How to Make Hair Healthy and Beautiful? 10 Tips for Hair Care

June 10, 2013 by Seema Kashif  
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How to make hair healthy and beautiful? 10 tips for hair care.

[Friday, July 10, 2009]

Do you want to have a luxurious plait? Even if you do not want to spit, the luxurious hair – exactly want. The article provides 10 simple but effective tips for hair care products. Read the article, follow these tips and you’ll be happy with your hair, and the hair will be happy with you!

“No, perhaps I do not want to spit” – you will answer. But here’s the hair healthy, well-maintained, and every woman wants to live!

Our hair is an indicator of health. If your hair is thinning, have become dull and lose the beauty, it’s time to think about their own health.

What kind of lifestyle you lead?

Smoking , poor diet, stress , poor sleep, hormonal problems, poor mood, lack of quality hair care products – these are the reasons that we end up unhappy with your hair.

So start from the inside. Start with yourself.

1. Keep track of your good mood , sleep more, more walk in the fresh air, move more and more laugh – it all contributes to the health of hair.

2. Eat foods rich in vitamins . For healthy and shiny hair should eat more foods that are rich in vitamin A, B6 and zinc. Eat more seafood, nuts, different kinds of cabbage, eggs, greens.

3. Eat foods with dietary supplements and multivitamins .

4. Every day, a ten head massage . Even better, if such a wonderful massage you will make a loved one.

5. Once a week, make a mask for the scalp and hair . Buy a ready-made mask (now a huge choice) or make a mask yourself.

6. Use good quality tools for hair care . Never wash your hair with soap lump!

7. Do not wash your hair every day . The fact that the hair should be washed every day – a myth. This only weakens the hair.

8. Protect your hair from UV radiation .

9. Sometimes make oil “podkarmlivaniya” their hair. Rub the butter into the roots of the hair, and leave overnight. For these procedures, very good use of olive oil, castor oil, linseed oil.

10. Praise your hair, love them, treat them kindly and with respect! And soon, will surprise all around gorgeous mane flowing gorgeous hair!

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