Routine Maintenance Simple to Make Healthy and Beautiful Hair

June 7, 2013 by Seema Kashif  
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Routine maintenance Simple to Make Healthy and Beautiful Hair.

HAIR is the crown of a woman. It sounds cliché, but the phrase was indeed true. Hair is a big part on myself a wanita.Tak wonder many women are willing to spend many hours hanging out at the salon for hair care. Ranging from cream bath, hair mask, to a variety of styles such as colored, rebonding, or permed.

Unfortunately, it was so focused on the luxury treatment many women ignore the little things that routinely done to her hair. Just choose shampoo, shampoo was finished a few seconds. It’s unfortunate because the dream of beautiful hair can be obtained not only for salon treatments, but instead created from the service we perform on the crown it every day.

To raise awareness as well as increase knowledge, the following simple steps to maintain the health and beauty of your hair.

Shampoo Three Times A Week

Wash one key to get healthy hair of your dreams. Starting from shampoo, buy hygiene products in beauty stores are reliable. Select the appropriate type of hair. Never be ashamed to buy anti-dandruff shampoo dandruff if it’s you. Even with the special shampoo because hair loss and this branch was the first step is to determine whether or not your hair healthy. After determining a suitable shampoo, take advantage of the best.

Not necessarily wash twice a day, you know. Understandably, many people mistakenly think the more you wash it the better. “(In reality) frequency of shampooing makes hair and scalp dry,” “Three times a week is enough,”.

Routine Use After shampooing Conditioner

Conditioner is important to avoid hair from tangling while combing. Because in wet conditions, hair keelastisitasan far greater than when dry, so no hair conditioner you will draw more than half of its original length and strength. Then it will slowly damaged hair.

With hair conditioner that was noticeably softer and not easily fall out because appropriate power drawn comb. About usage, very easy. After shampooing, apply conditioner evenly from the scalp to the hair ends. Wrap with a shower cap for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water followed by cold water. To be more pervasive, wrap it in towels 2-3 minutes. After that, apply a leave-in conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Allow to dry.

Reduce Use Hair Dryer (Hair Dryer)

Time constraints often so excuse the faithful women using the services of a hair dryer. “It feels uncomfortable in the morning leaving office with wet hair condition,”

The reason it was not understandable, big city traffic conditions extremely hostile forces everyone to spend more time to move. To work around this, as we have emphasized above, do not be too frequent shampooing. By using a hair dryer so the frequency is reduced.

Diligent Hair Cut

Hair cut on a regular basis. Nothing, as prolonged branched hair problems directly approached. Normally you are short haired with memorong advised pass refreshment after a month of cutting hair, medium haired after six weeks, and after seven weeks long. If done regularly, in addition to create an impression of fresh, healthier hair also. Hmmm, after doing these simple steps are guaranteed no more trouble deh bad hair day!

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