Seven So Trend Concept Salon

June 6, 2013 by Nicholas Edemba  
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Seven So Trend Concept Salon.

Salon treatment or place currently has a variety of treatments. For example, the salon, which has a ‘menu’ haircut, manicure, pedicure, hair spa and others. But the concept salon that will be the trend is a more specific care areas, such as that only provides salon blow dry.

Want to know the future of innovation in the salon? he is seven salon concept that a trend.

1. Special Salon Blow Dry
Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe opens the special salon blow dry. Rachel’s Salon named Dream Cleaning and already has two locations in New York. Recently Gwyneth Paltrow build a similar salon. Salon concept called the blow dry bar opened in the Brentwood, Los Angeles.

2. Salon Special Hair Extension
Salon is devoted to connect the hair for the first time open in Los Angeles. Ranging from continued hair, hair extensions care to trim the hair that has been welcomed.

3. Adjusting Technology for Make-up with Skin Color
The woman must have one buy foundation or lipstick color does not match the color of the skin. Sephora and Pantone COLOR IQ’s groundbreaking technology makes technology to recognize skin color and matching make-up right. The plan at all Sephora cosmetics boutiques will have the technology.

4. Special Salon & Pigtail braid
Go to a party or prom night will certainly be easier with salons pigtails, and braids come off this. Salon in Los Angeles has been opened. Not only the hair, there also has make-up and nail polish.

5. Hair straightening with Crystals
Well-known method of hair straightening is the Brazilian blowout. Now there is a new method, namely gemstone blowout. Gemston blowout was first present in the Sine Qua Non salon in Chicago. The salon uses a lotion containing crystals to straighten curly hair and unruly.

6. Salon for Botoks
Usually done in clinics botox beauty, but in Los Angeles there is a small salon that can do botox. Dr.. Vicki Rapaport makes the salon to facilitate women who want to get botox in a short time. In fact, at lunch they could melipir moment to do botox.

7. Party in the Salon
Party does not have to always be in the club. Now, women can do a party at the salon with beloved friends. The crowd rushed into the salon while doing maintenance and woman drinking cocktails become a trend in Hollywood.”

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