Teenager Sues Mother Over Bad Haircut

May 8, 2011 by Emancipation  
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A 16 year old boy is pursuing his mother through the US Civil Court over a haircut that left the child looking foolish.

A 16 year old boy is suing his mother – over a haircut.

The budding mathematician residing in Seattle claims he is seeking “damages” against his 40 year old mother because she “ruined my hair”.

The mother was too upset to comment but a close friend told reporters that her son was demanding a haircut. Because of financial pressures, the single mother of three children did not have the finances in which to send her son to the local barber. 

The source revealed that a “heated argument” then took place with the son demanding the mother cuts his hair. 

“It was all too much for her”, claims the friend. “So she decided to tackle the problem herself after heavy persuasion from her son.”

The boy allegedly requested a “simple trim” in which to tidy up his long locks. The mother was then said to have sobbed as she cut away at the teenager’s hair. 

It was after the woman had finished the trim that the son apparently “blew his lid” as he saw the mess his mother had made when viewing the cut for the first time in the mirror. He claimed the drastic cut made him “look foolish to his friends”.

“The boy went ballistic”, claims the friend. “He demanded his mother put the haircut right or he was pursuing legal action through a civil attorney”.

The teenager has two younger siblings – a thirteen year old sister and an eight year old brother. The child’s father was said to have divorced the mother several years ago and lives in another state. 

The father was unavailable to comment.

We all have bad hair days. But in a situation such as this it would appear a messy dispute – and a costly one.

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7 Responses to “Teenager Sues Mother Over Bad Haircut”
  1. MaxBuceo Says:

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  2. serowa Says:

    Only in America! Stranger than fiction

  3. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Hahahaha, during our days, it was unheard of for children to even contemplate.

  4. anndavey650 Says:

    Yep I’d sue my mother too.

  5. mona rastogi Says:

    very interesting

  6. Melanie T Says:

    Joke gone wrong? I say shave it all off, it’ll grow back, that’s what hair does! I have been cutting my own hair for years, never had a problem such as this. I think the mother did it to get back at him!

  7. a mom Says:

    Realy just shave the rest of the head! HAIR GROWS BACK! And next time have him get a p/t job and pay for it himself!

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