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June 18, 2012 by Almond Girl  
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I am now at the borderline. Part of me is desperately trying to retain my youthful ways, while the other part is gracefully accepting the inevitable.

Five months after I turned forty, it is finally sinking in to me. Now I belong to the so-called “old age of youth and youth of old age”.

The Ugly and Bad

First thing that made me conscious about myself was my face. Wrinkles and pigmentations are becoming more evident. I can no longer do away with compact powder, for I use it to conceal at least some of the wrinkles on the crevices and the discoloration on my cheeks. I have to put on my bright lipstick to reduce my drab appearance.

Second, I have to struggle harder to curb the thickening of my waistline and hips. So far, my width continues to increase, when I believe I still consume the same amount of food and drinks. My metabolism gets more and more sluggish through time. I can no longer wear clothes in my favorite bright colors anytime. I have to content myself with dark or even black wardrobe ensemble to look presentable.

Third is my ever problem hair. I have curly hair, which I believe only looks good on school children. Beginning high school, the desire to try different hair style set in. But those with curly hair have to endure limited hair dos, and haircuts. “Fly-away” or unruly hair is always the case for curly hair. And at forty, it gets worse. I have to contend with curly White hairs. At first, I spent time pulling out few white hairs to retain my black locks. But now, it has grown in number and to pull the white hairs would be futile.

Hey, here is the Good

Those are the few cruel realities that I have to deal with. But I want to be fair with myself by mentioning the bright side of my life at 40. At this age, I am thankful that my husband and I were able to establish some assets for ourselves. We can already own the house and lot that we are amortizing anytime now. Just recently, we were able to acquire a one-hectare land in an island, which can be a family vacation spot in the future. We have travelled a bit in nearby areas for free service to others. Our eldest son has graduated from elementary school and is now enrolled in Grade 7. Our youngest has moved-up from day care to nursery, and can already spell some words along with our second child.

I am looking forward to a big-time promotion at work, and my husband’s contract had just been renewed. Plus he was able to attend a lot of training which he had been wishing to have in the past. Hopefully, we can set to travel overseas for a family tour in the near future. We are on the process of acquiring our respective passports.

At 40, body is already showing signs of “wear and tear”. But my mind, heart and soul are enjoying the fruits of my labors. I am proud for a job well done at work, I have a happy heart for a love-filled family and a restful soul at my God’s service. The physical aging only serves as the scar of a hard-fought battle of life. I should not really mind that much, because I am winning.

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