How to Protect Your Falling Hair

July 27, 2009 by Rajiv Sighamony  
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Falling hair is a natural process in human beings, but there’s a limit here. If hundred hairs falls a day from your head, then it’s a matter of grave concern.

Many seem to get affected from hair loss. Baldness is perhaps, one of the most common phenomena in the man’s world.

Women too suffer from hair loss but may be to a lesser extent.

Falling hair is a natural process in human beings, but there’s a limit here. If hundred hairs falls a day from your head, then it’s a matter of grave concern. Anything falling below hundred hairs is fine.

How should you protect your falling hair? There could be many reasons for your hair to fall down.

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One of the most important factors that affect your hair is your diet. Your diet should involve lots of protein. A balanced diet for your hair comprises of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

If your hair is falling too frequently, you then need to consult your doctor to stem your falling hair as early as possible.

If you had encountered the problem of falling hair very recently, you could switch to a balanced diet to improve your hair loss.

What is the food stuff you need to eat to protect your falling hair? A non-vegetarian can eat lots of meat, eggs and fish to increase the protein content in his body. Likewise, a vegetarian person can help himself with lots of green vegetables, nuts and beans.

A very dry and not so nourished hair could be a reason for hair loss as well. It becomes necessary to have proper intake of iodine, found in sea foods. Iodine helps hair to get sufficiently nourished which leads to prevent falling hair.

What if you are not comfortable with the idea of eating balanced diet to protect your falling hair? You still have a remedy. Buy vitamin B tablets and eat those synthetic tablets daily till you recover from your hair loss.

There are few added ways to protect your falling hair. Pour a teaspoonful of Castor oil along with iodine, on to your head. Rub your head with your hand for a while. Repeat the process for a week and you could witness no hair falling from your head.

You could also put lemon juice on your head, rub your head and see the difference within a week.

 These are some of the best and easiest ways to get rid of your problems of falling hair.

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9 Responses to “How to Protect Your Falling Hair”
  1. George W Whitehead Says:

    Hair today, gone tomorrow!

  2. Rajiv Sighamony Says:

    Thank you George.

  3. sepideh Says:

    i am 24 years old i lost alot of hair when i was 13. i have used a lot of products to cure but they are not adequate for treatment.

    i have no self_confidence and this problem makes me ignore to go to parties .

    i also use some kind of hormones pills like siprotherone and finastride.

    ps:actually my intake of food isnotvery valuable and i ont konw how to overcome this problem.

  4. Rajiv Sighamony Says:

    Hi Sepideh,

    Maintain your diet, and have enough sleep. there are times when even lack of sleep could effect your hair growth.

    Also avoid taking hormone pills, if you need to take, you should certainly consult your doctor.

  5. kishore Says:

    im kishore,

    i have hair fall . for me about 20 hairs fall a day.
    im suggested to take oil bath every day . is it good or not . if not then suggest me some remedy.

  6. ashwinkumar Says:

    I Have 20 hairs falls a day. so help me in this matter, my father is a balded. and we have a hereditory problem.

  7. Nasr Says:

    Hi, My hair was falling slowly in 2 years, but now its falling so quickly and I dont know what to do. I am so upset because am just 26 years old. I use hair fall creams but still its getting worse. Can you help me please

  8. mary Says:

    Hi , I am Mary . I am 26 years old . But my hair was falling very quickly , daily at least 100 hair are falling . Would you please tell me how to protect this hair falling ?? I am so worried you know … because of my hair I am looking very ugly . So please tell me what should I do now ? Waiting for your sweet reply ………


  9. Rajiv Sighamony Says:

    Hi Mary, Nasr, Kishor and Ashwin,

    Hair loss is a common phenomenon these days, and as I have mentioned earlier, proper diet is required. However, you should have lots of protein enriched diet such as meat, egg, poultry, fish nuts and even beans. Go for vitamin B tablets. Green vegetables are very good. Apply castor oil and iodine. both can be very useful and prevent hair loss.

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