How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair

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Coconut oil for hair is the absolute, hands down, best hair treatment for normal to dry hair. Most people just do not know how to use it properly. It’s a natural product so much better and cheaper than any hair treatments sold in the market and I will tell you why.

Coconut oil by composition is a fatty acid that is highly attractive to hair proteins. Its molecular weight enables it to penetrate hair to the core, this way it is able to protect the hair from protein loss in hair that is damaged or even not damaged.

Mineral oil and sunflower oil is the most commonly used oils in commercial hair products because they are non-greasy, odourless, and keep well. But they cannot do what coconut oil is able to do – penetrate the hair shaft, moisturize all the layers of your hair, and protect your hair from losing protein when you wash it.

The difficulty with coconut oil is that if you do not live in a tropical country, you can only buy it in a specialty store or order it online. Then once the bottle is bought, most people do not know what to do with it because there are no instructions on the bottle. So read on, and get educated!

Vintage coconut oil shampoo, photo cretids to I, DL.’s Photostream

How to Buy Coconut Oil for Hair

1. Pick the bottle that says Virgin Coconut Oil. Not just coconut oil or distilled coconut oil. Remember… VIRGIN. It is the same quality as when you buy virgin olive oil.

2. Once bought, pour the contents of the bottle into a Tupperware. If the oil is hard, heat it in a microwave or warm it or under the sun to melt. Putting the oil in a container with a wide opening will make the oil easier to use even when it is hard.

3. Keep coconut oil in the refrigerator to store. Coconut oil will take a long time to spoil, but it is still an organic product and it will go rancid eventually if not stored properly.

Fresh Coconut, photo credits to ajusticenetwork 

How to Apply Coconut Oil on your Hair

1. Part your hair into quarters and pin, just like what a hair stylist would do when she cuts your hair.

2. Use a plastic comb to scrape some oil and smear on the hair. Begin in the back of your head starting from the roots. That is where most of your hair is. Comb in the oil. If you have ever had your hair dyed by a professional, this is the same application process.

3. After you have applied oil to the back, do the middle section then the front section last. Make sure all your hair is oily. This is very important for people with thick hair because if you do miss some hair sections, it will be obviously different from the rest of your head.

4. Now wrap your head in a scarf or towel. Get comfortable. Do house chores. Watch TV. Just let the oil soak undisturbed under the scarf. The scarf is important because it traps heat from your head and keeps your hair warm to open the hair’s cuticle layer. The length of time for processing depends on your hair type. More on this will be explained later.

5. After a few hours, take off the scarf and wash your hair with shampoo. Wash your hair with shampoo only once and rinse only with cold water. Using hot water will melt away the oil. And you are done! Air dry or blow dry your hair, whatever you normally do.

Processing Time and Frequency of Application

I have thick and wavy Asian hair and the best processing time for me is four hours. I let my hair sit in coconut oil for four hours on the weekends. The best application frequency is once a week. More than that would be too greasy for my hair.

Caucasian hair or anybody with fine hair will only need two hours processing time. And application can be once or twice a month. That is enough to keep hair healthy even with a wash and go routine.

African hair needs the longest processing time. The hair needs to soak overnight, once or twice a week. African hair is already very dry. More than this, the cuticle layer of the hair is especially tight and resistant to moisture. It will take more work to keep the hair healthy with coconut oil hair treatments, but the results are long lasting. 

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