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May 15, 2012 by TNWriter  
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Don’t be afraid to make the big chop, drop that perm and keep your hair in its natural state! Just my thoughts on how I feel.

I’ve been toying with the idea of transitioning my hair to natural for a while now and just recently decided to go for it. The end result is that I love it! For those of you who don’t know what being “natural” is, it’s pretty much deciding not to use chemicals such as perms, relaxers, texturizer and such on your hair. You can still flatiron; press and blow dry your hair, just no chemical changes to the hair itself.

Putting a relaxer on your hair changes the structure of each strand of hair completly. I’m sure that most of us learned in school, that the human body has a certain pH level that must be maintained in order to stay healthy. The same goes for your hair. Products such as relaxers raise the pH, which allows the hair to be altered, and the bonds that give the curly or kinky appearance are destroyed, thus making the hair very weak. That is why there are so many products which try to help balance the pH again.  Many of the chemicals that are used to make relaxers can be found in drain cleaners, and some of these ingredients are strong enough to erode aluminum cans and metal pipes if exposed long enough. This is they type of stuff I was putting in my hair, and to my surprise, as much as I wanted to believe it, there is no real difference between a “kiddie perm” and “regular adult” perm. Although they say there is not as much of the products, and that the strength of the products is different, IT”S A LIE! I also learned through my exhausting research that although many perms today say they are “no lye” that’s not completely true, it’s just a slower working form of lye which does not irritate the scalp as fast.

OK, so moving on, I know there are many people who think that their hair or African American hair has no moisture and that when we go natural, our hair is dry, brittle, and just plain ugly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Long before our ancestors were brought over, they had access to herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients that are becoming popular today. They were able to use those organic things and create elaborate traditional hairstyles that were beautiful, and not the “nappy” uncared for mess that many pictures portrayed once slavery began. I mean when I have a product that I love on my hair and that does wonders for it, and then I run out, my hair starts to look a bit shabby. So why would it be any different for our ancestors? They were taken from their home where they had all their hair supplies, and put in a place where they had nothing but lard and other industrial products to mimic what they were accustomed to using.

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