Simple Care for Long Hair

August 25, 2013 by brian01  
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Simple Care for Long Hair.

Has a long and beautiful hair is the dream of every woman. But long hair you have will look bad if you do not take care of him. Having long hair will have a double hair problems than those with short hair.

Therefore recognize your hair problems and find solutions to overcome them. Here are some common hair problems and solutions to overcome them that you can apply.

Hair loss

Having long hair can not be avoided from hair loss problems. For that, you have to be smart in taking care of your long hair. If you have long hair loss then the first thing you should do is do not let your long hair tied during sleep.

Hair ties will be suppressed during sleep and it will make your hair. If you want menguncir your hair, you should use special hair ties. Avoid hair menguncir with rubber and do not bind too strongly.

If you want to comb your hair, use a hair brush gently. This will flatten the distribution of oil throughout the hair shaft. Moisture so your hair will be preserved.

To reduce your hair so as not to break off and fall, you should use gloves made of satin bed while you sleep. If for no forced, do not ever and combing long hair and in wet conditions unless you use the wide-toothed comb. Because it will make your hair brittle and easily broken.

Hair chapped

If you are experiencing hair cracked, the first solution is to always use a conditioner every time you shampoo. Because the function of the conditioner itself is to moisturize the cuticle layer so hair will feel soft.

If long hair is normal to use pure moisturizing hair conditioner that can solve your hair loss. In addition to address your hair cracked, do the trimming for your long hair.

Do it once every two months. Trimming function to solve your hair cracked and will keep your haircut.

Dry and tangled hair

Long hair did not escape the problem of tangled hair. The problem can be solved in several ways. One way is to gently comb your hair with your fingers.

Open slowly twisted curls so your hair is not cracked and fell out. Avoid the use of heating devices like hair dryers, hair straighteners and hair reeling.

Such tools it will use and the stress and dry hair. Also avoid directly touching your hair with chemicals. Such as swimming or coloring your hair. This will damage the structure of the substance in your long hair.

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