The Best Hair Gel Ever!

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You want hair gel that can make you hair look like you’ve been playing with electrics? READ THIS!

The best Hair Gel EVER!

I earlier published an article on a rubbish hair dye, and ironically this hair dye is made by the same company.

I have tried many hair gels, most have been quite good, and quite cheap, but this is the best hair gel yet,

Garnier Fructis Style Petrifying Cement Fix Gel

I have done my hair so it now looks like I have been playing with electrics! (Hey Einstein!) It looks really great, try it, no matter how long your hair is, if you want to gel it give it a go, you hair goes rock hard, and I have tried 15-20 different types of hair gel depending on my style at the time, but this is the best I’ve ever used.

The price is great as well, only £2 at Asda! (Wal-mart for all you Americans reading!)


Give it a try, it rocks, literally! And at a good cost as well!

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