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January 12, 2010 by TheGoth  
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The concept of a spin brush is that such a device is supposed to automatically move the hair around the brush, while the individual is blow drying their hair. This, in turn, is supposed to make the styling process more efficient and effective. However, is this device really worth investing in?

I first saw advertisements for the spin brush on television. At this period in time, I did not know how to blow dry my hair successfully with a regular brush, and I was consequently very frustrated with the process. My hair never seemed to come out right, and I needed a device that would enable me to achieve the straight hair that I desired. 

The spin brush seemed to represent this. Such a brush made it possible to straighten the hair and blow dry it at the same time. All of the individuals within the commercial were able to obtain beautifully straight hair by using this device. Nevertheless, I decided that I needed it in order to style my hair properly.

The concept of the spin brush is definitely associated with good intentions. Usually, in order to obtain straight hair, it is necessary to use a flat iron. While flat irons are very good to use, they have the potential to damage the hair when used on a daily basis. This damage can cause the hair to possess a rough texture and become overly tangled. Also, when trying to straighten the hair with a regular blow dryer, it is often difficult to turn the brush, and hold the blow dryer at the same time. The spin brush is meant to solve both of these problems. It will enable to hair to become less damaged, while at the same time making it easier for the individual to blow dry their hair. 

When I tried to use the spin brush, I did not have a very pleasant experience. I put the spin brush on a piece of my hair, and then the moment that the brush started to rotate, my hair became tangled within the brush. This happened with every attempt. Nevertheless, the spin brush did not help to straighten my hair. Instead, it just made it all the more frizzy and tangled.

Therefore, I will always believe that a spin brush has potential, yet it is not a very effective device. I would not recommend investing in it. Chances are, you will spend more time trying to untangle your hair than you will actually using this device to help you style your hair. 

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