Long Hair Care Tips

April 12, 2011 by jelzhy ordinary chute  
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Making healthy hair can not always be done with IM, but we can prevent and repair damage. Consider the following tips:

1. When we wake in the morning, do not rush to fix my hair, comb hair with fingers to unravel the tangled hair.

2.Pilihlah comb with wood base materials. Comb hair gently, then trim by hand to avoid the ends of hair flying (fly away ends.)

3. Long hair is not enough given the conditioner. Perform maintenance once a week to provide softness and luster to the hair.

4. When using conditioner or other treatment material, simply apply on the hair shaft and tip-because it’s part of it is needed most-not on the scalp.

5. Before shampooing, comb your hair first, so when the hair still wet and had just given a conditioner, comb the hair in this state can avoid tangling.

6.Terlalu often use a hair dryer can cause damage to the hair for a long time, so use the hair dryer only occasionally. Make sure your hair dryer is not too hot.

7.Jangan too often curl hair with a hot hair rollers or hair mencatok, if forced to use it, make sure your hair has been protected with care products to prevent damage.

8. When swimming, in addition to using sunscreen to the skin, also use hair care products to protect from the sun or chlorine in pool water.

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  1. lifemisbah Says:

    like it

  2. Eunice Tan Says:

    I agree. Treatment is very important for long hair

  3. CHIPMUNK Says:

    I used to have long hair great tips

  4. jelzhy ordinary chute Says:

    @lifemisbah: Thank you :)

    @Eunice Tan: Yeah.. Me too :)

    @CHIPMUNK: Thank you :)

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