In Order Avoided One Hair Cut at Salon

June 6, 2013 by Seema Kashif  
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In order Avoided One Hair Cut at Salon.

Want to change the style haircut, but disappointing results. Bangs are too short, too thin layers or pieces that make the face look fat, such conditions may occur in the salon.

Lack of clarity between the customer and the hairdresser may be one of the main causes why the incidence of ‘one piece’ often occurs. But you can avoid it with some of these tips.

1. Use Personality Match Clothing
Wear clothing that best reflects your style everyday. If your style is feminine, wear a dress or blouse with ruffle accents. Or if you include people who are sporty, wear a t-shirt with a jacket and sneakers. By doing so, hairdresser haircut can find ideas that fit your everyday style.

2. Bring References
Using references from the picture in the magazine can also be used as guidelines, but do not be too much to hope the result will be exactly the same. “We can use the images for inspiration. Haircut perfect but is more about how the pieces you want to feel. If women in magazines look glamorous and elegant, then how do you want to see yourself and we will make the piece as you feel,”

3. Do not Wear Hair Accessories
Do not clamp the hair at the salon. Let your hair down can help hairdressers know the characters, facial shape and texture of your hair. So that he could know the right haircut.

4. Describe You Want
It may be hard to explain the haircut you want. But try to explain it as specific as possible. Use your hand as well to give a clearer picture to the hairdresser. Tell us clearly how the long hair, or clipping layer like what you want. Also provide the opportunity for hair stylists to give his opinion.

5. Give Your Hair Problem Additional Information
While explaining the haircut you want, tell us also about your habits and hair care at home. Explain how long you usually hair, how often do you tie your hair, if you use a blow dry or flat iron to arrange? Also say hair care products you use.

6. Do not Divert view of Mirror When cutting hair
Usually, people prefer to read magazines or play over the phone while waiting for her hair cut. Actually this is a less precise measure. We encourage you to look and observe how the hair stylist. Sit with a straight body position in front of the mirror, do not be tilted so that the results of neat cutouts.

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