Ladies, Do Gratuitous Trim Eyebrows

February 2, 2011 by farestya  
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Often women do pull the eyebrows themselves to trim his eyebrows began to fall apart. But many women who actually disrupt his appearance because of origin when lifted eyebrows, but eyebrows are one of the assets of the body that can enhance your appearance when the perfect shape.

Then, how is the correct way to keep permanent eyebrows neat? Before performing a few tips below you should first prepare your tweezers and magnifying mirror. 

1. Make sure that you do so in a well-lit place 

2. Eyebrows on the inside of the eyebrows should be thicker than the outer end. Make sure the shape of the cavity eyebrows increasingly outward dwindling 

3. Eyebrow thickness is determined by the shape of your bones. Always try to establish a natural harmony with your eye socket 

4. Eyebrows that are too thin tend not seem natural and rarely look good. 

5. When you start the lift, do not ever pull out fine hair above your eyebrows. You need to pull the hair is not neat eyebrows 

6. Remove the fine hair starting from the bottom of your eyebrows one by one, and unplug in one line. Unplug the direction of hair growth 

7. You need also to pause and then check in the mirror normal to see if you have it right or not 

8. If you find that you either pull out, do not worry because the new hair will grow within 2 weeks 

9. To prevent growth of bacteria, can use a cotton ball with toner or alcohol given put on eyebrows. You can also rub ice cubes on the area that has been revoked to prevent swelling 

10. If there is an area on your eyebrows is bald, no need to worry. Eyebrow pencil is a powerful weapon to work around this to make it look natural. Try using colors that are not darker than hair color. simply by coloring the area earlier, get the look natural as you desire 

11. You can also use eyebrow mascara sold in the market to maintain the shape and sharpen eyebrow color eyebrow. 
If eyebrows are neat form it will make eyes look more beautiful, more perfect face shape, and also can make look younger. 

By following the above tips, perfect eyebrow shape is not impossible, right? 

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