Should Shave Pubic Hair

July 10, 2013 by joshua123  
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This article contains the need to shave pubic hair.

For some women, hair has not a pleasant thing. Especially when the feathers are in an area that can interfere with the aesthetic appearance, especially the fur contained in the pubic area. Therefore it is not rare to see the beauty salons that offer waxing, electrolysis up with shaving. But beyond the aesthetic issues, should a woman shave her in the female sex organs?

Pubic Hair Removal function
Like the fur on the nose acts as a filter dirt, feathers above the eyes as a dust barrier and fluid, it also has the function of pubic hair. Fine hairs that serve to stimulate the growth of good bacteria that fight bad bacteria will be trying to break into the sex. In addition, the plume also serves to keep the genitals in order to stay warm and reduce friction.

How to Care
Caring for the fine hairs around the pubic is very important, not just wash it with water when showering or urinating finished kerapihannya but also must be maintained. Pubic hair is too thick and not sheared at risk as the growth of bacteria if not cleaned properly. Ladies if you want to shave pubic hair, for aesthetic purposes using bikini instance, in addition to using the shaving technique, you can also use electrolysis techniques if you want to permanently shave, or use waxing. However, the actual waxing technique not recommended because it will cause pain in the female sex organ that is very sensitive

So ladies if you want to shave, wet your sex organs first with warm water and liquid soap as a lubricant so easy to shave. However, as explained above, the pubic hair has its own function, namely as a tool that would fight the bad bacteria that try to get into the sex, so it should not be shaved pubic hair until they run out and trimmed just enough so that is not too thick and also to keep sex organs protect you from bacteria

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