Self Esteem Issues Can Plague any Culture

August 24, 2013 by Jswana  
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We really should listen to the lyrics in this song below as it is profound truth put musically……….

Personally I am disgusted with how my Community wants to continue to define beauty in one particular way. These people are the ones that are vocal about it with “Oh Woe is me…..”  stories. Case in point is the way we would prefer to describe ourselves in comparison to others.  Such as a darker person saying that they are treated a particular way.  I always want to say that there are confident people in every shade and if you desire another complexion it’s challenging God’s decision to create you exactly as you are.

It seems that the Darker females and males want to insist that they must take the back seat to the Lighter complexioned person.   To be honest, if we would stop this type of manic talk and belief, we’d all be better off.  For one thing, you best believe that every Culture has issues.   When a lady from China told me that she thought her eyes were ugly years ago I thought of the surgery that was said to be popular in the 50s, to remove the “extra” fold in their eyelids.  This lady was pretty, well dressed but believed that she would be prettier with bigger, blue eyes. Still this Culture seems to find pride within their Communities.

The point is that the things that my community of people say today in the public and to other Cultures against each other is appalling.  Whatever our ills were, in my generation we never thought to speak it in public such as referring to each other as Light skinned, Dark skinned, good hair, bad hair.  The “N” word and how and why it is spoken within the Community.  I would wish to ask the speakers of this nonsense “do you really need that much attention…to sell out your ignorance to be heard?”  That’s exactly how I feel.

It is a fact that I have love and respect for my people and always will because I am not concerned with the world’s perception of beauty which I believe is magnified through a belief of what you’re called or told to be.  We are all human and everyone is and can be beautiful in their own way.

The first time I wore my hair in a Natural after living a life of “straightened” hair because the Public wouldn’t allow it to not be “fixed” without laughing, I looked at Miriam Bakeba and Nina Simone and my big Sister’s Division Teacher, all with natural hair.   I also remember my hair being straightened to a bone straight and that “unnatural” look and almost crying in the mirror at this little skinny witch-looking child looking back at me with Shirley Temple curls!  Shirley Temple needed those curls, not me and I was a little girl.    The only time I was happy was when my hair was in that perfect “Ball” that Mom would do for us at Party Time.  Then I didn’t feel longer, straightened hair was the end-all.   I did not wear  it well.

When I first got my Natural, all cut and groomed, I can’t even explain the Liberation that I felt.  I could walk anywhere and people would just compliment me so. Even stranger was all types of Ethnic groups told me that I looked pretty that way.  I guess I may have because for once, I believe I felt pretty because I felt natural and not bound by Society’s definition.

The beautiful end to this simple: Life has nothing to do with outer appearances.  It is what is inside that radiates beauty.   Black girl, White girl, Light girl, and the same with guys; just look around you and see that success and  happiness doesn’t have physical Template, but a mental one.  Again, everyone is beautiful, in their own way.

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