My Top Three Curly Hair Solutions

August 10, 2011 by bellebrown  
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Having curly hair can seem like one of the most irritating things to deal with in life, but with these three curl hair products, your curly hair will become less of an annoyance and more of a luxury. It’s time to appreciate the curls that everyone else appreciates.

Being of mixed race, I was blessed with the beauty of curls which I’ve been praised for all of my life. To me, my curls were a living nightmare that involved trying over 100 different products since I was about five years of age, but to almost everyone else, my curls were beautiful locks that others wish they could have. Up until a year ago I loathed having curls and wished to the almighty gods of Olympus that I could just have hair that was easier to manage, didn’t get HUGE in heavy humidity, and would stay moisturized instead of just greedily sucking in my hair products. Finally, I was fed up with not having a hair product that did anything for my oh so beautiful nightmare, so I went on an epic quest to find something that would answer all of my prayers. Luckily, I came upon three fantastic styling products that I like to alternate with throughout the year.

The first product I was blessed with was Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel. I absolutely adore this product during the hot and humid summer months. The Climate Control Gel keeps your curls perfectly hydrated and plump throughout the day. I live a very active life, especially during the summer, so this is my go to product when I go out for long periods of time because I know it’ll keep my curls in control at extreme temperature levels. 

One of the great things that I love about this styling product is that unlike most gels, it doesn’t leave the hair crunchy and hard which is an utterly dreadful effect. Now, the gel will make your hair harden if you use way too much, and just rub it in. I found, for the best effect, you should rub about a quarter size into your hands and scrunch it in the desired area. Another great way of application, is to use Ouidad’s Rake-and-Shake Method, which can be learned by looking at their tutorial on their website,

After trying Ouidad, and falling head over heels for it, I decided I should look around some more and uncover the what seems to be hidden amazing curl products. Also, I don’t know if it’s just my hair, but products stop to work after awhile for me, so I mix up different products during the year to keep my hair always looking as healthy as possible. Now, the next curly hair styling product I was blessed to have found is DevaCurl Arc AnGEL. This styling product is also a gel, but unlike Ouidad’s humidity gel, it has a citrus smell which doesn’t overpower your hair and tends to keep your hair always smelling fresh. I really like this product because its great if you have really thick curly hair, otherwise if you have thinner curls that are finer, than I suggest toning it down a notch and use DevaCurl’s AnGEL because the Arc AnGEL will make your curls crunchy if they aren’t thick. 

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