Laser Hair Removal to Combat The Dreaded Bikini Line for Women

December 13, 2010 by JonnyJames  
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There is a panic that can be felt on the first nice day in late spring. The sun extends its rays of warmth straight to your shoulders and you know that summer will soon be here. You can pack away your sweaters and winter coat and exchange them for shorts, halters, skirts, and your beloved bikini. You’ve waited though the cold months to once again pull on your swim wear.

This can cause panic to set in. With the bikini comes concern for the bikini line. You weigh your options, all of which you’ve faced before. There can be shaving, depilatories and waxing. All these can be painful, especially when dealing with bikini line hair removal.

Another option crosses your mind which is laser hair removal, the permanent solution. Advancements in technology have improved our lives through the years. The wheel, indoor plumbing and the refrigerator were all newly introduced technologies, which we approached with caution We debated their safety, and after some thought, gave them a try.

Laser hair removal was first available commercially in the 1970s, making it far from new. Many women, however, will still stick to the basics when grooming for swim wear season, fearing a technology they have yet to experience. When we hear the word laser, destruction comes to mind.

An instantaneous flash of an action movie reels in our heads, as the bad guys threaten to wipe out the good. In essence, this method follows that format, except that the laser is in the hands of the good guys. The bikini hair, often unsightly, is that enemy, and it threatens to wipe out an otherwise wonderful summer season. Hair removal is an act of the good guys foiling the enemy by providing a woman with a hairless bikini line.

Laser hair removal is a less violent process than its predecessor, electrolysis. It does not harm your skin’s delicate structure. When used for bikini or facial purposes, a treatment lasts only 10 minutes. During the treatment, the laser aims concentrated light at the hair follicle.

The light causes heat, which destroys the hair. This heat can cause slight pain in some patients like the snapping of a rubber band, but remember that these treatments result in permanent hair removal. Compare the momentary pain to daily razor burns, irritated redness from depilatories, or the ripping nature of a waxing.

A permanent solution can make bikini line hair panic a thing of the past. When summer rolls around, hair removal lands on the cusp of a woman’s beauty thoughts. There are the underarms, the legs, and the dreaded bikini. Bikini hair removal does not have to be the enemy.

Imagine yourself after your bikini hair removal treatments. Imagine yourself preparing for your next swim wear season. You feel that sun on your shoulders again and you are confident that you will not have to plot your bikini care strategy ever again.

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