Straighten Hair with Volume and Movement

December 29, 2011 by Mariz Dela Cruz Garcia  
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There are many versions on how to straighten your hair but this is how I do it. I don’t like it pin straight but with lots of volume and movement.

Sorry about the lighting. I filmed it at night. 

You will need:

Heat Protectant
Hair straightener
Hair tie

1. For the sake of this video, I have already combed out my tangles. 
As a heat protectant I’m using Edgy smooth n grum feed n seal styler

2. So I tie 2/3 of my hair up leaving 1/3 of my hair down. 

3.I am using VS Sassoon studio tools style straightner. 
I straighten small sections of my hair once and I go over it quickly so that it reduces hair damage

4. Then I tie 1/3 of my hair up leaving 2/3 of my hair down. You basically do the same thing, straightening small sections of your hair.

5.I take my remaining hair down and I blend them in by straightening my hair altogether. Because I am having a bad hair day with these stubborn flyaways, I curl the flyaways inwards like so about 3 times. 

6.I don’t straighten my hair at the top because it takes away the volume

7.I want my hair to frame my face so I hold my hair straightner at an angle and curl the ends inwards 

8.I like to take my bangs and straighten it on the opposite direction to give some movement

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