Myths Surrounding The Baby’s Hair

July 18, 2013 by אני מקווה שברכה  
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Baby hair care traditions we often hear. There is a corresponding fact, there are only a myth. These are some myths about baby hair that we often hear.

Myth: Applying aloe vera on the scalp to nourish the hair.
Facts: Aloe vera is well known and trusted and penghitam fertilizing materials containing natural hair. Gummy leaves can be applied directly to the scalp.

Myth: Shave was the baby’s hair to grow thick and not easily fall out.
Fact: It is only tradition alone. Of medical terms, there is no relationship between the shaved hair with thick hair. Baby hair fertility depends on heredity. Besides heredity, nutritional factors, environmental, and hormonal hair tururt determine fertility. But there was a possibility the baby could have thin hair thick and shiny hair as they mature from childhood when her hair was diligently cared for.

Myth: thin baby hair that can be fixed by using hair lotion.
Fact: In essence, the baby’s skin has not been working properly. Her skin is thinner and the connective tissue between cells is still loose. If the baby is still thin hair or sudden hair loss, you do not panic just yet. Because like teeth, hair first baby also has to be loose and replaced with a permanent hair. The permanent hair will grow at the age of 3-4 months. However, the baby still needs to be hair lotion because her hair is still in a growth phase.

Myth: Frequent shampooing can make your hair grow faster.
Fact: Like the plants are more fertile when frequently watered and fertilized, the baby’s hair should also be treated with shampoo on a regular basis in order to grow healthy and scalp, like the scales of the head (cradle cap) and seborrheic. In addition to shampoo, use a hair lotion to give natural moisture in baby’s hair and scalp so that hair grow thicker, black and luminous and softer. So easily combed and not tangled.

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