Quick Tips to Extend Your Hair

November 2, 2013 by diansvelly  
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For some women this would be a nightmare for however long hair is a woman’s crown.

Long hair , flowing naturally healthy and really menyedapkan to be viewed . Different fate if we want a new atmosphere and salon pieces result is not as pretty as what we want .. Well , not infrequently some women fought to keep her hair long fast immediately denan how to buy drugs to accelerate women long hair back .

Did you know that the hair will grow faster cut length when the hair in a healthy state . This time we present tips that you need to do in order to keep hair shiny , healthy long fast and naturally without the use of drugs :

If your hair is already damaged as branching ends , cut the forked part .

Hair will be broken if you wash it every day . Did you know that the real Shampoo can reduce the oil that comes out naturally from the roots of the hair , and he serves as a nutrition hair . Try reducing to wash it twice a week , so that your scalp get sufficient intake to the hair roots . If your hair is dirty quickly and must be washed every time , choose a mild shampoo and conditioner contain any useful to moisturize hair .

Do not be too often mengucir toned hair . Hair healthy and long fast only if the hairs get enough oxygen and loose . and does not cause hair breakage .

Do not overuse chemicals to your hair like gel , volumizer , serum , and hairspray . The use of chemical products too often will make your hair kempel / clumping . In the end you have to wash it again .

Your hair will not be a quick and dirty long fast if you overuse heating appliances such as blow dryers, reeling hair , or hair irons .

Use a hat . Strong sunlight that hit and often damage the hair dry . Use a hat that is not tight .

Do a head massage that feels relaxed head of hair roots . This will allow nutrients to enter into it . Use aloe vera to anoint him anyway . Please massage for 15 minutes . Do it twice a week . This method is believed to facilitate the natural oils into the base of the hair and brings nutrients to the entire network .

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