Television: How White Hair is The New Platinum Blonde

November 8, 2012 by Courtlney  
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In the bygone days, people with white hair were described as either elderly or "Seniors" as some people categorize older people today. However, as the saying goes, "time change and people change." So more often than not, it is common to see people keeping their hair white or in the case of some celebrities, wearing their hair white as a fashion statement.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is sometimes called the “Silver Fox” due to his white hair.

Many celebrities are deciding to let their hair lose its natural coloring and stay white.  Probably one of the most famous people with white hair is Anderson Cooper.  Even though his talk show is being cancelled, you will be able to see the “Silver Fox” on his regular news shows, i.e. CNN News,  Anderson 360  With white hair at 45 years old, Anderson Cooper is showing that white hair can be a sign of youthfulness and vitality. (Sorry ladies — Anderson Cooper is gay).

Paula Deen

Another television personality with white hair is Paula Deen.  She has diabetes  which was the impetus for her to lose weight.  She lost the weight, but she did not lose her white hair.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno keeps a touch of dark gray in his otherwise all white hair.

We cannot leave out Jay Leno, the late night television host who gave up part of his salary so people on his show could keep their jobs.  Jay Leno is keepinig a full head of white hair and shows no signs of getting rid of it.  In fact, his hair is  like his trademark now — along with his prominent chin of course.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas, star of both Wall Street movies and many more films, sports white hair.  He is married to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. His hair changed over the years from brunette to white with some touches of gray. 

White hair is also becoming one of the preferred styles for younger celebrities as well.  The celebrities seem to change up between white and other colors in the interest of keeping us guessing as to the color they will be wearing next.

Lady Gaga

At the top of the list of white haired younger celebrities  is Lady Gaga, but you have to look quickly since she changes her styles often.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has been known to wear white hair; however like Lady Gaga, she also changes her styles often.

Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway wears her white hair styled with a middle part for the movie Alice in Wonderland.


Christina Aquilera

Christina Aquilera from the television show, The Voice, has worn her hair in a white and black style in the past. She was recently seen with another two-color combination hair, blonde and pink.

By the sheer number of people, in addition to celebrities,  who either keep their hair white, or choose to wear white hairstyles, it is not surprising that white hair may be the new platinum blonde.


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