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April 28, 2013 by gokhan1977  
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Resources and Training.

A particular style of hair dressing, often what is fashionable and something different is termed hairstyle. In today’s world, one is known not by his behavior but by his looks and his personality. Your hair styling will gain you a good personality which will make an attraction to everyone surrounding you.

In olden age, no one was concern about hair design and hair styling as it was not considered as important for getting a nice personality as it is counted in today’s world. But after late 80’s when the decade of pop stars, world got a new impression about hair designs. At that time the rough the hair styling was, the famous the personality was.

Elvis Presley was one of the legends who changed the thinking of hairstyling. Then people started spending their money and time behind certain hair styles. But due to lack of Hair designers they were restricted till certain extent. But the scenario changed in early 90’s when there was desperation created by people for changing hair style every after some days (as per survey done in 1992). Nearly 89% of people were becoming hair conscious after their hair designs.

Now the time has come when a celebrity spends average 3.5 hrs daily on their hair styles and hair designs as now it is counted as major part on individual’s personality. Due to this Hair color industry has got a good shaped in the market. Also as per education is concern, people started taking interest in selecting field in hair design and hair styling courses.

There are various degree and diploma courses offered for Hair-design courses. Indirectly, we can say that the awareness in Hair-styling has opened new doors for many people. It is counted as second part of our personality. And by looking today’s world consciousness behind hair-style and hair design it can be said easily that, in upcoming years it will grow from all the sides whether it is considered as fashion , personality or as a carrier instinct.

“If you have a nice hair, you would be where, where you should be there”

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