Reasons Why a Simple Ponytail is The Hottest Style Right Now

March 3, 2011 by Flozzabelle10  
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The humble ponytail… simple, classic, but it’s just got fashionable! Read on to discover how to update your ponytail to copy the catwalk queens.

A simple ponytail can look really smart and professional, or relaxed and laid back depending on how you style it. The latest trend is to slick it back, eliminating all fly-aways. This look really emphasises great cheekbones, and means you can experiment with new make-up styles and show off your entire face, as no hair will be getting in the way!

Mix it up! Using a fine tooth comb, switch your parting to the centre, slightly to the side, or if you’re feeling daring try a very low side parting or even a diagonal/zig zag parting!

Accessorize! Adorn your pretty ponytail with feathered headbands, plastic ones, ribbon tied around the head like an Alice band, wrap hair around the elastic so it’s invisible, add cute clips, skinny plaits, whatever you like!

Ponytails are easy to do and ultra-quick, and if you don’t fancy a smooth, slicked back style, why not try a more grungy look? Tip your head upside down, spray with hairspray and then roughly backcomb to add volume and texture. Then pull it back into a loose pony, and poof up the hair around the crown for extra va-va-voom. To add interest and a 60’s flavour, tie a ribbon around your head and fasten in a bow underneath the ponytail.

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