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Our hair – the Dominant factor Appearance, and Through it we are Trying to Convey to others their Individuality. Appearance of Hair is of Great importance, and Hence today the Foreground hair Health and proper Care of Them.

Our hair – the dominant factor appearance, and through it we are trying to convey to others their individuality. Appearance of hair is of great importance, and hence today the foreground hair health and proper care of them.


During the whole of human life, the hair gets the most. Hair is constantly comb, wash is not always a good shampoo, paint, dried hair dryer, painted, curl and straighten. Greased back hair, styling, and the influence of the environment, improper care – all this is not the best acts on the hair. In addition, in the hair like a mirror reflects the state of health. Hormonal changes, metabolic diseases, chronic fatigue, constant stress – and your hair become dull and brittle, begin to thin and fall out. Then we literally grab his head and looking for tools that can restore lost beauty.


Not everyone knows that there is a branch of medicine – trichology, which deals with hair health. Only a physician-trichologist after thorough research and analysis can diagnose and find the right treatment.


A human hair – this is a very complicated system, which is the basis of the hair follicle. The life cycle of a single follicle of 3-5 years. During this time he can produce about 25 hairs. Each follicle is living on an individual “graphics”, so all the hairs are in different stages of production “. Hair grows about 1-2 cm per month.


1. Anagen stage – the period of active growth of hair. This period lasts for 2-5 years.


2. Catagen stage – activity slows follicle, hair growth stops. It lasts about 3-4 weeks.


3. Telogen stage – follicle “asleep”. During this period, synthesized a new hair bulb and the old shrinks and begins to move toward the surface of the skin of the head. New hair begins to grow old – falls.


In the growth stage is about 85% of follicles, 1% in the resting stage and 14% in the stage of loss. Knowing that the scalp of man is from 120 to 170 thousand follicles can roughly calculate how much hair we lose a day. 80-100 hair – is the norm. If there are – then there is cause for concern.


From a physiological point of view of the hair can not be called a living substance. He has no blood supply; it shall not undergo nerve and muscle fibers. What we see – it’s just the hair shaft. Living cells, which multiply at a tremendous speed, located deep under the skin, the hair roots.

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