How to Make Dark Hair Dye Fade Fast

September 10, 2010 by mynameisjessica  
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Dyed your hair too dark and want to to fade fast? Read on!

If you dyed your hair at home and the color came out darker than you expected, be rest assured that there are some things you can do to fix this issue.  Most at home hair dyes fade naturally; some quicker than others.  Obviously there are some things you can do to speed up the process.  If you lightened your hair, there is not much you can do however and you’ll have to take another route and this article is not for you.

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Act fast.  The quicker you act from when you dyed your hair the better.  You don’t want the dye to get to settle into your hair.  Usually you’ll know if it’s too dark after drying your hair and a few hours afterwards from styling.

If it is too dark, the next thing you want to do is go wash your hair again, a few times with shampoo that you may not regularly use.  If you dye your hair, chances are you work to preserve your hair color and be kind to your hair.  Do not take that into consideration now.  Get some Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo which is known to make color fade (this stuff is also good if you have oily hair, which I’ll cover in a future article, so don’t look down on it) and wash your hair with that.  You may also want to try Pert and/or dish washing soap.  The last two are very drying so make sure you give your hair a good conditioning after washing.  You may even want to do an oil treatment or a hair mask at a later time. 

You may want to wash your hair a few times before drying and styling.  Also, use hot water but not so hot your burn yourself.

If your hair does not look changed, don’t stress.  The process can be slow and may need to be done over a week to be noticeable. 

If this is not good enough for you, let at least a day go by and attempt to put in some highlights to at least breakup the color.  Remember to check the highlights often to make sure they do not turn orange.  Your best bet it is to go to a salon but obviously this isn’t in everyones budget.  When you highlight, try to get a kit that comes with a cap and use that.  It is very difficult to do highlights by hand or to do at-home foils.  To avoid more of a nightmare, use this method to achieve a softer appearance overall.

Do not worry; your hair CAN be fixed.  It may not be what you wanted orginally but let this be a lesson that what you wanted may not work for you.  It may then be best to try a salon next time.

After you fix the color, work within the next few weeks to repair your hairs condition since it may become brittle from all the harsh washing.

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