Stretch Time Between Hair Salon Visits with These Tips

March 19, 2012 by SueDoeNim  
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Save money on hair care with these hair style extending tips.

Everyone is looking for ways to save money without too much sacrifice. May sound impossible at first, but with necessity being the mother of invention, we have devised many ways to save money without sacrifice, including money saving tips for beautiful hair. These tips will help keep your locks looking great while stretching the time between hair salon visits.

Keep Hair Healthy

Healthy hair is naturally shiny and bouncy and keeping hair healthy means keeping it moisturized and protected from heat. Prevent split ends and hair breakage by using a heat protecting product before heat styling and a conditioner after each shampoo. Fewer trips to the hair salon for trims to remove dead and frizzy ends.

Fewer Shampoos

The more you shampoo the quicker your hair color will fade. Opt for an every other day shampoo schedule and when hair color begins to dull and look flat, give the color a boost with an over-the-counter rinse-out color enhancer.

Long Lasting Hair Cut

Short hair styles require frequent trips to the hair stylist for maintenance trims. Save money with a long layered hair cut that looks good longer without all the maintenance trims. Long layers which start below the chin will look great for months without touch-up trims.

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