Shave Pubic Hair

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Shave Pubic Hair.

Should Shave Pubic Hair?

Caring genitals including the fine hairs around it is very important to both men and women. There are people who are lazy to shave her hair but there are also very obsessed shave because they want to look sexy and so on. How important is it to shave pubic hair?

Lecturer in andrology Prof. Dr. Dr. Nukman Moeloek, Sp And admit pubic hair does not always have to be shaved. “If you want to stay razor shaving ya, if not that’s okay too. Important thing, keep it clean,” said Prof detikhealth Nukman When contacted on Monday (1/2/2010).

In addition to the hygiene factors, many men who claim to love the woman’s genitals without hair because it looks more sexy.

Is this true?

“It still depends on the perception of each person. Nobody likes that way some are not disputed,” said Prof. Nukman.

According to Professor of Andrology and Medical Biology, University of Indonesia, the hair growth usually stops after 2 months. So that was a longish pubic hair will not grow long and shaggy continue despite not shaved.


But that does not shaved pubic hair is risky as the growth of bacteria

if not cleaned properly. But if cleaned properly,

bacteria will not thrive there. “As hair alone,

although longish but when clean, so no problem. “he said.

Razor is a very popular weapon of choice for removing pubic hair.

For most people, this treatment technique is a better solution than cutting techniques.

That must be considered, trim pubic hair with a razor

should be done after wet it with warm water.

“Before shaven, do not forget the soap moistened and given first so slippery and

easy shave, “said Prof. Nukman.


In addition to shaving with a razor techniques, other techniques that can be used

is the technique of electrolysis, laser, waxing (wax) or use hair removal remedy.

Electrolysis technique can remove pubic hair permanently in just one treatment, but the price is quite expensive. While waxing technique is not very advisable for causing pain in the genitals which is very sensitive.

Want to be shaved or not, that definitely pubic hair should be kept clean. “Obviously, all of which exist in human beings it is a gift from God, so it must always be maintained,” said Prof Nukman.

Woman shaving her pubic hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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