairs have grown on top 7 looks like fountain.. !! Dont know how to attend parties or meetings like this !! extensions ??? getting angry and dont know how I will react after seeing the parlour person…!!! Hope I will learn and be happy with the hair I have or will I forget this and go again??? may be philippine parlour only…! And will take bill.

  351. mitchieru Says:

    i rebond my hair last december and now its april can I dye my Hair??

  352. jhensalyab Says:


  353. jhensalyab Says:

    My 5months old rebonded hair remainsthe same since i rebonded it… Nothings change.. Still straight and smoth not dry no splitends..

  354. dory Says:

    I just happened to drop by here and had read some reviews, testimonies, comments…whatever it is.. anyway, I was somewhat overwhelmed of the reactions that are posted in here. Most of it are negative reactions about hair rebonding.

    I had done a lot of research about the scientific truth about hair rebonding. Most answer resides to the cons. Of course, everything made sense. But before I could explain further, I just have to say that people have curly or wavy hair are those who are interested/desperate to have their hair rebonded (including me). But have you ever thought about the science-chemistry behind curly/kinky hairs? Biologically, most people will say that we inherited in from our parents genes. If we talk about organic chemistry, Hair rebonding is a process that changes or in other words, alter/remodel the bonding structure of the hair. In the process, it breaks our hair structure, this is by eliminating the sulfur-sulfur bonds in our hair, which is responsible why some people have curly hair (As what I can recall). (By the way, the more sulfur-sulfur bonds, the curlier the hair. Although, I will not talk more of it or else things will get complicated.)

    Before, I had my hair rebonded, I made my research and found out that hair rebonding can really result to hair damage. The curls of my hair are very fine and its making me lazy to brush it and tie it. I was in doubt at that time but I was too desperate to have my hair straightened because having a curly hair requires more of my time in brushing it. I’m already tired of tying my hair when it;s still wet. So, I had decided to proceed to have my hair rebonded.

    After rebonding, the stylist applied cellophane treatment (as part of the package) and they also suggested to cut the split ends.

    The results?
    This may surprise some of you. Everything went good for me. I was able to enjoy my straight hair for almost a year. But I only have a couple of problem after a few months. My curly hair is starting to grow! And also, split ends again. But it’s not a very big issue for me.

    Wonder why I have good results?
    Take note. A rebonded hair is already weak and very sensitive. This explains why many women experience hair loss.
    I made another research of how to take care of my rebonded hair. As instructed, I have religiously followed some few tips like shampooing, conditioning, applying serum when it dries, I should not expose it under direct heat of the sun especially in the middle of the afternoon; using an umbrella may help.
    Hair dying is not very friendly for rebonded hair. Hair cellophane is much preferred.
    You think you did all these? Do you eat a proper and balance diet? (Dieting is not all about skipping a meal). Our hair is made of protein. Therefore meats, nuts, sprouts should be present in your meals often times. You need to eat proper foods to give nourishment to your hair. Your hair can reflect of how healthy a person you are. I also sometimes apply olive oil in the evening and have it overnight. (Well, sometimes I just have to endure the odor.)

    If there’s no improvement, then probably, your hair is not really into rebonding. Plus, something is wrong with the services that the salon offered to you. You better conduct your own little research and survey on your own. Don’t rely on what rumors said. That’s the weakest answer that you will ever receive.

    By the way, I had my hair rebonded again two weeks ago. This time, it is called MILK REBOND, It’s kind of better than the regular rebond. In the salon that I had visited, they also have Ice Rebond. This is for hairs that have already been dyed.
    Now you see, your satisfaction doesn’t end in the salon. A rebonded hair needs a lot of PAMPERING.

  355. tsai Says:

    I got my hair rebonded every 6 months and my hair is still intact! :)

  356. momal Says:

    oh my God this artcle scared me i hv decided to go salon for the rebonded treatment…

  357. geetdah Says:

    Hi there,

    I rebonded my hair last year in may. Though i already had straight hair .now that its been 1.5 yrs since my rebonding, my hair have started waving. i don\’t know if i should go for rebonding again.
    after rebonding i never had any issues as hairfall but yes now i have more grey hair..:(

    need your suggestion.

  358. Maia Says:

    rebonding the second time made my hair frizzy and made my falling hair issue worse so i decided to grow my hair the way it used to be and pamper it by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. so for those who are thinking of doing rebond, think 7 times then decide…

  359. kristina Says:

    I consider hot fusion to be best hair option for anyone for the durability. You can get u-tip, or use an i-tip with Shinkies. I find they last up to 3 months with out any concerns of strands falling out. It’s so easy to learn to apply the yourself. So not a fan of beads..just takes too long to apply, and head is a little sore with all them beads. I especially LOVE body wave hair!!!!!

    Also beware of buying hair from China, as quality of bonds is more like hot glue, rather then keratin. Also hair quality is super thin, so you really need to buy double the hair, after working with a lot of different products I found the best quality for the best pricesbest quality for the best prices.

  360. Molihua Says:

    When hair follicles die you get gray hairs. Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells. These pigment cells continuously produce a chemical called melanin that gives the growing shaft of hair its color of brown, blonde, red, and anything in between.

  361. rishi Says:

    I wnt to ask that whch brnd is nw bst and reasonable 4 me for the rebounding agn!last tym i tak rebounding frm lo’real salon and nw ma hair is luking dry n fuzzy n weak !!m stdnt n hav no such knwldge abt parlours pls suggest me the best brnd & parlour in delhi or ghzbd!

  362. sheena Says:

    hey ppl, i got my hair rebonded 6 days back. N now m really scared by reading negative cmmnts bout it! though consoling myself thru d positive ones.. :-)

  363. Joey T Says:

    What a bunch of bullshit. My wife is from the philippines. She, and every woman I know there, has their hair rebonded about every 6 months, with NO negative effects. Their hair is probably the silkiest, straightest, shinny-est hair on the planet. If you go to an experienced salon, you will have no problem unless you are one in a million that has a reaction to the chemicals.


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