How to Make Dreadlocks

April 8, 2013 by Fblaster  
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Do you want to make dreadlocks but don’t know how to start? This step by step will guide you.

So, you have finally decided that you want to wear those awesome dreadlocks on your head, but don’t know how to proceed. The whole process will take some effort, but is easily accomplishable at the comfort of your home. Here are the steps to turn your hair into awesome dreadlocks:

1 – Let your hair grow to a certain lenght.

This first step is basic, but it is pretty important. You won’t achieve that cool look if you have tiny hair that, when dreadlocked, will stick up and look pretty weird. Remember that when you lock your hair, it’s lenght will be slightly reduced from it’s current lenght. Allowing it to grow to about your shoulders should be enough to have some cool locks to start with. Of course, it’s up to you when you want to start, you may want small locks… beauty is an abstract concept after all!

2 – Get all the materials you’ll need.

Before you begin, make sure you have everything you’ll need to complete the proccess. Not much will be necessary. Essential objects are a comb, preferably with thin teeth, a small crochet needle (about 0.7 will do fine), and a few small rubber bands. You may want to acquire specific dreadlocking wax or shampoo, but its not necessary.

3 – Mark the patches of hair that will lock together.

This part is where the important work begins. You have to decide how thick your dreads will be, and their layout. You may want to ask for aid or opinion to someone. Then, you take the rubber bands and separate the patches of hair, with one at the root and the other at the end of it. Do this for all the patches that will become dreadlocks. Make sure you don’t leave hair out, as that will cause you lots of problems later on. Also, make sure not to attach hair to one of those patches whose roots come from too far away, or you will experience some pain because it will be pulled and irritate the skin.

4 – Pull the hair back.

Finally it’s time to start! Take one of those to-be dreads, and using the comb pull the hair from tip to root. Repeat this until the hair starts locking at the root. Make sure it is thight.

5 – Lock it!

Now, starting from the root, take the needle and start locking the hair. Using in and out gestures with the curved tip of the needle turned inside, pull the loose hairs and pass them through the locked base. It will start locking more and more. Continue along all the lenght you have to lock, moving slowly to the tip. Eventually your dreadlock will be defined.

6 – The tip.

When you get to the tip, you have two choices. Either leave it as it is and move to the next one, or take the loose hair on the tip, bend it inwards, and lock it too until it looks round and thight. It up to you how you prefer.

7 – Repeat and repeat.

Now that you have a dreadlock, start the process all over at the next one. Repeat it on all of the patches until you have all your hair locked.

8 – Reinforce them.

It’s never too much to, when you end, go through all of them again, locking them better and thighter. The thighter they are, the better they look and healthier they stay.

So there you go! Now you have your perfect, stylish dreadlocks, and you can brag that you were the one who made them! After you are confident and comfortable with the process, you can even offer to make them to whoever wants, charging them at the process, to make a few spare change!

Good luck and have fun!

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