Natural Beauty Secrets of Chinese Women

February 2, 2011 by farestya  
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Chinese women have skin as smooth as silk and soft black hair. If you want to appear as beautiful as they are, this is their secret.

Paras shining white, smooth skin like silk, slim body and black hair is soft when exposed to wind. Who was not stunned to see the natural beauty that emanated from the Chinese women? 

You’ll wonder how they care for beauty and always looks stunning. Rarely do you see the Chinese women wearing heavy makeup. Only with the spread thin, they already look pretty natural. How come? They have a natural secrets that you can imitate. 

  • Tea 

As one of the countries with high consumption of tea in the world, do not be surprised if the women in the plains of China always look healthy. Green tea, oolong tea and white tea is the drink that they consume diligent. Savor tea-tea in addition to maintaining the immune system, very powerful to ward off free radicals that can reduce the beauty of your skin. So start entering the tea-tea in your daily menu. 

  • Seaweed Consumption 

Seaweed, the magic that is rich in fiber, contain lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and anti-oxidants. Besides tea, Chinese women diligently eating seaweed. Natural fiber help to expedite the process of digestion and absorb excess salt in the body. In addition, natural fibers will make their full longer, perfect when you’re on a diet. 

In addition, vitamins and chlorophyll content can rejuvenate the skin, maintain levels of collagen and makes the skin is always taut and springy. Seaweed is also rich in protein, these natural ingredients to prevent premature aging of the body. No wonder they always seemed ageless. 

  • Natural Masks 

From generation to generation, people in the plains of Chinese prefer to use natural materials for the process of healing and beauty care. For treatment of outsiders, the Chinese women also prefer to choose natural materials as a mask to the face and body. They make their own masks made from a mixture of papaya, yogurt and natural sea salt. Natural materials are making the skin smooth and soft. 

  • Maintain Hair With Camellia Oil 

Who does not love to have a natural hair is black and shiny like a black pearl? The majority of Chinese women have thin hair strands. Need care that is not easy, but they have a powerful secret to preserve the beauty of their hair. White camellia nut oil is the secret of their natural. Chinese women use this oil as a natural moisturizer which maintains the softness of their hair. 

Natural Secrets always emit natural beauty. Chinese women have to prove it. What about you? Want to try?

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