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April 29, 2013 by Zaheen Rahman  
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Having characteristically wavy, unusual hair needs extraordinary forethought and features. We must be particularly vigilant to stay far from items that can create manufacture up, scalp disturbance, and dryness. This methods assessing elements like a bird of prey. I have directly fought with Seborrheic Dermatitis of the scalp, otherwise known as Dandruff, for a considerable length of time. While it has started to subside since going common just about three years prior, I must be exceptionally cautious not to utilize items that will incite flare-ups. This methods utilizing the most common items conceivable for my customers and myself: unhindered of petroleum, mineral oil, laureth sulfates, alcohols, parabens, and waxes. 

I ran across Sweet Sunnah a bit over two months prior. In the wake of filtering through the parts (furnished beneath), I figured I might give it a go. While there are certain parts, I suppose they could have forgotten I chosen to give it an attempt in any case and here is the breakdown… 


Ensured natural botanical water of lavender, hibiscus, lemongrass, imbuement of guaranteed natural herbs of red raspberry, thyme, dandelion, horsetail, rosehips, affirmed natural aloe vera, henna, olefin sulfonate, cocomidopropyl betaine, affirmed natural jojoba oil, dark seed oil (Nigella sativa) vegetable glycerine, ocean salt, wheat amino acids, wheat protein, glycine, vitamin E, potassium Sorbate, citric harsh corrosive, fundamental oil mix. 


This cleanser has a clean herbal aroma that is not overwhelming or poisonous to those with anaphylaxes. For anybody used to vigorously perfumed features, the aroma of Sweet Sunnah’s BSH cleanser may appear essentially medicinal from the start. Nonetheless, you get used to the smell and I have come to by and large appreciate it. After three utilization I have not encountered any scalp bothering, dandruff, or chipping nor have my customers. Actually, my manifestations have moved forward. The cleanser offers a light foam that leaves the hair clean and revived without feeling stripped. I have not recognized any increment in hair development yet I have observed less aftermath –yes, with locs you can at present have shedding. This cleanser holds botanicals and herbs incorporating dark seed oil, which I adore for all its health profits (look at Black Seed FAQs). 


Relying on if there is a little feature development on my hair, it takes two washes to foam. This is issue is not essentially interesting to Sweet Sunnah’s BSH cleanser; Let’s face it most shampoos do this even with the greater part of the cleansers they put in their items. This item does hold Olefin Sulfonate and the association does not point out assuming that it is determined from coconut or petroleum. Another strike against Sweet Sunnah is the cost. It could be a touch steep! A 8oz container will set you back anyplace from $11-17 hinging on where you request it and the extent they charge for transportation. I directly request mine from Amazon so I can ordinarily find unhindered delivering there. Regardless you won’t discover this feature for less than $11.00. 

The Verdict: 

This cleanser may not be something to send word to home about yet it finishes the work without a bunch of waste chemicals or stripping hair of its regular oil. Truth be told, I have submitted my second request. It leaves hair reasonable with a clean fragrance for delicate sense of taste. I appreciate it and I will reasonable administer it as a staple in the Locs & Mane line of item offerings. I might empower any individual who is searching for an elective to the standard delightfulness and stylist supply offerings that are full of destructive chemicals and have next to no helpful features. 

Try it out, Only 11$.. !

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