More Thick Hair in Seven Steps

June 7, 2013 by Nicholas Edemba  
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More Thick Hair in seven Steps.

Thin hair and saucer may decrease the beauty of your appearance.

To work around this, you need to make the hair look later volumes using hairdressing products and techniques, as well by choosing a haircut that can make it look thicker.

1. Replace haircut

If you’re already bored with the haircut-it’s just, it’s time for you to choose a new appearance. Haircut with layers can make the hair look thicker, as well as bob haircut. Whatever haircut you choose, be sure to match your face shape.

2. Hairdressing products

Choose a styling product that works to add volume to the hair. For example, shampoo and hair conditioner that affects more volumes, and complete with gel, mousse or hairspray.

3. Hair Coloring

Hair coloring can also give a thicker effect. The key to using the paint hair with the right color and highlight the sections that can make the hair look more volumes.

4. Avoid shampooing every day

Infrequent shampooing make oil buildup on the hair are becoming more common, to make it look drenched. But it does not mean you have to shampoo every day. Using shampoo every day can make the hair become dry and brittle. Get used to shampoo two days to remove oil and dirt on the hair.

5. Replacing parting

If you’re familiar with the hair organize or suburban shopping center, the hair will automatically follow order models hair just so-so every day. Try to replace parting to produce different views and provide an alternative to the haircut. In addition, the defense parting models in long time will make the hair seem thinner and saucer.

6. Curls

Marcel also can make the hair look thicker. You can wear hair roll, curling iron, perm or drugs. Want more practice but I do not want contact with chemicals or tools with heating? Braid your hair before sleeping, let stand overnight, and … Voila! Curly hair could be in the next morning.

7. Blow dry

Blow dry process performed after creambath or shampooing is not merely to dry hair only. Blow dry hair is also beneficial to make thicker and volumes. Movement combing hair while drying with hair dryer, and given a little spray hairspray, can make hair become more volumes and durable.

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