How to Make Your Hair Curly- Easy & Natural!

March 21, 2011 by AnnikaRoze  
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-This will work best for longer hair.

I recently discovered this new method from a friend of mines, and it allows me to get natural curly hair, without having to use those awful damaging heat styling tools. Not only is it healthier, it’s easy and does not require lots of preparation time. I found it to be very useful, and hope that it works out for you too(:

Alright sooo..

[Do this before you go to bed]

Step #1: Slightly dampen your hair. And when I say slightly, I mean slightly. Use very little water. If it is too wet, it can affect the way the hair looks in the end, & you don’t want that.

Step #2: Grab all of your hair as if you were going to make a very high ponytail(VERY high; on the top of your head) and then just twist it. Twist it as tight as you can.

Step #3: Now that you’ve twisted the hair itself, you need to twist that interwined piece of hair into a bun. It should some what resemble a cinnamon roll, or a granny bun(:

Step #4: Well, that’s pretty much it. You just sleep with your hair like that, take the bun out in the morning, and voila! Beautiful, volumized curly hair. Works like a charm, every time. Just spray on the hairspray and go. Get ready for the compliments girls!

*You don’t necassarily have to do this before you go to sleep. If you have any spare time in the day, you can do it then too. I found that it takes my hair at least 3 hours in that bun to become wavy, and about 5 hours to make it curly. Soo, it’s your choice basically.

*Also, do not use too much conditioner before doing this. In fact, I don’t use any at all. It makes your hair too fine, and it will not shape into the curls.

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