Rare Moments, Ruwatan Son Headed Gimbal in Dieng

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Rare moments, Ruwatan Son Headed Gimbal in Dieng.

Dieng tourist area held a special cultural events and tourist are lucky to attend. Residents Dieng meruwat dreadlocked kids . This is not mareka reggae style , but the privilege experienced there .

Child dreads the Dieng Plateau is not a style that followed , but the hair that has been formed by natural . For those having dreadlocks is a privilege compared to children with hair in general .

Dreads that special children should be cut in a ceremony ruwatan . This ruwatan be one event in Dieng Culture Festival ( DCF ) IV 2013 Arjuna Temple complex in the village of Dieng Kulon , District Batur , Banjarnegara , Central Java , on Sunday ( 30/06/2013 ) yesterday .

This time , there were 7 children will dreadlocked diruwat . They are Sri Nuria ( 7 ) of Banjarnegara , Lista of Wonosobo , Argifari Yulianto ( 7 ) of Banjarnegara , Mazaya Filza Labibah ( 6 ) from Bekasi , Alira ( 3 ) of Wonosobo , Salsabila ( 6 ) of Wonosobo , and Tita ( 5 ) of Wonosobo .

They paraded from house adat communities Dieng , Mbah Naryono , towards Arjuna temple complex . They dress and white headband up the wagon . Arjuna Temple complex , the children were taken to Spring Sedayu for penjamasan or washing ceremony before their dreadlocks cut .

After that , their hair shorn in Puntadewa Candi Arjuna temple complex . Slovak Ambassador to Indonesia , attended the ceremony and Stefan Rozkopal Argifari Yulianto hair cut . Pieces dreads then floated in Lake Balekambang .

Well after that according to tradition, the parents of the child must meet the demand of dreadlocks that are quite unique . Sri Ram asked , Lista ask rings , fireworks and red bike , Argifari ask big red fish , Mazaya ask jewelry necklaces and bracelets as well as a cocktail dress , Alira asked 5 gembus tempe red guava , Salsabila ask rings , and Tita ask hat from Mickey Stores mouse in Wonosobo .

” After gimbalnya hair shaved by a procession ruwatan , the child will return to normal as normal children in general , ” said community leader Dieng , Handi Yubianto .

Dreadlocked child is favored for the local community . Always obeyed her parents’ desire for mampi , if the child is not sick . The children are believed to have an advantage . Agustrini Sumarlinah Mazaya ’s mother said her son had escaped the accident unhurt .

When her hair loss, hair Agustrini collect it . ” Her hair was taken and kept himself from falling into the hands of the bad guys to use a talisman , ” he mimicked her words .

Ambassador to Slovakia , Stefan Rozkopal , said this event is proof people still have traditions that continue to survive until now . Ruwatan dreads is cultural tourism event which has the potential to be promoted abroad .

” This tradition is very unique and rare . With packed into a festival it will be good for the development of tourism in Banjarnegara . Later we promote in Slovakia , ” he said .

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