The Pixie Pickle: To Cut or Not to Cut

July 2, 2011 by Suzanne Bolden  
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Ever get tired of your long hair? Worried about the wind messing up your ‘do? Need to spend less money on shampoo?

Growing up with two and a half feet of hair caused a lot of trauma in my life. The endless hours of brushing it, the fear of sitting on it while on the toilet, and having to take bugs and gum out of it were enough to make me chop it all off. If you’re borderline on the short/long hair debacle, here are some reasons to side towards a pixie cut.

1) The liberation beats the fear. I remember walking into the hair salon with the picture of Emma Watson’s styled pixie cut in hand, nervously taking out the barrettes and ponytail holders I had put in that morning. I looked down at my wrist where five of those hair ties rested. It was exciting to think about never needing to buy new ones again, or at least not for a very long time. Let me tell you, getting a pixie cut is a scary, but ultimately very liberating, experience, and almost every day since then has been a picnic.

2) Nothing can mess it up. With a pixie cut, absolutely everything looks intentional. Even helmet hair looks good this way. And you can sleep in a little later, seeing as you’ll never have to get up early to style it again. If you do want to add a little styling, all it takes is a dab of hair gel, your fingers, and perhaps a comb. On the other hand, you can always get away with not touching it at all.

3) It complements any style. Whether you’re punk rock pretty or fantastically feminine, a pixie cut can accentuate your personal style. You can even change it daily if you want. The possibilities are endless.

4) You get respect. Not that you aren’t respected before your cut, but it’s amazing how much respect you get from people for just mixing it up. Lots of people think hair and gender are related, but in this day and age  deviation from societal norms is completely acceptable. Deviation has actually become the new norm.

5) Consider your comfort. If you find the idea of short hair unappealing because you’re too comfortable in your long hair, then don’t cut it. Short hair, admittedly, is not for everyone. Neither is long hair. Keep yourself within your comfort range, but don’t forget that sometimes the best things in life take a little getting used to.

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