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How to treat hair after smoothing, that is the question that is often thought of women as men-smoothing her hair, hair care activities such as rebonding, vise, including smoothing it will make the hair more beautiful, soft, smooth and straight, but that hair has got some treatment above will require more maintenance, especially if we very often do the can-can smoothing hair which was originally going to be a damaged good, dull, broken, and even can also make hair become branched.

Tips Perawatan Rambut Smoothing Tips Perawatan Rambut Smoothing

Then how do I care for smoothing hair to still look beautiful and healthy? This time we will try to give you some tips and how to care for smoothing hair. By doing some of the tips below you no longer have to worry about hair damage which will block you if you’re in smoothing hair. Yossh .. Now it’s time smoothing hair care tips.

How to hair care after rebonding or smoothing that results are good durable, can do them with the following tips:
1. Clean regularly using shampoo hair soft and always end berkandungan ritual shampoo with a conditioner. These tips will make the hair more volume, appear healthy, and extra shiny.
2. Note the ingredients in hair care products, If there are inconsistencies in the womb aminoa or alcohol, segaiknya immediately stop using the product because both the content can make the hair becomes dry and damaged increases.
3. Apply anti-frizz spray or anti-frizz oil to moisturize the hair and prevent frizz.
4. If you want to use a vise so that more hair straight hair, use a hair moisturizer or a product that can moisturize the hair, so that is not exposed to dry heat. Should not be too frequent use of hair clamp, because it can eliminate the moisture.
5. Do not overuse styling equipment. If you have to do it, try adjusting the temperature level of styling appliances up not too hot and damage the hair.
6. After rebonding hair should not be dyed because it will make hair dry and brittle.
7. Rebonding hair care, avoid the habit of clamping or tying the hair too long, especially if the new finish.
8. Also use a conditioner to keep hair moisture quickly to prevent damaged hair.
9. Wear hair mask twice a week.
10. Do not forget to give vitamin hair to keep hair healthy and beautiful.
11. How to care for hair rebonding, rebonding to maintain the results, you should use a special shampoo recommended treatment according to the condition of the hair.
12. The use of treatment product regularly will tackle various problems of dry hair, dull, fall out, even able to reduce dandruff.
13. Avoid combing hair in a position to head down and brush it excessively, as this will damage your hair akara.
14. Hair care after rebonding, hair coloring avoid, at least 2 to 4 weeks and do a treatment to restore hair vitality every week or two weeks, can be done in the salon or at home.

Other tips:

Once in smoothing, let your hair for three days. Do not over-apain like what shampoo or the like because of the drug that is given for the hair you still working or seep into your hair. If you keramasa, certain drugs that are attached to your hair will be gone in the water.

Three days post-smoothing, good hair in the hair maskerin maintained. Hair mask would also be beneficial because it will give vitamins to your hair. Do a hair mask at least once a week on a regular basis. If you can not do that, use the services of a professional or go to the salon.

After the two points you do, then wash as usual activities you can already do. Most often done every two weeks, do not be too often. When shampooing, use regular shampoo and conditioner followed by. How to use enough conditioner throughout the hair rubbed. But just focus on the ends of your hair

For dry hair, never use a blow dryer blow dryer because it will make the hair become dry. Simply by utilizing a soft towel made of cotton only to absorb water by pressing a towel on your hair. It also would be beneficial to keep the hair and retain moisture.

Once a month try your hair in trim. This is to keep the hair you are starting to feel rough, especially on the edges.

In combing hair, better choose a comb with teeth sparse on your hair. Hair so that you do not easily fall out. because it is already in smoothing hair would not be as strong and brittle hair is still natural. Moreover also use anti-frizz oil or anti-frizz spray so your hair moisture and maintain hair was free of tangles.

Use moisturizer hair day when you’re mencatok hair, because hair dicatok will surely lose moisture. So, by using a hair moisturizer the hair moisture will remain intact.

Never tie your hair especially clamped by using hair tongs. The hair is tied or clamped will make your hair become wavy. You need to know, if the wavy lambut be very difficult to make a straight back. So it is not recommended to tie in smoothing hair.

The newly hair smoothing never ever in the paint. Wait until your hair is really normal and healthy. Usually 3 weekly.

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