Japanese Hair Straightening Technique

December 13, 2009 by TheGoth  
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One of the processes used to achieve straight hair is the Japanese Hair Straightening technique. This procedure involves the use of strong chemicals that work to make the hair straight for an extended period of time.

If an individual possesses unwanted curly or frizzy hair, a process that is often turned to is Japanese hair straightening. This process involves the use of strong chemicals in order to alter the chemistry of the hair, making it straight for an extended duration of time. The entire process can last up to six hours and is very expensive.

In order to protect against severe chemical damage, a protein solution is first added to the hair before the application of the Thio based solution. A Thio solution is a solution which is characterized by the replacement of oxygen with sulfur. The chemicals applied at this stage in the process are the most damaging to the hair. They will remain in the hair for a designated period of time in order to properly alter the chemical components of the hair.

After the chemical solution is rinsed from the hair, the hair is shampooed. The hair is then allowed to cool before the application of a neutralizing solution. This solution contributes oxygen to the hair. It also decreases the pH value of the hair. Once this solution is washed out of the hair, the hair is styled and the procedure is finished.

One central aspect of the Japanese hair straightening procedure is that it produces different effects on each person, depending on the type of hair that they have. In general, the process is more effective on individuals with already straight hair than it is on individuals that have very curly hair. However, the results also depend on the accuracy of the procedure. Japanese hair straightening involves many steps and is very complicated. If the steps are not performed properly, errors will result and the hair will not remain straight. 

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