The Truth About Keratin Treatments

August 26, 2012 by Hair Majesty  
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This article contains information about the keratin hair straightening process as well as maintenance tips.

It is first important to know that hair can only take on two types of changes one being a physical change and the other a chemical change. Keratin Products are not calcium or sodium hydroxide based like relaxers however they do contain chemicals, most claim to be free of formaldehyde. What they don’t tell you is that most of them contain a derivative of formaldehyde, kind of like the knock off perfumes you know they aren’t exactly the same but similar. This change takes place when the chemical goes into the hair shaft and reconstructs the polypeptide chain. This chain contains the particulars that create your hair texture. It rearranges this chain to loosen the curl pattern in your hair thus making the hair more manageable and less wiry or curly. The keratin process is sealed into the hair shaft with the use of a flat iron. The heat of the iron helps to hold the keratin molecules together while straightening the hair. Continued use of keratin products that contain formaldehyde   can cause health issues and constrict breathing. It is always suggested using a mask when applying these products whether it be an at home kit or one that is being applied by a professional. My motto is better safe than sorry. Keratin products last 8 to 12 weeks depending on hair texture, the difference  between relaxers and keratin products is the keratin products enters the hair shaft and fills the open spaces and gaps in the cuticle, no longer allowing moisture in which keeps the hair from reverting or frizzing.  A salon visit to have this process done can range from $190.00 to $400.00 depending on length of hair. There are now amino acid based treatments which tend to work better on coarser hair types allowing fewer treatments to obtain  faster results. Although I don’t see a need for concern mainly because your hair and finger nails are mostly composed of this protein “keratin”. I will say because the uses of these products have not been tested over a long period of time I would advise caution. In order to maintain your hair after this treatment no shampoos containing sulfates can be used. The keratin process works well with color treated hair leaving you with less concern about hair breakage or damage.

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