Semi Rebond for Straightening Hair

May 31, 2011 by dbanheh  
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I had just gotten my hair semi rebonded to straighten course wavy hair. If you are considering undergoing the same service, here is my personal experience on what they will do at the salon.

A friend has her hair rebonded every 6 months. We have similar hair texture, the kind that is difficult to comb and make neat in the morning, so she recommended that I have my hair rebonded also. After she had her hair rebonded, her thick unrully hair became sleek straigh. It also became thinner. Another friend said she could never have her hair straightened becuase she has thin hair and would look bald if her hair was straightened. I have thick hair with thick strands, so straight hair would be no problem. 

The only real problem is that rebonding hair is very expensive. Even more expensive than getting fake dred locks or a Korean digital perm. So I went to an out of the way small home based salon and opted for what they call a Semi Rebond. The chemicals used are the same as a regular rebond treatment, except the processing time is shorter, the application is diluted with water, and the results are not as straight. 

I do not have curly hair, just waves. Plus, very straight hair does not look that good, it sticks to the scalp and even girls with thick hair look like they are balding. So am fine with a Semi Rebond, especially since the price is one third of a full Rebond treatment. 

The hair is not washed, only made damp. Then the chemicals are applied starting from the back. A fine tooth comb is used to comb the treated hair to straighten the hair even more. The hairdresser watched over my hair the entire time and the treatment lasted for 20 minutes. He rushed me to have my hair washed when he said my ends were starting to burn. 

My hair is not exactly virgin hair. I dye my black hair to light brown every 3 months using permanent dye and peroxide. So some extra damage after getting another chemical treatment is not completely unexpected. I would like to add that the hairdresser did a good job in application because my scalp did not burn, which happens a lot with inexperienced or arrogant hairdressers with any kind of hair treatment. Having a “heavy hand” should disqualify these people from the profession. 

My hair was washed with shampoo three times and rinsed for around 15 minutes. The treated wet hair feels very weird, like soft plastic. I thought it would stick together like that forever. The treated hair was then dried with a cold blower, tossed by hand. Not with a comb. I think my hair would have fallen off if a a comb or brush was used while it was wet. When the hair dried it dried in clumps but was extremely straight. 

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9 Responses to “Semi Rebond for Straightening Hair”
  1. dame016 Says:

    Ang ganda ng hair mo! I want to have a hair treatment too, but I’m reluctant since my hair is thin. I think I’m not qualified for a rebond — it’ll make me look bald. Do you think my hair can get through semi-rebond? What salon in the Philippines do you recommend?

  2. CHIPMUNK Says:

    great read well done on your chosen title

  3. Picket Solitaire Says:

    Nice one! I also have dry and coarse hair, this helps a lot. ^^

  4. dbanheh Says:

    @dame016.. not my hair! picture lang yan. Update: it has been 2 weeks since my hair was treated and as feared… a bit more than usual hair fall after washing hair. Semi rebond has the same straightening effect but also the balding danger. It only does not last as long as rebonded hair or stay as straight because the straightening chemicals are not fixed with a neutralizer.

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  7. ittech Says:

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  8. qncai Says:

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  9. Nam Says:

    hi last year i been in rebond, and now im planning to semi rebond is it Okay ?

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