How to Take Care of Hair Extensions?

September 8, 2011 by galore  
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If you want use hair extensions or already have them, here are few tips to take care of hair extensions.

How to take care of hair extensions? Extensions can either be made from synthetic fibres or natural human hair and need to be taken care of. They are in no way a low-maintainance style. You need to really care for them well. But you can get your desired hair length in a few minutes instead of waiting ages for your natural hair to grow. Hence hair extensions are totally worth the effort! Since they cost a bomb, you need to care for them properly in order to ensure their longevity. Treat them gently, with love and care.

1. Do not go for extensions that are more than twice the length of your natural hair. Dirt and sweat build-up can entangle hair. If your extensions are made of human hair, it is necessary to wash them at least twice a week as they tend to become greasy. Synthetic extensions can be washed once a week.

2. Remove all the tangles and knots from hair with a wide-toothed comb before shampooing. When you pour water directly on your head, the direct pressure of water leads to tangling. Hence wet your hair little by little to prevent dry hair from swelling and getting entangled.

3. Wash hair with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Do not pile up all the hair on top of the head and scrub. Wash hair in a downward motion starting from the roots and moving towards the end. Gently massage the shampoo into the extensions and rinse completely to avoid any product build-up. Use a good, moisturising conditioner to keep tresses soft and shiny. Use alcohol-free conditioners as alcohol tends to dry hair. Go easy with the conditioner though. You don’t want to weigh down your extensions.

4. Lay out your wet hair on a dry towel and squeeze out the excessive water. It is a terrible habit to rub hair vigorously to dry it. But on wet extensions, it is a cardinal sin. Let your extensions air dry. Do not comb them when they are wet as it may lead to breakage. Besides ripping them, you will damage them and end up with straggly-looking extensions.

5. Never go to bed with wet hair extensions. Ensure that they are completely dry and tie them up in a loose ponytail to avoid waking up with a tangled mess.

6. Always remove tangles and knots from hair first with fingers and then with a wide-toothed comb. It is best to avoid using a brush. Comb hair at least twice or thrice a day. Be gentle and do not pull and tug at hair while combing in a downward direction as extensions are more brittle and fragile than your natural hair.

7. If you are a swimming enthusiast, then wear a cap to cover your mane instead of exposing your extensions to chlorine and other chemicals which can damage them severely.

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