Poll: 93% of Women Hate Football Show

August 12, 2013 by Michel Jack  
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Often because of a bad hair day when you feel at full face? You are not alone. The results of the survey universe pigeons, 1,000 women aged 18-65 years in the U.S.found that the hair looks just seven percent of women in the elections.

Poll: 93% of women hate football show

Often because of a bad hair day when you feel at full face? You are not alone. The results of the survey universe pigeons, 1,000 women aged 18-65 years in the U.S.found that the hair looks just 7 percent of women in the elections.

Crown of their heads, feel some women uncomfortable. Here are some survey data from service.

First As many as 67 percent of women say their hair matted and unruly, often, is your mind.
Second 20 percent of women said that because of a bad day and miss the socialinteraction.
Third 45 percent believe that child care is more important than normal breakfast.
4th Women make up 39 percent from more worried about her hair.
5th More than 35 percent of women so hair care to choose the time to spend.
6th 58 percent of women color their hair use products in a day.

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