Know The Basics of Hair Drying

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Hair drying is a normal routine for us, but you need to know the basics first to work it out properly.


Basic Blow-Drying Technique:

            Before you begin blow-drying, wrap your hair in a towel for 10 minutes to absorb most of the moisture.  Hair does not begin to take on a shape until it is nearly dry, so blow-drying wet hair is just wasted effort.

1)      Roughly blow-dry the hair all over the head until it is just very slightly damp.  Some special blow-dry conditioners can be added at this stage.

2)      Use metal clips to hold back hair that is not to be worked on yet.  Beginning with the center back, roll u the hair in 5 cm sections and direct the heat toward the roots, moving it steadily across the rolled up hair.  Lift the brush to give more bounce and to speed up the drying process.

3)      Unpin other sections and gradually blend in the layers as you dry.  Allow the quills of the brush to grip the hair at the ends and turn under with a steady roll of the wrist.

4)      Give the top hair extra lift by rolling it up closer to the roots, but always leave about 2.5 cm unrolled so that the hair is not damaged.

5)      Brush the side hair away from the parting, turning the hair gently under while you direct the heat at the top.  Brush the bangs into shape and dry.

6)      The finished style should have a smooth appearance, with no rolls of hair that have not been incorporated into the finished style.  Leave the hair to cool completely before you give it a final brush, or you will brush out the curl.

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Tips for Blow-Drying: 

            Always work with small sections of hair; they are easier to control.  Keep hair you are not working on out of the way by clipping it back with hairpins.

1)      For sleek, straight hair, brush downward from the crown in long strokes.

2)      To strengthen frizzy hair, catch the ends tightly in a brush and hold the hair out from the head; direct the heat from the top.

3)      For a full, straight effect, brush your hair forward from the nape of the neck, ut your head down, and blow-dry the hair upside down.

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  1. Dreamy777 Says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips

  2. sheilanewton Says:

    Love the wikipedia image! Great fun. Lovely article. It’ll help me to get better at blow drying. Thanks, hon.

  3. megamatt09 Says:

    Some good advice.

  4. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    I am going to give this to my mom as I don’t blowdry my hair. I let my hair air dry. So, my mom hates drying her hair, your ideas seem easy, so I’ll share her with them.
    Great article, great writing and nice subject choice.

  5. CA Johnson Says:

    These are amazing tips. I let my hair air dry, but I will know what to do if I blow dry my hair. Thanks for sharing.

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    Useful tips Sir FX! Noted!

  7. Eunice Tan Says:

    It is nice to know the good tips.

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