How to Make Your Own Color Glaze in One Minute

November 7, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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It’s nice to have fresh-looking color in-between dye jobs. Here is a recipe for a super-cheap, super-easy color glaze you can make–and it doesn’t even damage your hair!

First you will need just two things:

1.) a box of demi-permanent hair color (washes out in 28 washes–think Natural Intincts, L’Oreal Healthy Look, or Garnier Herbatint)

2.) a daily moisturizing conditioner (I use Suave Almond and Shea Butter)

3.) a hair dye bottle (you can find these at Ricky’s or Sally’s beauty supply stores)

Okay, so here’s what you do.  First, you must assess the current condition of your hair.  Is it turning a little greenish?  If so, get a demi with a red tone.  If it’s too red/orange, get a green or blue based demi, also known as an “ash” tone.  For example, if your dark blonde hair is turning a little brassy, buy a demi permanent hair color with the title “dark ash blonde”.  You can use permanent hair dye too, but I generally recommend demi permanent hair colors for color glazes.

First, mix 1 oz of the devloper (the white lotion in the hair dye) with 1 oz of the color. 

Then, mix in 2 oz of the conditioner.  You can change the formula to fit your hair needs–for example, longer hair might need more.  This is a lot though–I have thick hair past my shoulders and a  1/2 oz of color, a 1/2 oz of developer, and 1 oz of conditioner is enough for me.

Saturate your hair from root to tip with this mixture and leave on for only fifteen minutes.  You might notice your hair turning purplish, reddish, black, or bluish.  Never fear!  This is just the dye.  Once you wash out the mixture, your hair will be slightly deeper, maybe slightly darker, but it will not be blue, purple, red, or black (unless that’s the color you’re trying to get).

This color glaze will fade eventually, but it’s great for keeping your color fresh between salon visits.  You can also choose a color slightly darker than the one you use to dye your hair, so that your roots look more natural and integrated with your dyed color.  If you use a demi permanent solution, the glaze will fade by the time you go to the salon to get re-colored.

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