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March 6, 2011 by Antonello  
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Milan week of a female fashion (Milano Moda Donna) "winter-autumn 2011-2012" has ended. But the industry of a fashion which brings to a city of 27 % of its gross national product, continues to work.

Unconditionally, the main fashionable events of Milan are the female fashion shows passing two times year. On this event are strung, as beads, set of other events. It both specialized exhibitions, and the closed presentations, both parties, and opening of new boutiques. This time on a Week of a fashion there were 72 main displays (on 14 less in comparison with last year) and 62 representations (87 in 2010).

Strangely enough, it not an indicator of crisis of sector of a fashion, and absolutely on the contrary as the organizer of week has explained us Mario Bozelli, the president of National chamber of a fashion of Italy: «Us have somehow charged that we insufficiently carefully choose stylists. Now we want to underline that we care first of all of quality and we do not pursue quantity». Besides, he with special pride has declared a national identity of brands: «85 % of the Italian marks while, for example, in Parisian Frenchmen constitute less than half» participate In our displays. On this celebration 2500 journalists have gathered.

Milan collections are on sale most of all in the world, therefore on them and comes most of all buyers – ten thousand. All it thanks to the created system «Fashion of Milan». «The fashion is a business, креативность, marketing, – mayor Letizia Moratti underlines. – all these components are present At Milan for a long time, having united in a single whole. In a city about 7000 companies connected with a fashion which give work about 50 000 employees. The companies on a fashion and the design, located in a city, give 22 % of incomes of the national industry of a fashion and bring 27 % in city gross national product». «Milan is a unique place in the world, – continues Giulio Di Sabato, president Assomoda, associations of the Italian showrooms. – 900 showrooms, ten times more than in Paris» Here are located. It in spite of the fact that Paris keeps the status of capital of a fashion already hundreds years, and Milan has acquired it rather recently, in the mid-seventies.

«For me the Italian Week of a fashion, in comparison with Paris, first of all is dynamics and color of a variety, – the constant model of house Alexander Mc Queen Natalia Lubchenco (it worked for many marks, Max Mara, Armani, Krizia and has gone round the whole world) tells to us. – For today Milan has turned to the debugged mechanism of production, quality Made in Italy. Very much a considerable quantity of designers including displays of young stylists, therefore for models an uneasy task to have time to move from one display to another. Paris – more refined, measured. Haute Couture to France truly Haute couture, the clothes made in small studio by masters, whose work is similar to art. These two cities different, but are united by their aspiration to create style and an image of the woman». As Mariuchcha Mundelli the designer of house Krizia has told: «the Woman should be dressed beautifully as everything that on it is put on, is a part her».

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