Squiggly Updo

April 7, 2010 by Sharon Schmidt Tyler  
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Instructions for an updo that can be as formal or casual as you make it.

Step One: Put your in a ponytail and separate it into sections.
you can do however many sections you want, depending on how small you want each twist to be. I usually do two or three sections but

Step Two: Take the first section and twist, and twist. until it is tight to your head or your arms are tired and leave some ends loose.
Pin the section in place. If you do bigger sections it  doesnt take too long.
The smaller sections take longer and when I’m doing them my arms get tired

Step Three: Repeat with each section. At this point you can either tuck the ends under or leave them poking out. If you really want to dress it up a little more you can leave extra long ends and then curl them. P=Fancy pins or flowers in the hair can also really dress this look up.
In the end this is what it should look like.

Liked it
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  1. Yalonda Says:

    That’s kind of neat looking!

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