Summer Must Have Hair Products

May 24, 2011 by Liz Roberts  
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Summer is coming and with it bad hair days. Avoid them by stocking up on the season’s must have products for wild waves. It’ll keep hair looking healthy and sexy from the office to the beach!

   It’s the start of the summer season and that means wear and tear on hair. Surpassingly, these lazy carefree days of swimming and sunning can do a number on your strands. However your hair doesn’t have to suffer. There are a number of products that will keep it shiny, sexy and manageable even during the hottest, steamiest, beachiest days. 

 1)Elastic hair bands. These are great for very long to even very short They keep hair off your forehead and can give you a sleek sophisticated look,. Unlike regular headbands these are water absorbent and are perfect for the beach and pool. They’re also easily packable . Wear them around wrists bracelet style or just throw into a satchel., Get the classic black or go for colors to add pop to an outfit.

 2)Hair elastics. The non tear, non pull elastics are a must during steamy days. They can give you instant comfort by gathering your hair in two cute ponytails for the beach or even just working around the house. Another cool trick is using them to style hair. Take wet hair, Twist into sections then bind ten elastics per twist for tighter curls or four or five for a looser wave. Leave in until hair is thoroughly dry (you can hurry this along with a blow dryer). Takes out elastics and run fingers to texturize waves. Finish with a light mist of hairspray.

3)Bobby Pins/barrettes These classics are great for all sort s of styles as well as just lifting hair off the face. You can try a retro Seventies look by pinning the front most strands away from your face using bobby pins or barrettes They can also change a look very quickly if you need to rush from the office to an outing.. Bobby pins and barrettes are good for fastening buns into place and making sure pony tails and braids don’t become messy. Keep a handful in your office drawer as well as in your make up bag.

4)Apple cider vinegar .This is a summer must must have. Apple cider vinegar is not only a great conditioner , it also rids hair of sweat, grease and product build up. Try to rinse with it once or twice a week for shiny, manageable locks . It’s also good to bring to the beach or pool because it washes out any damaging salt or chlorine. To make it easy to carry ,pour it into a handy spray bottle you can buy at your local drug or beauty discount store . If you’re worried that your hair will smell like a salad, don’t. The aroma dissipates after a few minutes.

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