How to Remove Vaseline From Hair

August 14, 2008 by sri harsha  
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Tips and ways to remove Vaseline from hair are explained.

Vaseline is a very hard substance. It is very difficult to remove even from hands or clothes. You can imagine how hard it would be to remove it if it gets into your hair. You have to be patient enough to give time to a tiresome process and to remove vaseline completely. There are some ways in which you can remove the stubborn vaseline from your hair, if it gets in accidentally:

  • Use a dry cotton cloth to rub off as much vaseline as possible, though you can see only minimal results. Just rub the hair, particularly at the place where the vaseline is, and remove vaseline with towel.
  • Comb your hair and remove as much vaseline as you can. Wash the comb after each stroke. Try to use combs with different types of teeth like go from wide toothed comb to thin toothed one.
  • Use a hair dryer and make the vaseline melt. Use a paper towel or tissue to remove the melted vaseline. Shampoo the hair and you have to shampoo again and again for complete removal of vaseline.
  • Apply cornstarch or cornmeal to your hair and wash your hair in shower. Shampoo the hair and rinse the hair. Corn has the ability to wash off oily substances.
  • When you get vaseline into your hair, try using a bar of glycerine soap and wash your hair. It really works great in removing the vaseline and make your hair clean.
  • You can also try using an egg. Yes, an egg. Beat an egg in a bowl and apply it to your hair and lather it. Rinse the residue and shampoo your hair normally. With that, you have finished the job of removing vaseline.
  • Peanut butter is the another product that works as good. Apply peanut butter on hair and shampoo the hair. You get rid of the vaseline.
  • Use an ordinary soap instead of a shampoo. Scrub your hair with the soap and since you don’t find results with just a single usage, repeat it a couple of times.
  • Though it sounds odd, it proved to be one of the very effective ways of removing vaseline from hair. Use coke drinks like coca-cola or pepsi. Wet your affected hair with coke or pepsi and wash your hair. Shampoo it as usual and wash off.
  • Take shower under hot water. After that shampoo the hair and dry the hair with towel. This melts vaseline and it goes off along with water. Do it repeatedly till you see good result.
  • After applying shampoo let it stay on your hair for a five minutes before washing the hair. This removes vaseline a bit.

These are many ways of removing vaseline from the hair. You can try any one or more of these tips on your hair.

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