Hues That Flatter Your Hair Color This Spring

April 16, 2011 by Hot Choco  
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There are definitely fashion choices that complement your hair. Remember that the best wardrobe choices can flatter your hair color.


Golden Blonde

Golden blondes look good in bright and warm colors like orange and red. They should also try golden hues and neutrals. 

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Ash Blonde

These are the whiter blondes. Ash blondes traditionally look good in silver and powder blues but this spring they may try wearing saturated colors like hot pink and cool blue.

Image by divaprincez via Onsugar


Fiery Red

Fiery reds have vibrant hair. They look good in jewel tones like deep purple, deep blue and deep green. They should stay away from red colors because it washes out their hair color or it works against it. 

Image by 0oyokisuo0 via Whosdatedwho

Strawberyy Blonde

Strawberry blondes are subtle, easier to pull off and goes well with pastel shades. Try a periwinkle dress or a corsette top with pleatings.

Image by LaToya via Subwayreader


Dark Brunette

Dark brunettes have hair comparable to black hair. They usually have a pale skin tone. They should stay away from nude tones and try looking for colors like sapphire blue, emerald blue and dark pink. Try a little white dress this spring with laces that makes it pop.

Image by Musicfameandfashion via Wordpress

Warm Brunette

Warm Brunettes are lighter brunettes. They look great in neutral colors like dusty pinks, mocha and cacky.

Image by twenty2 via Celebrityfashion

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