Textures of African-american Hair Weave

December 30, 2011 by eltondunn  
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Weaves give you full flexibility over the texture, color and length of your hair.

Weaves give you full flexibility over the texture, color and length of your hair. African-American women have coarse hair that’s mimicked by a texture of weave hair called “yaki.” If you want to preserve the feel of your hair while trying out a new texture, look for wefts of yaki. If you want a smoother feel, choose human hair in your preferred texture.

If you normally wear relaxed hair, getting straight hair for your weave lets you mimic your preferred style. You can keep the look and feel of relaxed African-American hair by choosing yaki textured hair or pick a smoother type of hair.

If you like a bit of curl but feel overwhelmed by really curly hair, opt for a curly weave. This option works well for divas with texturized hair who want to rock a weave. You should be able to find curls ranging from level 2b, which is loose waves, to 3b, which is ringlets or corkcrew curls.

Kinky hair matches the natural texture of African-American hair, which ranges from coiled ringlets the size of a crochet needle to tight curls that zigzag back and forth. Kinky hair will look and feel like your natural hair, with a slightly coarse texture.

If you’re going for a full weave, you can choose any texture of hair you want.  Since all of your natural hair is wrapped up, you’re free to try out a new shade of hair color too. If you choose a partial weave, where some of your natural hair is left out, you’ll look better sticking to a similar texture and hair color to your own.

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